Scalenut Lifetime Deal

Smartest Content Intelligence SaaS Platform

Spend less time and money on content creation and curation. Scalenut does it for you with an algorithm that will analyze your industry, then write a highly tailored piece of content. Enjoy lifetime access to Scalenut.

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Are you looking for the best AI content writing tool? If yes, then Scalenut will be the perfect tool for you; Scalenut is the best AI-Powered Content Research & Copywriting Platform. It will help you scale up your content research and writing without investing much money.

We have personally tested this tool, and we are surprised with the result; each time we use Scalenut, we get 100% unique and engaging content. You can generate website content, blog topics & ideas, product descriptions, social media content, Google ad copies & headlines, Facebook ad copies & headlines, landing page hero text, and many more types of content.

Now you can effortlessly extend your content research. It is a lifetime deal; there will be no additional charges even after updates or add-ons, and now you will not need to invest hundreds of dollars for content writing. It seems simple, and yet it is the strongest application for content writing.

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About Scalenut

Create content outlines for SEO-focused articles. Scalenut offers full-length content reports (powered by the greatest NLP in the industry) for your specific keyword, each time serving you with the winning SEO recipe.

This tool will help you to further scale up your content writing and research game without investing lots of your hard-earned money on different tools. It really helps you to write and rank your article on SERPs.

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  • Stick with your ideas – Get endless content ideas for blogs, product descriptions, publicity copies, email headers, and blog intros with just a click.
  • Create long-form content with AI – Scalenut’s intelligent AI tool generates long-form content segments in a couple of seconds. Use it for developing power, boosting SEO, and concluding further agreements.
  • Produce high-quality content – Use an SEO assistant to get feedback on the quality of the content you wrote. It shows you the terms you used in the NLP (and those you did not), the reading score, the number of words, and much more.
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Some Cool Features of Scalenut

Have you ever wondered what some of the most impressive features of Scalenut are? Here I’m going to share with you a few of the outstanding features you can get with Scalenut. These can be categorized into two additional categories, which are:

  • SEO Assistant, and
  • AI Copywriting.

Let’s take a closer look at these two categories and their cool features…

SEO Assistant

The Scalenut SEO Assistant brings all you need to develop content you like reading and that your readers and search engines will find. It’s end-to-end content research and authoring tool that deals with all the ranking elements and allows you to learn how to track SEO parameters in real-time.

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  • Break down competition content: SEO Assistant grades, length checks, writing quality, the quantity of H-tags, and the number of pictures utilized for your target keyword on blogs at the top of the rankings.
  • Identify target keywords: Encouraged by AI and NLP, look at the relevant terms and keywords that the competitor ranks for.
  • Understand User Intent: Use Quora and Reddit query to figure out what people want. Get associated issues, topics, and IA questions as well.
  • Quality Improvement of content: The integrated editor classifies the material on the sidebar in real-time and displays target keywords.
  • Writing Block: Use Write to automatically create content with AI, AI Operators, AI Connectors, and templates.
  • Comprehensive research: Take AI and NLP drive 100+ data points, including contests, top customer inquiries, backlink data, keyword frequency, picture use, and video when developing content.
  • Recommendations for Effective Times: Get ideas to improve what the most important thing is when we write. SEO Assistant reports on keyword frequency, readability of text, number of words, and plagiarism in real-time.
  • Quality markup: Get a quality score in real-time with a very high association with search engine rankings. Enhance your value and climb the ranks.

AI Copywriting

Specify the content you require from Tell Scalenut’s AI copywriter. It analyses your information and produces powerful replicas of websites, blogs, publications on social media, etc. Maintain the uniqueness of your content –With Scalenut’s AI Copywriter, you must never worry about plagiarism. In seconds, original and strong.

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  • Consistent – You’ll never be at a loss for ideas again. Maintain concepts at a touch of a button as much as you like.
  • Make writing interesting by experimenting with varied voice tones to include fresh words and phrase patterns in your writing.
  • Powerful AI technology – Scalenut’s AI copywriter employs a sophisticated methodology for learning to write like a human. After reading hundreds of trillions of words, the gadget recognizes words and sentences.
  • Easy Export Result – You can copy on your prescription panel the best ideas and bring them to your preferred editor. We build WordPress and Shopify integrations too.

In addition to this, Scalenut has a number of other features that are really cool, such as,

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  • Rely on facts instead of speculation to plan the content.
  • Start with a single phrase and receive comprehensive reports with important information.
  • An assistant helps you plan materials with crucial phrases, H-tags, readability, and intentional understanding.
  • Get ideas and copies of AI for winning content.
  • You get new content ideas at the touch of a button with an AI Copywriter. It is your clear advantage, extending to whole blogs, email headers, ad copies, social media postings, and different types of material.
  • Ensure that everything is right, from key terms and picture density to relevant questions and H-tags with the SEO Assistant’s smart editor, and always write successful content.
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What Type of Content Can I Write Using Scalenut?

With Scalenut, you can write all types of content, including website content, product descriptions, social media content, Google & Facebook ad copies & headlines, Google & Facebook descriptions, LinkedIn ads headline & description, email subject lines, blog intro, long-form blog post and much more…

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Scalenut Lifetime Deal

This tool offers you error-free, unique, up to date and high-quality content that ranks. Scalenut works based on input target keywords and geography. Based on the provided keyword, this tool will provide you with an exhaustive research report, and then you can use this report to create a content outline and generate high-quality content.

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Plans and Pricing – Which is Best for You?

Confused between the various pricing options that Scalenut is offering on their lifetime deal? Scalenut offers four different plans and pricing on their lifetime deal which is available on PitchGround.

These plans are,

  • Individual Plan,
  • Individual Plus Plan,
  • Growth Plan, and
  • Agency Pro Plan.

Here we’ve compared all the plans for you, so you can easily decide which one suits you the best. So, let’s get started…

1. Individual Plan

This is one of the most basic and the first plans of Scalenut. It comes at a lifetime discounted price of $49/lifetime and includes 15 document credits, 25K short-form AI words per month, 10K long-form AI writing credits, SEO Assistant, NLP algorithms, and copywriting templates.

The plan is not for bloggers or affiliate marketers, but if you need to write a few copywriting contents for yourself or your company, then it is one of the best plans you can get.

2. Individual Plus Plan

The “Individual Plus” plan is another most popular plan which is generally preferred by users. This plan costs just $149 per year for a lifetime, and it includes 50 credits per month, 100K short-form AI words, 50K long-form AI words, and all the other features in the first plan.

We recommend this plan to small bloggers and business owners who don’t usually write more than 30-40K words per month. It is also perfect for agencies or companies that need basic copywriting services.

3. Growth Plan

The growth plan is the third plan that Scalenut offers for lifetime deals. With this plan, you’ll get all of the features mentioned above in other plans along with 3 user seats, 100 document credits per month, and unlimited short-form and 250K long-form AI words.

Considering the fact that this plan includes 250K long-form credits and unlimited short-form credits, it is the perfect plan for most bloggers as well as affiliate marketers who usually prefer writing 50-60K words of content every month on their blogs.

4. Agency Pro Plan

Among all the plans offered by Scalenut, Agency Pro is the last in a lifetime deal. This plan comes at a price point of $1095, and this is approximately four times more than what is offered under the Growth plan. You will be able to write unlimited words of short-form and long-form articles under this plan.

Basically, if you are into content or copywriting for your main business, then this is the plan you need. In the alternative, if you belong to a large agency, then it would be wise to pick this plan.

Now the question arises, which plan is best for you? Well, you better know the answer to this question, think about your uses and choose the best plan that satisfies all your content writing needs. Remember this deal is for a limited time, so you should make your decision as soon as possible.

As an example, if you’re in doubt about which plan to choose, I recommend the “Growth” plan – it is offered as a lifetime deal and 250K credits are probably enough to write 40K+ words of long-form content along with unlimited short-form content.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Still, have doubts? Here I’m sharing a few FAQs on scalenut lifetime deal which helps you to choose better.

Q. Can My Website be Ranked on Google if I Write Content Using Scalenut?

Yes, Scalenut is the AI content writing tool, it is not a content spinner. This tool generates high-quality content like the human writer using advanced AI technology.

No one will be able to detect that this content is generated using the tool. It will be 100% natural, up to date, and plagiarism-free.

Q. Can I Get a Refund If I Don’t Like Scalenut After Purchasing?

Yes, the Scalenut lifetime deal is currently live on Pitch Ground, and they have a 60 days refund policy. You can request a refund within 60 days from the date of purchasing the tool.

Final Words

Scalenut lifetime deal is for a limited time, so you should make your decision as quickly as possible because after the lifetime deal ends, you need to pay per month for the tool, which will cost you way more than now.

Nurture your audience with the best content from the smartest content intelligence SaaS platform. Scalenut utilizes deep learning and artificial intelligence to create the best possible content for your business. Click on the below button to get the best possible discount on Scalenut lifetime access.