WPSmartPay Lifetime Deal

Make it easier for your visitors to purchase your product or service.

If you’re looking for a plugin that will make the payment process on your site easy and straightforward, then this is the one for you. Convert more visitors to customers and increase your conversion rate by enabling an easy payment process.

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Are you looking to buy a WPSmartPay lifetime deal? If yes, you are in the right place. The professionals have reviewed the WPSmartPay Lifetime deal to find out how it can scale your business. After reading the entire guide, you will also realize whether you should invest in the lifetime plan or not.

After shifting to a virtual domain, you can now find almost every business operating online. They have a virtual platform where they sell products/services to users. However, in this window shopping experience, users are also paying businesses virtually. This seamless transaction between businesses and consumers minimizes the hassle and offers a better trading experience.

But any business that is endowed with a virtual platform also needs to integrate payment gateways these days and it can be done through plugins like WPSmartPay. The payment plugins will help businesses obtain payment for subscriptions directly. Further, if you are a business having a website, adding a payment plugin is a crucial step that helps you stay competitive.

On the other hand, due to ease of creation, most businesses have a WordPress website. When talking about WordPress websites, you must be aware that integrating a payment gateway into WordPress websites is quite a monotonous process. Adding a payment plugin is like riding a bike on an outdated bridge, and you can crash anytime!

In such cases, WPSmartPay is a WordPress payment plugin that sets up payment directly from your WordPress website within a snap. Read the full article if you care about WPSmartPay LTD.

About WPSmartPay

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WPSmartPay – Homepage

WPSmartPay is a WordPress payment plugin that lets you trade your products/services virtually by easily receiving payment for them. By installing this payment plugin on your WordPress Website you can accept all your one-time, full, recurring, and customized payments from clients. Apart from that, you can also receive payment for donation purposes.

With the aid of WPSmartPay, you can accomplish an in-site plugin installation in a snap. The installation process is so easy that you don’t have to be a coding professional to install this plugin to your WordPress Website, just upload the plugin, install and activate it. You can collect donations for social service, welfare, or even sell digital products online.

After reviewing this plugin, we have found that consumers attain a seamless payment experience. Several businesses have even boosted their revenue generation as the user experience in payment is effective. Once the consumer initiates the transaction ends up paying without leaving your site.

WPSmartPay offers you an easy-to-use interface. It also integrates seamlessly with other WordPress plugins for offering a remarkable payment experience to the end-users. The broad range of payment acceptance is what makes this plugin more prevalent. Using this plugin, you can also customize the payment form.

For example, if you want to accept payment for the donation. In that case, you can create a form to accumulate data like first name, last name, email, amount of donation, payment gateway selection, and many more.

Another most useful feature for the users would be access to payment history and all real-time payments details. A built-in reporting platform keeps track of your sales, payment, and transaction history.

Some Cool Features of WPSmartPay

The payment type is always scaling in this plugin. This implies; that you can integrate more types of payment by creating forms. It can also be crowdfunding or payments for NGOs. WPSmartPay works seamlessly with several types of payment gateways. It includes indispensable names like Payment via Paddle, Razorpay, PayPal, and Stripe.

Here are some cool features of WPSmartPay

1. Easy Installation in the Second

The most crucial feature that makes WPSmartPay best apart from other payment plugins is its easy installation. Unlike most other apps, WPSmartPay doesn’t take much time. Businesses, as users, can install it within a snap. It is enriching as it offers you a wide range of payment acceptance.

To install the plugin, what you need to do is just upload this plugin, click on Install, and then Activate it. The WordPress Website users have recorded maximum votes in favor of WPSmartPay, as it offers them ease in payment without getting crashed.

2. Seamless Payment Experience to End Users

Not only businesses end-users have also accomplished a seamless experience. While making any payment on lots of other websites, most users complain about slow payment or payment freezing during the initiation, but in the case of WPSmartPay, users have quite attained a positive experience.

WPSmartPay is a straightforward setup and comes with a clean interface.

3. All Type Payment Acceptance

This is a payment plugin that empowers businesses to accept all sorts of payments. Whether it is payment for a subscription to your service or payment for any product purchase, businesses can quickly receive all forms of payments. Payment can also be made without setting up any shopping cart.

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WPSmartPay – Payment Options

What helps the businesses are the payments clearance in minutes feature, you can also create forms to receive donations, crowdfunding, and many more, apart from business payment.

4. Creation of a Wide Range of Payment Forms

As discussed in the above feature, businesses can accept a comprehensive range of payments. That is only possible to accept by generating a wide range of payment forms, and you can customize your payment form as per your business need.

The Gutenberg-powered form builder allows you to create different forms, and you can customize the forms according to your needs.

5. Integration with Lots of Payment Gateways

WPSmartPay plugin also integrates with all sorts of payment gateways. It helps businesses to cater convenience to their prospects. You can incorporate payment gateways such as PayPal, RazorPay, Stripe, Paddle, and many other gateways.

WPSmartPay integrates with all the gateways quite easily to offer seamless transactions to businesses.

6. Tracking Sales, Payment, and Transaction History in Real-Time

This plugin has a built-in reporting platform. Allows businesses to keep track of sales and payment activities. Businesses can track transaction history and overview all the payments received.

Clear list views and chart views let you compare sales you made in the past few days. The transaction history also helps you calculate your revenue.

Plan and Pricing

Now that you are clear about all the features, you can be assured about its efficiency. However, choosing a plugin without comparing its pricing structure would be overwhelming. The paragraphs below will let you know all the features you can access in a lifetime deal.

There are three plans that the WPSmartPay Lifetime deal offers you. All these plans have different offerings that fulfill your criteria. Let’s know the details about plans and pricing.

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WPSmartPay – Plans & Pricing

License Tier – 1

The License tier-1 is a basic plan offering you a wide range of features. The plan is accessible with a lifetime purchase at $69. You can access lifetime usage, future updates, upgrade/downgrade plan, unlimited payment forms, unlimited products, and many more in this plan.

Users here can also attain templates to create payment forms. Users can also integrate this plugin with several payment gateways. However, the specification of this plan is that it offers you a 10 WPSmartPay site license.

License Tier – 2

The License Tier- 2 is a mid-range plan with several business offerings. This plan is accessible at $139. In a feature accommodated with the plan, you get a member dashboard, Event registration forms, donation forms, form templates, and all other features included in License Tier 1.

As per the plan, you will get 25 WPSmartPay site licenses. This plan is great for small agencies. You can ask for a refund within 60 days from the date of purchase if you are unsatisfied with it.

License Tier – 3

The License Tier-3 is the third and the premium plan accessible at $199. This is a plan that offers you all the premium features for a lifetime. You can also create forms to accept payment for activities such as donations and crowdfunding. Apart from that, you would get all features that you got in the first two plans. This license also offers you Unlimited WPSmartPay site licenses.

Users in all these three plans will also get a 60-days money-back assurance. If you are not content with the services, you can request a full refund without providing any reason, and the refund will get initiated without any questions asked.

Final Words

You can use this payment integration plugin to accept recurring subscription payments, one-time payments, payments for services and products, donations, and many more. On the final note, this is all about the WPSmartPay lifetime deal. No doubt, it is a much more efficient plugin that enables you to accept payment from all your users. It is also a fast-evolving plugin that lets you accept payments from users for several operations on site.

With the WPSmartPay lifetime deal, you can enjoy all the remarkable features with a single-time purchase. The article has gone through all the details to offer you all the required data. Now that you know all the plans, why don’t you purchase?