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Get typedesk lifetime deal and use the most efficient canned response solution available. Create, manage, and reuse canned responses for customer support, sales outreach, onboarding emails, and more. Save time and make your workflow more efficient with typedesk.

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“off again! In again! On again! Out again” The repetition of words does sound irritating, right? Remember the time when you have to say your results to everyone in the family again and again? Ugh, exactly repetition is terrifying.

Imagine working with repetitive work on a daily basis. When you are working in a business or having a startup, sending the same kind of emails and responses to a number of people repeatedly is daily work. This might increase the chances of mistakes and errors, which is risky if you establish a market.

You will need a platform that will help you with these repetitive tasks and give the correct replies and responses along with the emails saving you time. A canned response solution is what you need immediately.

In this case, search Typedesk!

The solution to all these issues, type desk, is a virtual and advanced system that basically works for sending unique emails and messages in seconds. For each lead and client, this platform will work as per the need for follow-ups, orders, requests, and frequently asked questions.

Sound exactly like what you need. Type desk is the epitome of the fulfillment of the need. Hurry up, people!


  • It Lets the users create, customize and organize the canned responses in a unique manner.
  • Allows the users to share and edit those responses among the teammates using multiple platforms.
  • It can be regarded as the best system useful for freelancers and customer support.
  • This is an alternative platform to text magic and text expander.
  • Can add content such as date, time, and information about your product.

About the typedesk

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About typedesk

The platform for solving your issue of repetition, type desk is an online-based virtual system which is called the canned responses solution program, specially designed so that the whole tea will be able to create, organize and send the messages to the required records in a unique manner.

The customizable placeholders and the variables present n this application is responsible for letting the users create these amazing, unique, and canned responses fulfilling the need of leads and clients.

typedesk is quite famous for its versatile tools available for work. Precisely, it works the best for saving time which means one can use different templates for the sending of messages on a daily basis.

These messages or the temples are used for the services such as order updates, customer service follow-ups, and the answer to frequently asked questions. Also, access to the dynamic content is ensured through the easy plugin for the data of date, time, and specifics about the services.

Typedesk makes sure that the customers enjoy everything, including both the streamlined workflow along with the amazing personalized customer experience. It is well applicable through the consistent tone that the AI uses while writing and makes onboarding easier than ever. Now it doesn’t matter who is writing the results will be best of all.

Similarly, the shared folders and the organized responses option of the platform make sure that the whole team can coordinate properly and be updated with the customer’s experience and support. In this way, saving time becomes much more practical.

It is proven that when the teams will handles all these social media, sales, and customers together, we will get the personalized messages quizzer and build trust for the company. In these ways, the type desk makes sure to establish the business in the market.

What Makes Typedesk Unique?

Typedesk is a platform for name, work, and automation. All these things are ensured so well here. Adding dynamic content, generating the responses automatically, and sending repetitive emails to the leads, we wonder if there is anything that this platform is unable to do.

These are just the start. The limitation of the platform is not quite stable as there are many other features making this system unique. They are as mentioned below:

  • Will let you perfect the canned responses in the limited time.
  • Don’t forget to keep and list track of changes with the notifications and use the added sharing permission.
  • These organized canned responses will be stored properly and used at your fingertips wherever you work.
  • Can add the extension of the typedesk on whatever device you use, such as windows or Mac.
  • Access to all the work in all platforms, such as Gmail, Zendesk, and slack, is ensured just after the installation.
  • The platform will let you plugin the canned responses with the help of handy keyboard shortcuts.
  • This fast type desk platform will save time and energy y the typing up and sorting out the messages through filters,
  • Since the local saving option is available, you will be able to continue the work even offline.
  • Replying to the messages in a natural-sounding response through some steps is a boon here.

Typedesk is a system, lightning-fast and very muchly automated. You will find another platform that will write for you but finding a platform-like type desk where you will be able to enjoy all these features mentioned above is quite rare. And because of these features, this whole platform is said to be unique and worth it.

Amazing Reviews from All Around the Globe

I use the platform-type desk daily and see my time from the annoying repetitive task. It seems like a small thing, saying a few seconds here, a few there and but they actually do add up.


Type desk is perfect for you when you will need to get the answers quickly as possible and don’t really want to have a messy dom open in another window. One can easily organize all the responses easily and retrieve them quickly as possible.


I had been looking for something like this exactly for a while because all the others I had used had disappointed me. I also was beginning to think I would never find it.


Features of typedesk

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Features of typedesk

The features from typedesk were limitless and offer the best to the users. Some of these features which are working for a better experience are mentioned below:

Canned Responses

The entry to the world of features typedesk, is responsible for offering amazing tools and functionalities to the users. Among these series of features, canned responses are one of them.

That means with the help of typedesk and its optimized server, users will be offered canned and faster replies for all kinds of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and marketing agencies.

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Canned Responses

In detail, these features make sure to ensure the responses are anywhere and at any time when you need them. Basically, the type desk will allow the users to reply to Facebook comments, AppStore reviews, and inquiries from customers/ moderating the content are also at work of swift with the help of this platform.

Thanks to this fantastic platform, now you will save tons of hours wanting the same thing over and over.

Don’t worry now. Whether you are writing about quotes, reviews, or the moderation of Facebook pages, types are there for your assistance. Now sending advanced and outreach emails is a work of a fingertip because of the type desk and its custom placeholders.


One of the most crucial features that make any platform user-friendly is the availability of teamwork in it. And type desk is successful in understanding it well. There are many minute details that make sure to enhance the quality of the teamwork and the user interface.

Among them, at first, the platform will let the users share their canned responses and replies to the people around, which means your team.

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Similarly, you will be surprised to witness the syncing feature for the platform, which basically means when anyone shares or updates a shared canned response, one of the teams will be synced together to work on it.

You will be notified about it as well. What makes the feature even more alluring is letting anybody from the entire team update the responses from the set and share any new media you made.

As a team, you will be allowed to send private notes and ensure everyone is working at the same pace. This will enhance the teamwork of the group and will result in the best outcomes.


What makes the content sent by the type desk unique and well customized for each of the people? Because it is a virtual platform and we rely on it, the type desk ensures that the placeholders filled in with the responses are well customized and unique for each reply. All these works from the tool form type desk known as variables.

There are many variables used by the typedesk for better results. Among them, text input is one. This will work when you will enter a text for replacement in the place folder and is used in the canned responses. Similarly, the select input makes sure to add many options so that we can choose from it in terms of a specific variable.

Now, in addition, the dates will use different kinds of formats and will use one optional offset. In the same way, using these kinds of variables, such as clipboard and gender, you will be able to edit the responses and the sentences based on the people inside the replies and will make your reply as unique as possible.

Better Productivity

Another reason which makes the type a better platform for people who want a replying platform is because of the system’s productivity. That means the whole system is very much service agnostic the whole time it is working.

I will ensure that the type desk will work with the current applications and websites. You will be able to use the websites you use on a daily basis.

Similarly, the google-like search algorithm of the type desk ltd will help the customers to find canned responses, which will only take a few keystrokes. It will search across the contents and will find the one you will need.

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Better Productivity

The lighting- speed of this system increases the production as well. Since the search is dependent on the local system, you will be preserved from the slow speed of the network speed.

Dining deep into the features, the overall production is also dependent upon the keyboard-first option, along with offline proof and cloud-syncing. Thanks to types that users will now be able to reach maximum productivity and will keep working even if they are offline. Since you can track your data from any computer, it will be backed up and will be saved. In this way, the typedesk works a lot for improving productivity.

Other Features

The feature and the tools from the type desk are limitless. This basically means that by using this tool, you will have access to everything for the best results and outcomes. Being precise, typedesk makes sure the data we are using is secured.

Leaning from other text expanders, type desk will never record your keyboard and will offer the best-class privacy.

The rick formatting plays a huge role in the responses. It will easily and swiftly create the response attached with the images and GIF links and format the colors and the fonts. Similarly, you can also enjoy the dark mode from the typedesk so that you will have a better visual experience.

typedesk Lifetime Deal – Plan & Pricing

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Plan and Pricing of typedesk Lifetime Deal

Owner of two different plans and licenses, having some differences is common. But there are some features which are available in both the plans which you will have access to when you buy either of them.

Features included in all plans.

  • Quick shortcuts
  • Advanced canned responses with the variables
  • Create dynamic snippets
  • Windows and macOS apps
  • Web App
  • Admin Access
  • Notifications
  • Integrations with Gmail, Zendesk, Twitter, and Linkedin
  • Integrations with Facebook, messenger, and the intercom

Now, have a brief look at the pricing of both so that you can choose for yourself and what fits you the most.

Single LTD Plan

As usual, this plan for the type desk is the most basic and the simplest one among the two. Because it is simple and a single license, the price of this deal is comparatively low, which means that within $69, users will be allowed to have access to all those features available in all the plans written above.

Whether it is about up-to-date notifications or integrations with platforms such as Facebook, messenger ad Gmail, zendesk, and Twitter, the deal ensures all the features in a good manner. Users will have access to the web app too.

Similarly, since it is a basic plan, only one seat is ensured here with the option of unlimited canned responses. The deal makes sure that the users will be able to have the image up to 50 MB uploaded as per user. And the option of team folders and sharing is safely added to the deal-making it a perfect one for the pocket-friendly budget.

Double LTD Plan

The second and final deal of the platform, the double license of the desk, is responsible for offering the best features to the customers. It is slightly more expensive than the first one as it is available for $138. But there is o negotiation in the features as all the features mentioned above are well ensured here in the deal.

Quick shortcuts or dynamic snippets, added canned responses, or the web apps type desk access all the users wanting the best and process it to all.

To be precise about the deal, along with these general features, up to 50 seats are available here in the deal, which is a big number if you need something to grow your business exponentially. Unlimited canned responses is a common thing here in the deal, along with the 50 Mb image upload and team folders making this deal one of the best deal from the system.

Terms & Conditions of this typedesk Appsumo Deal

  • Users will have lifetime access to type desk lifetime deal.
  • Stacking up to 2 codes is available.
  • GDPR compliance is available.
  • This deal is ensured for the new users of type desk and returning appsumo purchasers.
  • Previous customers of the app sumo can buy the new codes here in the deal.
  • Users can have their money back within 60 days of purchase in case of any problem.
  • Redeeming the code should be done in 60 days.

✍Our suggestion!

Both the deals for the platform have their own advantages and features. So one should choose one as per their need at the time. If we have to suggest you one of these two in a quick rush, we would tell you to go for the second one. The deal might be a bit expensive, but it is a one-time investment.

Not only will you have access to all the common features such as web apps, integrations, canned responses, and many others, but you also will have the maximum of all.

Even if you want to have a huge number of seats or want to work with a huge group, this deal will work best for all. So if you are thinking about a way to expand the business to a higher level, this deal is just for you.

Wrapping Up!

Speeding up the typing work! Fastest integrations with the most used applications! Instant responses through a canned system! Different types of variables and templates for tailored responses!

Yes, all these incredible features are just in one platform. Again yes, it has been possible just because of the amazing typedesk Lifetime deal.

From updating your replies in an organized manner to keyword shortcuts for quick replies, typedesk has been helping tons of users in worldwide manner. Trusted by a trusty, Appsumo, and many other big industries around the globe, typedesk has been working from dusk to dawn for users and is successful in the market.

So give this amazing platform one chance and see your growth in a short time.

Thank you for reading this article. In case of any queries, feel free to ask in the comment sections.