TidyCal Lifetime Deal

Take the Headache Out of Booking for Your Upcoming Meeting

If you’re like most people, who don’t want to spend hours emailing back and forth or bouncing from one place to another. Get TidyCal now and never lose track of your reservations again! TidyCal’s advanced system automates the process so you can focus on getting to the heart of the meeting without any hassle.

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Online meetings were already a catch in the market and business world because of their accessibility and easiness. But after this global pandemic hits the world, online conferences are already a must in the meantime.

Almost every meeting, presentation, and businesses talks was handled via zoom, google meets, etc. Basically, these meetings are the most convenient method of contact for remote workers as well as every next person.

But imagine sending countless rounds of emails to every person to determine a fixed time for a meeting or contacting the details repeatedly just to schedule for everyone.

Don’t worry, We have a solution! Introducing TidyCal.

A new AI-based virtual platform is the best method to optimize the schedule, including your meetings and calls, with the help of custom booking pages and calendar integrations. TidyCal has already established itself as being the most convenient method to help you maintain the work-life balance for the time when you are manually coordinating across time zones.

People get surprised when the platform lets them merge the details from their work and personal calendars. TidyCal ensures a balanced life in their business and work, making it a must for the era.


  • Lets you schedule the free and the paid meetings by sharing the custom booking pages as per convenience.
  • Can be regarded as the best alternative to Calendly and doodle.
  • Tapping into the rich integrations allows user to sync their calendars and accept payments easily.
  • It can be integrated into google and zapier with some clicks.
  • Best tool for sales managers and product managers.

About the TidyCal

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About TidyCal

More than just meeting handlers, TidyCal is way beyond the limit. Being precise about the manner TidyCal is the easiest scheduling solution which makes the work easier by managing your calendars and getting more bookings.

Dining deep into the platform makes the user realize that Tidycal is actually proclivities towards the intuitive interface, which lets the customer customize their own variety of bookings along with the management.

Since the whole task is very much easy and stress-free, the platform adds some interactive tools for the customers. You can easily create your ideal schedule by creating multiple types of bookings as per the need of the day, whether you want a free or paid one.

Similarly, cheery on the top is acted by the specification of the time blocks feature here in the platform. You can easily activate this feature as per the ability by day and with the included gap times as well.

Now the users will be able to take a break between meetings without any interference and distraction. And don’t worry, the business meetings are not the one size fits here in tidycal as it allows anyone t set up one and one along with the group meetings.

All of these included and mentioned features make this platform the best of its kind.

What Makes TidyCal Special?

TidyCal is limitless, with one platform and multiple tools for the same features to make the work more efficient. One tap among the many users is accessed with the tools such as streamlining, syncing, and automating. Similarly, there are many other features and work Tidaycal can perform, making it one of the most special tools of its kind:

  • There are many tools available that will let you streamline the scheduling process with the help of API and Zapier integrations.
  • Syncing and automating calendars are now easy among google, apple, and Microsoft.
  • The app will let you use the zoom and google meet integration for which users will be able to generate custom meeting links.
  • If there is the case of offering and consultation, payments are readily accepted through stripe and PayPal before the meetings.
  • Similarly, sharing of the booking pages with the embeddable widgets on your website is possible through TidyCal.
  • Finally, pitching ad conversion of the site visitors into paid customers can be done after you can get them on a call.

All these incredible features and functions from tidal have been successful in alluring and impressing thousands of users worldwide. Whether it is about the integrations, management, and scheduling, the platform ensures it all and makes sure to carry out all the tasks properly, resulting to make TidyCal one special platform.

Reviews from the Users

TidyCal is quite a multitasker tool that, without any interference, carries out all the optimization of your schedule with the help of custom booking pages. Not only is the platform easy to use, but it solves most of the issues. This resulted in getting some amazing reviews around the globe, such as.

“Super fast functions with all the functions I needed.” – Mansions.es 

“It is very useful for scheduling recruitment and personal selection interviews. I know I made a great purchase”. – CMPcoach

“Honestly, this app works exceptionally well and replaced the calendly in a bit.” – Lucid9

With all these reviews, there is no space for doubt about how much of an amazing platform Tidycal is.

Some Cool Features of TidyCal

TidyCal Lifetime deal with gifting the users many required features for the time, whether it is about bookings, scheduling, or directories. Each of these features works well for the good management of the meetings and business. Among them, Some of the features are mentioned below:

1. Bookings Pages

One of the most prominent and useful features of tidycal ltd is the booking pages. These pages offer a function to users where they can either create a new meeting page for the time as per their need to use the pre-existing ones.

You will only need to select the timing of the booking pages as per your need and copy the link since the platform is easily connected with the websites such as Facebook, and Twitter, so you can share this link there.

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Bookings Pages

Or another option is that you can create or setup up your own booking page. The process is quite simple. Don’t worry at the beginning, your booking page will be automatically created for you once you create and open your account in Tidycal.

If you have to change any, including time and page title, etc. Then you can ae that fixed in my account section. These booking pages have a great impact on your work as you can create, manage and select the required options from here.

2. Wide Customization Options

When sending business bookings to prospects, every user will anticipate a branding opportunity. TidyCal offers you a great opportunity to showcase your brand. You can get a wide range of customizing options to create a booking page that matches your brand personality.

Undoubtedly, apart from meetings with international clients, businesses will also have several meetings with local clients. In such cases, TidyCal offers you the feature to create a booking page in a local language.

3. Multiple Integrations

Tidycal is quite famous for its multiple integrations throughout the platform. There are many linked pages and websites to which we can have access or can get attached easily. From the basics to avoiding conflicts during the meetings, users are allowed to define the calendar they would like to add to the new bookings.

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Multiple Integrations

That means the addition of a google account, office 350 account, and apple account had become simple now. Similarly, for a convenient way of meeting, zoom and google Meet are allow allowed to link up here on the platform.

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Sync Your Calendar and Many More

That means if you have to join or conduct a meeting on the following websites, then Tidycal will allow you to manage the meeting’s time and schedule it as per everyone’s interests. The integration of tidycal is spread well among the payment methods as well. Stripe and PayPal integrations make the work easier.

4. Booking Events Across Time Zones

TidyCal is quite famous for booking several events across different time zones. While arranging meetings across time zones, users usually find conflicts in timing. However, it automatically sets and book events as per desired time in different time zones.

Arranging business bookings is quite easy in TidyCal. You will get a complete customizing option to create events with ease. Apart from date and time availability, it also seamlessly integrates accounts to arrange to book. If needed, you can also easily cancel and reschedule the meetings with one click.

5. Send Confirmation to Obtain the Attendance

Recipients receiving the booking details would choose to offer approval for their availability in the meeting. This helps the sender know about the meeting’s potential and cancel it if needed.

TidyCal is beneficial for senders; recipients receiving meeting details at another end also attain several perks. Users from another end can get details about the booked event, and they can know who arranged the meeting and its objectives. You can also send a confirmation mail of whether the recipient will join the event or not. There are a lot easier features of TidyCal.

TidyCal Lifetime Deal – Plan & Pricing

Alike any other deal, before purchasing any deal, one should have a brief knowledge of the terms and conditions and should understand if they meeting the needs or now. So some of the terms of the TidyCal lifetime deal are as mentioned:

Terms & Conditions for the Tidycal Appsumo Deal

  • Once the purchase is made, users will have lifetime access to tidycal and its features.
  • No coding and stacking needs to be done as here, so choose the plan which meets your need of yours.
  • Don’t forget that this deal is for those tidycal users who do not have one existing paid account.
  • Activation of the license should be done within 60 days of purchase.
  • As always, you can always have your money back within 2 months.
  • This deal is not supposed to be upgraded and downgraded among the license tiers.

Now that you have an understanding of the terms, have a look at the pricing along with the tools.

TidyCal LTD

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Plan and Pricing of TidyCal Lifetime Deal

One deal is available on the platform of TidyCal, which is no doubt the best one as all of the general features are properly ensured here. Don’t worry about the budget, as the platform is getting the users the most affordable deal in the meantime as you will need to invest only $29 to unlock everything.

What allures me the most is the availability of some amazing features here. To be more precise, the 10 calendar connections can be handled and optimized here in the deal, which adds shine to the gold here. Similarly, free and paid meeting insurance can be neglected.

As a regular user, reduced branding and group bookings are able to impress the most among them. This deal comes with many possible functions, among which custom redirect URLs and pro integrations with zoom, google meet, and zapier is one. All these features and tools make this deal attractive and catch many leads at a time.

Wrapping Up

A phrase, the fastest and quickest booking solution! What comes to mind? Let me guess Of course, it is TidyCal.

Tidycal has been successful in making a great impact on thousands of users worldwide. A remarkable scheduling solution that makes the work much easier to handle by getting more bookings and optimizing the existing ones.

This one platform ensures it all. People are now also recognizing the platform as an easy-to-use app that can let you incorporate the calendar in minutes. Our biggest problem solver with and method of simplification our meetings.

One platform, multiple benefits. Tidycal lifetime deal is now noted in the paper for its most beneficial help in the business world and is a not to miss the opportunity. So, people, when are you going to make your work better? Why delay? Go grab TidyCal lifetime deal now.