Shopper Lifetime Deal

Monetize, Analyze, and Manage your Affiliate Product Promotions with Shopper

Get a Shopper lifetime deal today and get access to tools that will help you manage, monetize, and analyze your promotions. With this deal, you’ll get access to features that will help you increase your conversion rate and earn more money from your affiliate links.

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If you’re an influencer, affiliate marketer, or content creator, then you know how important it is to have your products and promotions be easily discoverable by your audience. But what if there was a way to not only make your products more discoverable but also make money from them?

With a shopper lifetime deal, you can do just that. is an online store where you can manage and monetize your affiliate product promotions at scale. With, you can share your store link on different platforms, such as your blog or YouTube channel, and earn money from your affiliate links.

So, no more hassle & bassle of maintaining a product list or promoting items on multiple platforms. So what are you waiting for?

Join today and enjoy lifetime access!

Confused, right? you might wonder what makes this trustmate attractive and why you should choose it. Let me list out all those tools that happened to lure millions of people and me worldwide.

  • Assist you in gathering keyword-filled customer reviews to attract potential customers.
  • Utilize additional alluring tools for easy automation of review requests.
  • We can use it worldwide with over 20 available languages.
  • A built-in hint system assists and assures you full of comfort.


  • You may track your product promotions from one location and distribute branded links to improve discoverability and conversions.
  • With 25,000+ online merchants from around the world, you can increase brand exposure and sales through built-in affiliate ties.
  • The tool is the best alternative to Amazon’s Influencer Program.
  • Highly recommended for Influencers, affiliate marketers, and agencies.


The growing number of social media platforms and their uses have been a great help in flourishing the affiliate marketing industry. So many people profit from this form of marketing, so the followers and audiences can easily access the things an influencer recommends.

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About Shopper

A Shopper store is an amazing method to manage and monetize the product for promotions. However, it is not easy to promote items on multiple platforms. Therefore, this company has come to the rescue so that content creators can focus on what they’re good at – creating content! is the answer to influencers’ and affiliate marketers’ prayers. Now you don’t have to share dozen of URLs on Youtube, Instagram, and any other social media for your audience to see the things you’re recommending. With Shopper, you only have to share one store link, and they can purchase any products from your store.

You may also track your real-time performance, manage all of your products, and see how much money you’ve made and almost everything via Shopper Dashboard. What if someone doesn’t have any kind of affiliate link?

In that case, you may have found the “lamp of genie” because Shopper also provides an opportunity to those who don’t have their affiliate link. You can join the shopper affiliate program and start promoting items from over 25,000+ online stores and receive a commission on every sale!

Features of Shopper

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Features of Shopper

The lifetime deal has some incredible features that will make your life so much easier as an influencer or affiliate marketer.

Some of these features are:

1. Custom Domain

Your customized domain can help you better in marketing your business. Since Shopper will offer you free hosting for the rest of your life, you don’t need to worry about the hosting cost. The Shopper custom domain feature enables you to reflect your company, boost interaction, and have a name that will be simple for visitors to remember.

In other words, a custom domain allows you to own your brand and build credibility with your customers.

2. Broken Link Alert

Did you know how much a dead product link can affect your earnings? It not only frustrates your customers but also puts a dent in your conversion rate. With Shopper, you don’t need to worry about that because they have a built-in feature called “Broken Link Alert.”

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Broken Link Alert Feature

It notifies you as soon as any of your product links go dead, so you can quickly replace them and keep your store up-to-date. This feature is incredibly helpful, especially if you have a lot of products.

3. Customizable Theme and Logo

You can fully customize the Shopper store according to your brand. You can add your logo, and change the theme, colors, and font style to make it look like your own store. This way, you can build a strong relationship with your customers.

Shopper also allows you to customize your mobile-first stores according to your preferences, themes, layout, and color selection. So, whether your customers are using a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, they’ll have the same great experience. You may also choose between dark and light themes for your online store, as well as upload a unique logo.

4. Real-time Analytics

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Real Time Analytics Feature

To help you make better marketing decisions, Shopper provides real-time analytics of your store’s performance. It shows how many people have visited your store, what products they viewed, and how many sales you’ve made.

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Measure Conversion and Traffic

This data is essential for understanding your customer’s needs and what’s working well in your store. With this information, you can fine-tune your marketing strategies and continue growing your business.

✨ Are you ready for a surprise?

The shopper also has API access for you. Don’t know what is API and how it works? An API (Application Programmable Interface) is a set of programming rules and standards for accessing web-based software applications.

In simple terms, API allows Shopper to communicate with other software to exchange data. This way, you can easily integrate Shopper with your existing system and automate your work.

Due to this, you can connect your store to other apps and services to automate your workflow. For example, you can connect Shopper with Google Analytics to track your store’s traffic and performance.

5. 25K+ Stores

No matter what kind of products you want to sell, Shopper has you covered with over 25,000+ online stores. You can find everything from fashion to gadgets to home décor. You’ll never run out of products to promote with Shopper as an affiliate.

shopper appsumo deal, shopper lifetime deal, shopper ltd, lifetime deal
25,000+ Stores on Shopper

Can you imagine the possibilities? With so many stores to choose from, the earning potential is limitless. So, whether you’re just getting started or a seasoned affiliate marketer, Shopper is a great platform for you.

Haven’t you grabbed the shopper ltd? Hurry up! The offer won’t last long.

Shopper Lifetime Deal – Plan & Pricing

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Shopper Lifetime Deal Plan and Pricing

Now that you know all the amazing features that Shopper offers, it’s time to talk about their pricing.

It has 3 different plans:

  • Tier 1 License
  • Tier 2 License
  • Tier 3 License

However, there are some common features in all the plans. Here they are:

  1. Custom colors and logo
  2. Zapier integration
  3. Unlimited link alerts
  4. Broken product and affiliate link alerts
  5. API Access
  6. Auto affiliate monetization
  7. In-depth analytics
  8. Google Analytics integration
  9. Facebook Pixel integration
  10. Built-in ToS and Privacy Policy
  11. Two-factor authentication

Tier 1 License

Well, let’s talk about the first Tier 1 License plan. In tier 1 license, you will get access to all features included above, but with some limitations. Under $79 of tier 1, you will get a single premium store license. This means you will be able to develop only one store on Aside from that, you will have one custom domain with three user accounts available.

Other than that, the product upload, clicks, and traffic are unlimited. Under $79, you will get all these features available.

Tier 2 License

The next plan is the Tier 2 License which costs $129, where you will get to run two premium stores and will get access to two custom domains. Aside from that, you will get six user accounts to handle at the rate of three users per premium store.

Besides that, this plan also includes all the features, unlimited clicks, product uploads, and traffic as in a tier 1 license.

Tier 3 License

Tier 3 License is the last plan that will cost you $279 where you will get to manage five premium stores. In this plan, you will have five custom domains and 15 user accounts. These 15 user accounts are available to manage three users per premium store.

This membership also comes with all of the same perks as a tier 1 license and a tier 2, including unlimited clicks, product uploads, and traffic. If you wish to advertise affiliate products on various channels as an influencer or affiliate marketer full-time. You might want to think about purchasing this tier to not limit your possibilities.

Wrapping Up!

As you may already know, the rise in popularity of social media sites and their applications has been a tremendous aid to the affiliate marketing business. So many individuals profit from this form of promotion that followers and audiences can simply get access to the items recommended by an influencer.

The shopper is an online marketplace where marketers, creators, and publishers can efficiently manage and get profit from affiliate product marketing. This is a tool that, on a single platform, it lets influencers handle all of the product promotions.

Shopper’s features make it a great tool for affiliate marketers at any level, from beginners to experienced professionals. If you are looking for an all-in-one solution to simplify your affiliate marketing business, Shopper is the way to go.

Get access to appsumo’s shopper lifetime deal and its amazing features today and see how you can take your business to the next level!

Happy hunting Sumo-Lingers!