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Get useArtemis lifetime deal and find anyone’s contact details, emails, and phone number in a few clicks. Build high-quality leads fast and save time with useArtemis. This will help you boost your business to new heights. So grab this lifetime access today.

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Our life is so full of people and communication. Whether it is about general work or business, we need people. But if we think thoroughly, we need people based on common interests and common tasks.

We need people with similar opinions about our work, business and for finding customers. But it is not an easy task. If you’re looking for a way to find the contact information, email addresses, and phone numbers of anyone that you need, our platform can help. We have a tool specifically designed to locate leads quickly.

Sounds tough, right? Meet useArtemis!

A new AI-based virtual platform will let you, as a business owner or marketer, generate a list of contacts and communication details for sale within seconds. This new platform lets the user accelerate the outreach efforts and has established itself as the fastest way for sales and communication professionals to generate and search for the B2b contact information within a swift.

Basically, you genie for a new search mission, useArtemis will make your hunt end here with its amazing database!


  • Will let you find and generate anyone’s contact details, phone number, and emails.
  • useArtemis uses the data which is originated and was secured from legal sources.
  • Searching for contacts becomes easier as useArtemis uses the filters such as jobs, names, locations, and more.
  • It can be called the best platform for the sales manager, marketers, and business owners.
  • The most reliable alternative to the D7 lead finder.

About the useArtemis

Cold emails without a hit are scary and useful, right? So why risk when you have access to this amazing, useArtemis Lifetime deal?

A powerful and versatile tool that solves everything related to contact details, useArtemis is a new and incredible platform that is used to accelerate your efforts for outreach as it offers the quickest methods for communicating and linking with the professionals you need to the B2B contact information.

Take your business to the next level with the use of Artemis as it always hits the targetted mark.

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About useArtemis

With a rating of 4.9 in various secured platforms, useArtemis is trusted and used by many top websites such as Google and Autodesk.

The platform uses the new and advanced real-time search engine with which it scrapes the web to extract the B2B contacts details and directly works in uplifting sales through communication professionals. More than 500M real-time updates and 150M meticulous verifications ensured the trustability of the platform.

Use useArtemis for the variable tools. There are filters here. For example, users will be able to search for the required prospects by using filters separated by the company, job titles, and locations.

With this filter, you will get the leads and their phone numbers and emails address. Management of these extracted data is handled by UseArtemis ltd, with many features offered, such as letting you create custom lists and tagging the contacts by interests.

What Makes useArtemis Worth It?

useArtemis is a powerful tool and is inclined toward user satisfaction. In the era where communications and contact details are becoming the need of the time, the platform not only ensures to find them but handles them as well.

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What Makes useArtemis Worth It

This is a start for what the platform can do. Including these, there is so much more that makes useArtemis worth it. Let us study them:

  • Let you scrape the required information for the potential prospects.
  • Lets you choose and collect data from certain geographical regions and areas.
  • It uses the built-in prospecting platform for finding leads as per your ideal customer profile.
  • Lets you reveal the contact details whole bowing from Linkedin
  • Can export the members from the Facebook groups for the contact details.
  • Aligns well with the GDPR practices and adheres well to the regulations of the CCPA.
  • Enrich the leads with the help of the chrome extension.

useArtemis will become your personal spy for your boosting your work professionally. Trusted and used by thousands around the world, this platform works as the best one for you and your work.

All these included features and tools make this platform worth it and better than the existing ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the things that can be done with only 1 credit?

All of the actions done are 1 credit. That means with the help of one credit, you will be able to reveal the contact details for one lead, enrich that and verify one.

Q. Sometimes, when the redeeming does not act, it sits upgrade! Can you confirm the redemption is ok?

As long as you have an account in useArtemis, you won’t need to worry about anything.

Q. Does there is an availability of a free trial?

Since the useArtemis is a subscription-based service, so free trial is not available at the moment, but there is a money-back guarantee of up to 60 days. So you can try it out for yourself.

Q. Is there any limit on how many numbers of people I can add to my lists?

No, useArtemis doesn’t have any kind of limit on how many people you can add to the lists. But make sure you have an active subscription for continuing to use the platform.

Features of useArtemis

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Features of useArtemis

useArtemis is a reliable and versatile tool that is used to find and extract contact information as per your need. Including this primary feature, there are many other tools that play a huge role in making the work easier. So some of those features which are implemented through the platform are as mentioned below:


One of the most crucial features of useArtemis is prospecting. It means that the platform will let the users search for the contact information and the details of the lead with the use of many filters. That means there are many sub-tiles that you can choose from, such as First name, last name, job title, country, and industry.

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Find Your Prospects

The process of the use of this feature is quite simple. After the account, you will need to fill in the required details and click on the option saying,” search prospects’. After clicking, useArtemis will allow you to generate a long list of the leads and their details as per the data you enter. Now the generated data can be selected and can be made into a separate list. Similarly, the platform will also let you export the generated list into the CSV.

Now, after these steps, you will be allowed to generate the required information with the specific filters. Now you can use these extracted data for your necessary work.

Domain Search Tool

Another important feature of this new and advanced deal of useArtemis is the presence of the domain search tool. Basically, a domain search tool can be said as the easiest and most convenient way to find out about the email addresses of the people you need to talk to without needing to find that information on your own.

It is a new improvement in the platform which is regarded as a powerful tool that helps users to get the email address of people as per the company they are working in. As usual, this feature is also simple like others.

At first, the consumers will need to enter the domain of the website of company. Now after entering the tool will along with the domain search for ads extract the whole web and will generate the email address for the domain you have entered. Now, these emails you have got can be used by consumers for contacting the employees associated directly with the company and can be used as part of email marketing.

Linkedin Import

Linked import can be called another important feature from the useArtemis and will let you extract the data and information from the link without the need to go and search for the individual ones.

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Half a Billion Contacts in One Place

For using this tool, you will need to open LinkedIn on your device and open the tab saying, people. Now launch the extension of useArtemis. Now give the name of the import; yours, now you can select the number of pages you want to import. Now click on the option saying import. As the process is long, it might take some time for extracting in bulk. Now you will find the data you just imported in your dashboard with the option saying, “LinkedIn reports.”

If you want to enrich this data, it is also done simply through the useArtemis. You can enrich this with phone numbers and emails. Finally, go to your list and click on the enrich option. And your work is done with the useArtemis. In this way, this platform will let you find, scrape and extract the data as per your need.

useArtemis Lifetime Deal – Plan & Pricing

As usual, all these lifetime deals come with some terms and conditions and requirement that needs to be fulfilled for purchasing the deal. One should have a proper understanding of them as well so some of the terms and conditions to be looked at before purchasing the useArtemis lifetime deal are mentioned:

Terms and conditions of useArtemis appsumo deal

  • Once the purchase is made, the users will have lifetime access to the useArtemis outreach plan.
  • Redeeming o the code should be done within 60 days of purchase.
  • All futures plans and updates are properly ensured here in the plan.
  • The deal is stackable.
  • In case of inconvenience, you can always have your money back within 60 days.

Now, let us study brief the pricing and the general features well so that you have a clear mindset for the lifetime deal.

useArtemis LTD

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Plan & Pricing of useArtemis Lifetime Deal

useArtemis lifetime deal can be called one of the most affordable and budget-friendly platforms of the time. Starting with the expensive deal of $1000, now with the appsumo deal, it will be available to the users for only $69. Becoming the most trusted contact finder platform, the platform ensures many general features mentioned below.

Starting with the basics, it will offer the users to have access to more than 500M databases of B2B contact details from all around the world. Similarly,includng all the basics ones, users are allowed to have access to the LinkedIn chrome extension as well. Searching is already better with the filters here.

There is the presence of 7000 credits which will be added every month to y our account and this additional prospecting platform and domain search make the deal even more alluring. Users will be able to stack up to 5 codes at a maximum. Once you will purchase the deal, the features of LinkedIn outreach campaigns and cold emailing tools are ensured truly. All these features make this more alluring and if you are someone with the beginning please, this platform is just for you.

General features included in useArtemis appsumo deal

  • Cold emailing tool
  • Access to domain search and email verifier
  • Unlimited number of lists
  • Linkedin outreach program
  • Export of found data to a cs file
  • Access to the LinkedIn chrome extension
  • Storage of the contact information in useArtemis lists.

Wrapping Up!

useArtemis, a platform for searching! Moreover our a platform for spying and extracting the best information.

With the deal, not only the users will get a user-friendly interface but additionally access to a very active community in social media from which the customers will be able to get the required data.

Additionally, the consumers are well satisfied with the customer support policy from the useArtemis. They have always made sure to listen and deal with each of the issues that the consumers are facing and are dedicated to the user’s satisfaction.

Database of more than 5000 million, amazing filters, and a google chrome plugin, what else do we need more in a platform? useArtemis is gifted with everything. This is why the platform can be the best option for anyone who wants to take their business to next level.

Stop the delay and start the purchase right now! Hae this amazing deal in your pocket.