SendFox Lifetime Deal

Automate your newsletter campaign process with a cost-effective email marketing solution

Get SendFox lifetime deal and automate your newsletter campaign process with a cost-effective email marketing solution. SendFox helps you reach out to new subscribers, segment users, and keep them engaged with newsletters that convert. Get lifetime access to SendFox today.

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So, starting off with the work! Let’s write some dozen of emails for each different people on different platforms. Oh, don’t forget to respond to each of them manually and search for the details one by one. Okay?

Haha, we know this sounds scary and hectic at the same time. This might even cost you hiring a separate content manager, and this thing costs you in a bundle.

What can we do then? We need a platform that will help us generate some automated newsletters, including an email marketing solution. Don’t forget it should be affordable as well. Introducing chandler to Monica’s world of emails (sarcasm). Welcome, SendFox!

More than just an email sender, sendfox is one of the most affordable solutions in the market It deals as an email marketing solution and allows users to set up the automation of the email, sends drip campaigns, and helps to create landing pages.

Integration of the code, management of the content, and the duplication of the templates repeatedly during the times is now solved with this new platform, the sendfox lifetime deal.

No design, no coding, and no technical skill is required, all of your work is within a swift.

Now say bye to your numerous hours of sending emails and embrace sendFox.


  • Let the users build the landing pages along with the forms helping to provide information about the lead contacts.
  • No design and technical skills are required for any tasks.
  • Create different kinds of ready-made temples with the help of one-off campaigns and automation sequences.
  • One of the best products for content creators, podcasters, and YouTubers.
  • Reliable alternative to the tools such as MailChimp and convert chip.

About the SendFox

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About SendFox

One of the most alluring deals of the time is the SendFox lifetime Deal. Basically, sendfox is a new advanced, and AI-based virtual platform that is known famously for its budget-friendly background and is considered the best email marketing solution because it will help you set up different kinds of tools.

These tools include various different functionalities such as locking up email automation, creating landing pages and sending drip campaigns as required to the required people and leads.

The benefits of the platform are limitless. To be precise, the platform gives customers easy access to using easy and convenient tools, which play a huge role in creating email campaigns that though with custom colors, images, and various texts. Don worry about not finding content.

These mentioned smart campaigns help to repurpose the old and used existing content for the new ones within some clicks.

Among many attractive features of the sendfox, the new email generator tool assures the user that they will not find any crises while writing. That means you will be able to pull content automatically from various different sources, including your social media accounts, blogs, and podcasts.

Similarly, sendfox will also let you send automated email sequences so that you won’t miss a chance to connect with your audience. Sendfox will be your friend and assist you in finding many! No shortages of leads now with this new platform.

What Makes SendFox Stands Out?

SendFox and its amazing deals are out of the box and easy to do every kind of work in terms of email, campaign design templates, and automation.

There is no doubt that the sendfox extract ad handles the content so efficiently, But what are those features of the sendfox which make it stand out among many other alternatives in the market? The list of some amazing features from sendfox ltd are as mentioned:

  • Sendfox allows users to build the drip in automated campaigns from scratch or offer templates.
  • Users can set up their own behavior-triggered sequences, which find out the specific conditions for sending the email to the recipients.
  • Sendfox offers some amazing smart pages with which you can relate your own branding pages and design them with logos, colors, etc.
  • Attracting the new leads becomes quite easy as creating the opt I form and embedding them is faultless now.
  • The platform is easily integrated with the tools such as zapier, integrated, and WordPress.
  • Promotion of the referral programs in the email footers can be done in sendfox, which will later send prizes to subscribers.

Features of SendFox

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Features of SendFox

Sendfox is the owner of the best email marketing platform in the meantime. Marketing analytics or Custer management, all the problems have solutions to this platform. This platform assures you of increasing the revenue and connection rate with its many features. The list of these features is as mentioned below:

  • Can send unlimited emails
  • Scheduling of the email campaign
  • Triggered automation
  • Lead generation forms
  • The auto pull of the RSS feed
  • Stacking of unlimited number of codes
  • API
  • Basic landing pages
  • GDPR compliant
  • Advanced analysis for tracking, opening, and clicking more
  • CRM functionality for writing notes on each subscriber

All these functions and features have made it possible for the user to grow in the business. So some of the brief explanations for the features of the sendfox lifetime deal are mentioned below:

Creating Emails Newsletter

One of the most basic and the most prominent feature of the sendfox lifetime deal is to let the users create email newsletters. For the generation of these, the platform uses some auto-generated templates, basically, email campaigns that are easily generated through your content feeds.

The activation of the feature is quite simple and follows a few steps only. In the web presence from your settings account, you can see one of your handles that you might have connected. Now, if you have added your youtube, you will see the youtube feeds automated, generating the templates as per the need of the emails.

So, let us learn how to set up your web presence. Start with opening and making an account in the sendfox. In the hamburger option, select the title saying settings. On the left side of your screen, you will the option” web presence”. Now you can add the feed source. It can either be the RSS feed, podcasts, or any kind of youtube channel. After clicking add source, you can start the email campaign now.

Now in your dashboard, click on the email and follow with the create option. Now at the bottom, you can now click on the templates. Either you can use the existing one that we just set up or add a new one. So, now in this way, you can email newsletters using templates.


Another crucial feature of the platform is automation. It is one of the most beneficial ones as the sendfox will help you automate many of your repeated sets of works with its advanced system. Before acting on the feature, make sure to check the list for what kind of tasks you want the platform to do.

The whole process is simple, and no doubt about that. First, open the website and jump directly to the automation tabs. And select the option saying “create automation series.”

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Automatically Genrate Emails from Your Content

After selecting the option, a dialog box will appear in front of you which wants you to select the lost words you want to automate. Check the lists tab correctly ad select “one”. Now click “ok” and select the envelope that appears just after the trigger. Then the platform will take you to a page where you can draft your first email to be sent after your contact has been added.

You can edit the edits for how your automation will work. After you are satisfied with the results, save them from the top right corner. Through automation, you can select how long to delay the results and when to send them. Remember, automation will let you control the activities of the email. Here your automation is activated, but don’t forget to save it.

Integration with WordPress

Integration with various different websites makes the work very much easier. similarly, you can integrate your sendfox with your WordPress account, and the procedures are very easy. You can use the sendfox WordPress plugin for this.

Beginning with, create one HTML form inside your SendFox account. After that, users should copy the embeddable code and now put it into the WordPress post’s text editor or can use the page as well. There is a presence of the alternative that you can use a plugin of advanced form integration WordPress plugin. But remember that only works when you are gravity forms and contact form 7.

Different Types of Contacts

There are various types of contact options that are available in the sendfox account or can be handled well. Starting off the list, the prime one is new contacts. These new contacts are the ones who are just been added to the account that hasn’t been engaging.

So sendfox check the contacts like this for 60 days, and if they show any engagement and activities, they have cared as aces and subscribers.

Similarly, the second types are the active and the inactive ones. Another one is who has shown any engagement n 90 days, whereas as nice ones are who haven’t. Sendfox makes sure to have an eye on them, and they re-engine quiet activity and do a regular follow-up there.

Sendfox also needs a file to distinguish between invalid and acid contacts as well as unconfirmed and unscribed contacts. The system checks them well and makes sure to remove unwanted ones.

SendFox Lifetime Deal – Plan & Pricing

This deal is available to the user with three different plans. So this is why users should be aware of the common features they will be getting even if they are buying any of them. These common features are as mentioned below:

Features that are included in all three plans.

  • Scheduled email campaigns at any time of the day
  • Translation ability
  • Manag unlimited brands from one account
  • Integrations:, kingsumo, zapier, API
  • WYSIWYG email editor
  • Custom landing pages
  • CRM functionality to write notes on each other
  • List and taggings to keep the contacts separated

The plan and pricing of the Sendfox lifetime deal are mentioned below; have a detailed look at it.

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SendFox Lifetime Deal Plan and Pricing

Tier 1 License

Probably the simplest license of the whole deal, but this tier 1 is the cheap, easy, and most planned license of all. You might be doubtful that since this is a basic plan, you will be limited with some kind of features but do worry! After you purchase this one, you will have access to all the features for only $49 in total. It is incredible to get all those features in such a price range.

Taking bout the features, no need to have second thoughts as the tools, such as custom landing pages and CRM functionality, including unlimited emails, are properly ensured here. With this deal, you have access to 5000 subscribers in total with the sendfox branding. So you are a beginner in your job and want something to automate it, go grab this license.

Tier 2 License

The second one on the list is the tier 2 license, the incredible, and the intermediate one. This license is available to the users offered by appsumo is only $98. At such an affordable rate, the platform is going access the users to enjoy all the general features mentioned above. Whether it is about the unlimited use of basic tools or templates, sendfox ensures it all.

Being particular about this deal, with this tier license, the user is allowed to have access to up to 10000 subscribers in total, which is a huge amount for growing your business to a higher level. How can we forget about the sendbox branding in this deal? So as mentioned, want to take your business to a new level at an intermediate price? Make this deal yours.

Tier 3 License

Last but not least deal of the sendfox appsumo deal this license might be the most expensive one on the list as it comes with a straight $147. Well, paid and well served some synonymously here, as this deal offers the best options among all and is the biggest of all. As usual, you will be allowed to enjoy all the common features mentioned above.

Similarly, 15000 subscribers are gifted to the consumers and increase the leads to a great level. About branding, after this deal, users will be given light text sendfox branding. If you want to expand your business to a great level, including multiple ones, this might be the best notch for you.

Terms & Conditions for SendFox Lifetime Deal

  • Users will have lifetime access to sendfox appsumo deal after purchase.
  • All future plans and updates are properly ensured.
  • Coding and stacking are not necessary.
  • You can easily upgrade or downgrade among 5 different license tiers.
  • If you want to remove the branding and have access to extra bonus features, then you will need to pay $10 per month.
  • You can always have your money back within 60 days if you want a refund.
  • Activation of the license should be done within 60 days of purchase.

✍Our suggestion!

Now, the three active plans and pricing from any deal can make anyone confused about what to pursue. So, if we have to suggest one for you among them, a second license that is tier 2 would be an ideal choice for you.

Not only is the price affordable at $98, and most of the average income people can afford it, but the unlimited supplies of the common features make this deal more alluring. Also, 10000 subscribers have impressed many users since then. so, if you are looking for a quick suggestion, go for this license.

Wrapping Up!

Emails are the most prominent need of the time! And its management and automation as per the leads and communications along with the data, We can use the word MUST!

So to handle these works efficiently, SendFox has been working as an assistant to you and for you.

From sending emails automatically to the subscribers, offering built-in forms and integrations to easy navigation of the app to the customers, sendfox make sure to establish a good amount of leads for the work and enhance your business.

No second thoughts in the fact that the SendFox lifetime deal had been working so efficiently for boosting up your communication in the user interface. So what is the delay? Go grab this hidden treasure!