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Get trustmate lifetime deal and collect high-quality customer-generated reviews automatically. With this tool, you can increase your conversion rate and sales with the power of social proof. Get lifetime access to TrustMate.

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If you’re looking to improve your search engine rankings, entice potential customers, and build a rock-solid online image, is the tool for you. TrustMate lifetime deal allows you to collect keyword-filled customer reviews to help you achieve all of your goals.

“Instead of focusing on the competition, focus on the customer” – Scott Cook.

The power that customers and their reviews hold for uplifting the rank on any eCommerce platform in search engines is quite hectic. Ever wondered if there is any solution that can well optimize the reviews? I can sense the coming happiness in your face.

Yes, get ready to be amazed. Trustmate is going to be your next best friend. It is a revolutionary tool that collects and optimizes high-quality customer reviews with just one click through a hint-based tool.

Being at the top of the search engine ranking and keeping on the list is quite intimidating. Trustmate lifetime deal offers all the needing features. You can also call it a tool that assists in leveraging feedback and content from all the users, which directly improves your rating.

Trustmate is the best possible option to utilize social proof’s power to improve SEOs. If you are also seeking ways to turn the browsers into buyers, then you are absolutely in the correct hand of lifetime deals.

Confused, right? you might wonder what makes this trustmate attractive and why you should choose it. Let me list out all those tools that happened to lure millions of people and me worldwide.

  • Assist you in gathering keyword-filled customer reviews to attract potential customers.
  • Utilize additional alluring tools for easy automation of review requests.
  • We can use it worldwide with over 20 available languages.
  • A built-in hint system assists and assures you full of comfort.

Trustmate is limitless! with the destiny of helping the group of virtual buyers and sellers, trust mate has imprinted its domain to a large extent. You won’t even need to worry about customers’ comfortability. From letting them watch the reviews of others by themselves to offering consumers an easier way to write 200+ characters reviews within some clicks. What are you thinking?

Ok, let’s grab some more details…


  • Take a few minutes to collect 200+ character long customer reviews by using review hints.
  • Can be called a s the best alternate to Trustpilot, Yotpo, and
  • Activated simple points and clicked the customer to achieve more reviews.
  • It is regarded as the best solution for the eCommerce platforms that want quality reviews and social proof.


Does it sound amazing eCommerce platform, application for reviews only, or a storage tool? Well, not precisely!

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About TrustMate LTD

So basically, Trustmate is an online platform with a wide variety of usage. At first, you can link your online platform here. After full input of the details, when any consumer buys any product through your website, then a diligent feedback form lets the consumer access a detailed comments list from the website itself instead of the generic, run-of-the-mill reviews.

Why would anyone want to write a long paragraph when they are busy?

Yes, taking care in the field as well, the autosuggest feature used in the application offers the customers to choose from the existing set of 200+ characters of reviews by the product. Even if the consumer is busy or too lazy to type, you have a high probability of getting the best reviews which act as a boon for achieving better SEOs, and the auto-suggest feature makes it easy for four customers to leave reviews, so you’ll have even more content to choose from!

Not only as a seller or a buyer, but you will also have access to an honest opinion, ratings, and feedback for the product, saving your time with quality information.

Does TrustMate Match the Client’s Voice?

Collecting genuine reviews from customers is now as easy as surfing the internet randomly to connect and spread in the virtual world of the metaverse is crucial. The need of the buyer, consumers, and the overall market is growing exponentially. Just after you switch your business in the internet market, there are many factors to consider. Among them, gaining course trust is the most important one.

And for the consumers, reviews and ratings are genuine sources of information. So, with, you can regulate the ratings and reviews that you get in the proper order so that people can understand how you stand out to be the best. From understanding and indicating properly with the valuable reviews as well, and trustmate understood the need of the time in the propeller manner.

So, What makes TrustMate stand out?

Trustmate allows you to automate the users’ top-class and beautiful reviews with the additional photo attachment feature through a motorized hint system.

  • The customized dictionaries allow you to enter and input the beautiful and automated 200-chapter + reviews with one click.
  • The language is not a barrier with the 20+ languages.
  • Let the customers view, observe, and read the feedback and reviews with just click through one website only.
  • Integrate easily with essential platforms such as Shopify, magneto Etc.

Trustmate is a well-equipped and trustworthy site for you as a buyer and a seller both. I wonder if there is anything trustmate cannot grant to their user. Keeping “customer satisfaction at the peak, TrustMate welcomes you all.

Features of TrustMate

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TrustMate Features

Following is a list of some of the applicable features offered by TrustMate that are beneficial for every people who use it:

Collect, Regulate and Optimize Top-Class Reviews Around the Globe

“Collecting reviews and getting success are two synonyms.” Trustmate is the best reliable source for your eCommerce platform to collect the best news for your product with the most probable chances.

We found that after using trustmate, eCommerce platforms are 4* times more likely to get user reviews. You might be stressing that this might be a hectic task, but it will cheer you knowing the fact that this is just one-step work.

The process is easy. You just need to follow some basic steps to get an attractive message from your admirers. At first, the sellers need to define a title and content for the invitation. Regardless of the message, trusted welcomes everyone. Then you have to access an email to your company or brand. Cheery to the top, you can also set up your own format, color, button styles, and other widgets to your mail.

Then you can choose your own timing and frequency for sending the mail. So with just a click, trustmate allows the user to write the reviews themselves, or in case of a busy situation, they can also choose the customized feedback which SEO is based on and improve the rating of your platform faster.

The Trustmate is more than just a review collecting platform. With it, you can manage your entire business from one place.

Carry Out Different Surveys and Product Polls

A few times, any business or product dealer needs to be aware of the status of their work and how they are performing in the market. For this, polls and surveys are important measures in the overall context. The purchases of the trustmate lifetime deal became worthful with the availability of this feature as well. Everything is in your control, from designing your template to getting the desired results.

trustmate appsumo deal, trustmate lifetime deal, trustmate ltd
Customer Reviews

They offer solutions to every problem you face with the help of a trustmate. So starting off, they allow you to create a series of questions and polls with the format of open, close, change, and multiple choices so that the user can answer the question according to their will. It is a very alluring strategy to gain more viewers. The drag-and-drop tool also makes things a lot easier.

In addition to that, customers don’t even need to worry about if their response is aged or not. The customer traffic control sets a mechanism through which the system automatically saves every response that the referrers submit.

The AI and the technology used in the trustmate are very advanced and extraordinary. One can sense the probable questions and answer them by themselves. From addicting clients to assigning them to a certain category, trustmate wins the heart of the clients as well as dealers.

Can used in Multiple Languages

“World is one, why language should be an obstacle”

With the motto of “multilingualism is the key!” TrustMate had also worked in the field of language. So no matter on which side of the globe you are rising, you can easily submit, read, and analyze the reviews in the language you are comfortable in. It collected all the submitted reviews, and the ad offers you a powerful position in the global.

Trustmate, for example, is available in 20 distinct languages and intends to grow even more in the future. The trustmate is set up with an automated dictionary that can generate or read the 200+ character reviews in just a few steps. You can find these collected reviews in the widget section and manage the order of the information according to your choice.

These translation features had been a boon to the entire company in the field, such as reviews, domain name, and the company description.

Easy Integration with the Popular Platforms

Have trouble connecting your websites with various social media platforms? Or wondering about the expansion of the business. Trustmate has been magnifying its sale with the help and assistance from various hopping platforms such as magneto, Opencart, and Shopify Etc.

Just through the one plugin setup the trustmate, connection with the list of probable customers is very easy. It guarantees you full access to all the listed services. You just need to install and set up the extension for the trustmate and create an account. Then the available plugin will display the probable option in the attractive widgets.

Getting ready for setting a milestone in the google ranking! Yayy

Enhance the Sales Through the Additional Tools

Who doesn’t want to expand their business and set a name famous in the market? So Trustmate is your need of the time. Because of the quest-like features, reviews in the market, and trustable options for the customer, trustmate is successful enough to increase its sales by 35%.

Here, trustmate makes the buying journey much easier for the user; they can watch all the trusted and honest reviews throughout the world through the filters. The decision-making processes are improved with this. Since there are many smartphone users in the world, trauma has also been considered about it. It has separated the filters and widgets according to the deuces that automatically impress the users.

Additionally, the trustmate lists all the reviews on the company websites and business cards. So it already solved the problem of changing the site to read the reviews with the trustmate. Also, the tabs at the end of the screen make the process much easier.

You can click on those tabs and easily read the required information. Also, the certificates that you will get make the overall experience better.

So with all these features and functionalities, trustmate wins the market and the world of reviews.

Trustmate Lifetime Deal – Plan & Pricing

trustmate appsumo deal, trustmate lifetime deal, trustmate ltd
TrustMate Lifetime Deal – Plan & Pricing

So right after the features, let’s find out about the various kind of plans and pricing of the AppSumo lifetime deal. So, make sure to understand your basic needs and requirements before selecting one.

Single Plan

One can enjoy all the features mentioned above for the single and basic pricing. For Example, the features such as business cards, reports, analytics, widgets, or stars. Don’t worry, with a trustmate you have got access to everything. You can enjoy the 1000 total invitations to the customers in a month, and the website suggests you with the 10 SEO boots dictionaries.

Thanks to the trustmate, you don’t need to worry about the surveys and the keywords. But there are some deals that one needs to obey before getting included in the team. Be aware of redeeming your code within 60 days of purchase. So, a trustmate can be regarded as our partner in the virtual world.

Double Plan

Similarly, another attractive deal from the trustmate is the second pricing ie double. Here in the double pricing, one can easily enjoy all the basic features included above. From API, hint collecting keywords to all current and features integration, the features are available with just one click on the finger. Sellers can use 30 SEO boost dictionaries along with the 6 websites.

After this plan is ready to experience all the features mentioned above for developing a top-notch commerce platform for yourself, the business will now enable you to acquire certified and quality reviews from over 100,000 visitors every month, thanks to the trustmate.

Multiple Plan

Last but not least, the most alluring one on the list of pricing is Multiple offers. With this final pricing, you will be amazed by looking at the tools of certificates, analytics, surveys, dictionaries, and many more. Talking about dictionaries, the presence of 60 SEO-based dictionaries attracts me as well.

After fulfilling all the terms and conditions, you can enjoy the top-tier pricing here on the website. 50000 visitors and 5000 invitations. Wow! what would be more attractive than this? Go grab your unlimited features with this pricing.

Features of the multiple plans

  • Access to 9 websites in total.
  • All the features offered by the trustmate are available.
  • 150000 unique initiation in total.
  • Presence of efficiency support.

Our Suggestion!

If we have to offer our opinion for suggesting one plan from the above list, then we would recommend you to go for the third “multiple” pricing from the list. Not only yon enhance your ranking to the top level through 150000 thousand suggestions, but the 60 SEO dictionaries will also easily optimize your platform to a great level.

After achieving a level, one needs many invitations, as the number of daily surfers in the virtual world is exceptionally high. So, we consider you definitely don’t want to miss this opportunity. And we as a tea believe that you will need a lot of tools and block of the premium services to achieve that. As a guide here, we highly advocate you go for this third plan.

Wrapping Up!

In the end, Trustmate is basically the most important plugin for any platform, shop, and business to build up to attract more consumers. With Trustmate, everything is well ensured. It can be stated as a stunning option for optimizing your SEO potential with a valuable copy.

You are almost well guaranteed to enhance your rank in the engines. Creating surveys and management of negative reviews feels much easier. Huge appreciation for the TRUSTMATE.

In the overall context, no matter if you are a trusted website or a new starter in the market. Trustmate is a gem that you probably don’t wanna miss. Shine to the gold is all the additional features you will witness in the trustmate. Regular collection of data, web optimization of the results, and readable reports add beauty to the perfection.

Your team may find the trustmate helpful if they are concerned about how to expand their networking and market. Because of the whole team, millions of people and their companies are growing exponentially with enormous growth. So hurry to the website without further delay.

I hope we were able to solve some of your queries about the description, features, and pricing for the trendy application TrustMate. So if there is anything left. Then our email and comments section is always welcome for you guys.