ShoutOut Lifetime Deal

Create automatically high-quality video testimonials in minutes

Get a ShoutOut lifetime deal and automatically generate branded video content featuring real customer testimonials. You can use it to create product reviews, event recap videos, or social proof videos. Which can help improve your website’s conversion rate.

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It is a fact that “video and graphics attract more eyes,” whether it is on your social media platform or any business ideas. But we also can’t ignore the fact these edits and videography are a seriously time-consuming and tough cure to learn.

“If you want something bad enough, you’ll find a way to make it happen.”

Engineers and programmers have been trying to solve this issue with the introduction of a new and advanced tool in the virtual market that has been designed to automatically generate branded video content that can feature real customer testimonials. Curious about the name, let us welcome ShoutOut!

In the chat. So what precisely is this new platform ShoutOut might be roaming inside your head! And what exactly is this ShoutOut lifetime deal? In general, Shoutout is an online platform that uses advanced Artificial intelligence designed to automatically create and generate branded videos packed with social proofs and finally complete the detailings with B-rolls, graphics, and automatically generated editable subtitles.

This is not the end, there are other tons of tools you can equip with this ShoutOut, such as;

  • Collects the customer’s feedback through recordings.
  • Generates the branded video content with the help of Brolls, graphics, and subtitles.
  • The addition of your branding elements, such as logos and music, is quite easy.
  • Easily share your templates through links, Qr codes, and widgets for the collection of footage.
  • Publish and download your videos on your social media within some clicks.
  • I wonder if there is anything that ShoutOut lacks, and it offers no less opportunity to make you a social media icon.
  • ShoutOt offers a shoutout to your profile on the worldwide level. Multiple tools, best pricing, and trust are crucial factors of this platform.

Any second thoughts? Don’t keep them! Shoutout own to making your business better! Go grab his amazing ShoutOut lifetime deal!


  • Directly create the branded videos packed with social proof and compete for the details with Brolls, graphics, and subtitles.
  • Store the testimonials, NPS scores, audio clips, and photos through recordings.
  • Probably the best alternative to, videos ask.
  • Features of GDPR complaints and white labels are available.
  • Easy integration with API, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

About the ShoutOut

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About ShoutOut

ShoutOut lifetime deal, one name but many works! What are you offered, and what are the deals? Let’s find out about the details and working of this amazing lifetime deal.

A shoutOut is an advanced AI-powered tool that generates videos especially branded ones, including details such as subtitles and various types of animations. This extraction process is done through crowdsourcing user-generated content so that the whole process becomes much more affordable. The subtitles are already built-in into the system so that you can spread the videos worldwide.

What lures the most digital marketers is that with the assistance from ShoutOut, the creation of your own logos and outros ad overlays has become one click task that is tough for any kind of branding.

Again, let’s cheer for the onboarding wizard in this website, earning to leverage the powerful tool and features in accordance to your targetted customers is ensured smoothly. All data used in this platform is socially proofed and works with all of your favorite applications, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Is ShoutOut worth it?

In the meantime, when everything is getting commercialized and working on a virtual basis, I believe it is time for you all to manage the social media platform in a good manner. For that, engagement is crucial.

There are many limited ways with which you can get into it. Among them, using branded videos with attractive graphics in one, ShoutOut is proven to carry out this task in a faster and more reliable way.

This is why we believe that Shutout is becoming a mate in your digital life.

Integration with Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft teams, including the Bulls and subtitles, and publishing worldwide in a secure way. What else do we need?

Give ShoutOut ltd one chance and observe your business reaching the top! You just need to make an account in Shoutout, purchase the plan as per your need and let ShoutOut do the rest of the work. Success will run behind you!

So What Makes the ShoutOut so Unique?

A shoutOut is already successful in capturing our hearts with its astonishing tools and features. Integration with many tools, branded video, and built-in templates, everything to grow! What else does the ShoutOut offer that makes it special and not to miss lifetime deal?

  • Send out one link that generates authentic video content, text, and photos.
  • Choose and Create your branding
  • Lets you request through one video clip and multiple questions for the compilation of ideas
  • Easily send an invite link, Qr code, and embed a widget to the people for the active participation
  • Let you request testimonials, NPS scores, photos, and customization of your data.

And the list goes on!

These are only the overview of what ShoutOut can do. There are tons of other features such as cloud overflow, personalization, and localization, including the B-roll algorithm and many more. “One app multiple works” might be the best idiom to describe ShoutOut.

Features of ShoutOut

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Feature of ShoutOut

Let’s dive deep into the exciting features that make ShoutOut the best AI-powered video creation tool.

Automated Video Production

One of the most crucial and prime features of the platform “ShoutOut” is that we can create an automated video for spreading on various social media platforms of ours. After you have completed building up your branding template, the generation of the video is automatic.

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Automated Video Production

You only need a smartphone or a camera, all your work is done within seconds.

For the whole process, go to the official shoutout website, make your account, and purchase the plan as per your need. Next, there will be a section on how to edit the video. Once you click on that, find the upload tab. After uploading what you desire (clips, images, etc.), begin creating your video.

You can either select the clips randomly fr your device or from the stock clips available on the platform. Select the clip you want and put a clip name in the section below. After clicking on the create the video, you will see your desired idea on the screen.

Even if you want to edit the generated video, you can go to the edit section, add the text, and trim the video as needed. In this way, you can generate the desired video.

Create a Template

With the help of the Shoutout, one can either edit the existing template or make a new one. As usual, at first, create a new account and rush to the template section, and select the one you want to edit. There are two options; if you want to edit the existing template, click on the option “modify,” and the website will take you to the modification.

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Create a Template

At the top of the setting, there are many options that, by using, you can edit the template and add modifications such as a logo, Intro, and outros.

Similarly, if you need to make a new template using your video or image, there is an option showing add your video in the right corner of the screen. Click on that option and upload the video or the image you want to use.

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Template is Ready

Then there are many settings such as adding texts, fonts, trimming, and adding overlays. Select the one you like, and finally, after generating, you find your template ready.

Sharing, Downloading, and Playlists

Another great feature of SouthOut is the ability to share, download and create playlists. There are multiple ways with which you can share the data and download the link, and spread it to social media. For sharing the videos you just made, There is an option showing share in the bottom right corner of the video. Click on that.

After you clicked on that option, a dialog box appeared on the screen showing the reschedule and text option. You can modify them if you want. And for sharing these posts on your social media, you need to pair up this SHoutOut page with all your existing social media accounts. To do that, open the settings option in the top right corner.

There are many options shown. Click on the one telling socials accounts. The option for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is already present there. Now click on the connect account, and the platform will ask for your details.

Now login to the various account that you want to connect with the ShoutOut. And now you need to give access to get connected officially. And now, you can share all your data and generated results to the account you have connected.

Similarly, in the bottom left corner of the video, there is an option telling downloads from where the download of the generated idea is very much more manageable. This download option will let you download the original video, subtitles, or chapters in case you want them. Also, just by clicking the icon telling playlists, you can now add this same video to the different playlists.

Scheduled Sharing

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Scheduled Sharing

There are times when we don’t want to share some content instantly but want to schedule when to share what posts. But this becomes difficult with general methods. Nothing to worry about. With the help of ShoutOut, now you can schedule to share your videos, post, and content to your social media account.

Or either you can download them and add them to the playlists on your embedded website. In this way, your contributors will get a shareable video in their email just after you appraise it.

Additional Features

There are many additional tools and features offered by ShoutOut that make our work much more managed and optimized. For example, one useful tool offered by the platform is letting you send an invite. Now you won’t need a film crew. With ShoutOut, you can now custom upload the link for the consumers to record the video clips and send them automatically to the desired people.

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Additional Features

Similarly, another alluring feature is to let you edit the text and caption on your own. In the same way, using the available URL, You can put up the captions and subtitles with one click in any language available on the platform.

What lures most of the users is compiling the videos instantly with some clicks. Editing skills are not even required here.

There are many other features of the ShoutOt lifetime deal, such as video reviews with ratings, galleries, software integration, and Brolls destined to automate and optimize our business faster and more reliably. ShoutOut and its incredible features are something that everyone wants nowadays.

ShoutOut Lifetime Deal – Plan & Pricing

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Plan and Pricing of ShoutOut Lifetime Deal

There are three distinct kinds of plans and pricing accessible via the shoutout appsumo deal, each with its own set of features. Let’s take a look at them one by one:

Tier 1 License

The first and the basic plan offered by the ShoutOut appsumo deal is available for just $69. In this feature, all the general fears which are present in the platform are offered without any issue. It doesn’t matter if you want to use automated video production, send out the invites or edit the photos and graphics. One plan and everything is sold here with the additional ratings, subtitles, and reviews.

Now being the first plan with the cheapest rate, only 1 user will be allowed to use this platform at a time. It will allow you to manage up to 5 projects with 1 hour of video creation automatically per month. So much for the first plan. If you are someone who wants to manage one account within a limited time hour, then this plan might be the best option for you.

Tier 2 License

Now the second plan on our list is ShoutOut lifetime deal’s tier 2 license. For just $139, you will be promised all the plans and features, including the general list. It is a one-time investment that lets you work with an automated video production that also with a template-based workflow.

Additionally, you can send the invites easily. Editing the intros, outros, texts, and captions is made more accessible here in the plan.

Since it is also the second plan with not that much investment, up to 2 users can use this plan to optimize their platform. Since it is a member of agency mode, up to 10 child accounts can be managed with the shared templates.

Also, handling 10 projects at a time is very much easy in this plan. In this tier 2 plan, have up to 4 automated video creations to assure better user engagement. Because of these facilities, this plan becomes both affordable and beneficial.

Tier 3 License

Probably last but not least, this third license is available for $209. There is no room for doubt that this plan allows you to enjoy all the existing general features such as branded video extraction, subtitles, and graphics for secured transfer, but the availability of 20 users and 50 projects adds shine to this plan.

This plan is tough for people with a medium budget, but if you work and business is on a large horizon, this might be an ideal choice. From managing 50 child accounts, webhooks, API access, and enhanced branding options such as custom fonts and analytics, the ShoutOut Lifetime deal and its third license have become a must for anyone thinking of broadening their area.

Terms & Condition of this ShoutOut ltd

  • The availability of GDPR complaints is ensured.
  • This deal and conditions work for newcomers who don’t have an account already.
  • You don’t need any code and stacking. Just choose the plan as per your need
  • You can easily upgrade and downgrade among these 3 licenses
  • Lifetime access to ShoutOut is promised

✍Our suggestion!

Among the three different plans and features from ShoutOut, we believe that this tier 2 plan might be an ideal choice for you. For only $139, not only is there the presence of all the types of features mentioned in the list but the handling of the 2 users and 10 different projects act like a cheery on the cake.

One-time investment and boom, you are now allowed to enjoy branded affiliate page, automated video production with the new templated-based workflow .editable outros, intros, and captions make the work even better in just a few steps away.

I bet this license will acct as a boon in a scenario when you want something best and pocket friendly at the same time. So to go for or think for this tier 2 would be our top priority and suggestion in the meantime.

Wrapping Up!

A platform that will do all your technical stuff for pumping out the professional video for expanding our business, a website through which you can create and share your templates with links and Qr codes in few clicks away, does sound so magical and impossible at the same time. But ShoutOut had made it possible with some push buttons away.

In the same way, ShoutOut and its new technical Ai-based system let you use the simple interface to whip up personalized outreach, onboarding videos, and social media content.

If you also want to stand out among the thousands in the market of advertisement and business, consumers, and products and deal with your user-generated content and videos with social proof, then let ShoutOut do the task for you!

Why be concerned when a single solution goes from top to bottom to help you become a professional entrepreneur with your own unique and customized social media, internet platforms, and business? Grab this shoutout lifetime deal now and experience it yourself!

It is our pleasure that you spend your crucial time reading our article. If you face any doubts regarding any topic, feel free to contact us or leave suggestions in the comments section.

Happy Hunting, Sumo-Lingers!