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Are you looking to save a few bucks on SERP position tracking? If yes, then Ranktracker is the perfect tool for you and with ranktracker lifetime deal, it’s now much easier to grab this tool and save ourselves from investing hundreds of dollars on tracking website position on SERP.

When it comes to tracking the position of keywords in search engine results, Ranktracker is one of the most popular tools for tracking your keywords, but it’s also a great tool for finding out who your competitors are, conducting keyword research, and finding out about what other people are doing.

As we all know, businesses have been using SEO as a way to drive traffic to their online platforms for longer than a decade now. While SEO undoubtedly gives a competitive edge, the evolution of technology and the introduction of new ideas have made optimization more difficult.

In order to improve conversions, businesses are now using advanced optimization tools to lock their target audience. This brings users to advanced SEO tools for efficient search engine optimization. And Ranktracker is one of these with an advanced AI-based SEO tool that tracks web rankings, evaluates competition, and finds keywords for optimization.

So, in this guide, you will explore a detailed knowledge of the functions of Ranktracker. We have personally verified this SEO platform and we are shocked by the results. Every time we used this unique tool for planning and analysis, it offered us accurate insights from every stage. You can use this platform to extract high-traffic low competitive keywords for driving all potential consumers.

You can effortlessly enter specific keywords and track down how efficiently your site is ranking for those keywords. Ranktracker also enables you to conduct in-depth research about your competitions and find SEO errors with web audits. Nevertheless, this is an exclusive power-packed platform for all SEO optimizers. It seems simple yet robust for SEO needs.

So, let’s have a detailed peek into Ranktracker…


About Ranktracker

Ranktracker is an SEO tool offering you a ton of advantages at every stage of your campaigns. With the aid of Ranktracker, you can determine keywords that drive more audience to your online site. This tool further helps you in monitoring the relevance of chosen keywords for your web platform.

Users can also research their competitions to determine the best possible opportunities to gain rank. Last but not least, a web audit in Ranktracker enables you to determine SEO errors that slow down ranking progress.

Ranktracker stands as the right choice for every business to gain maximum online visibility. The key takeaways from Ranktracker include:

  • Keyword researching to gain optimized site traffic
  • Monitoring preferred keywords for website’s relevance
  • Access to keywords from a recent global database
  • Evaluation of phrase search volume
  • Competitor research
  • Achieving SEO metrics, and identification of fixes

Features of Ranktracker

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Ranktracker Features

Ranktracker being an efficient SEO tool, delivers you some of the most impressive features. These features break down SEO stages and provide ease in achieving ranking for your website.

Here, you are going to explore some exceptional features from Ranktracker. The features are categorized into four sections. All four sections are equally significant for optimizing websites.

1. Ranktracker

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Ranktracker SERP Checker

This is an outstanding feature that enables you to monitor your preferred keywords efficiently in site ranking. Users can also determine how well their site is ranking for the selected keywords. The feature lets you explore the most significant keyword opportunities by searching using a recent global database.

Once the search completes, you can enter preferred search phrases to see all relevant results. It includes determining the rank for long-tail keywords, industry-relevant keywords, and many more. The major help that you get out of this feature is determining low-traffic and high-traffic keywords. Ranktracker also supports you in achieving data on keyword interest over time. This visual data enables you to make the right selection of keywords.

2. Keyword Finder

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Ranktracker Keyword Research

SEO is all about making the right move with a precise set of keywords. Industry-relevant keywords deliver you a competitive edge and let you capture online visibility. Ranktracker is a great help in terms of keyword research. You can easily find out the keywords that will enable you to attract new visitors to your website.

Ranktracker always finds out keywords that appear in higher search volume. The universal database that it accesses for search phrases is ranked as per competitor’s usage. This offers an additional benefit for users to have healthy traffic with low competition. There are built-in alerts and visual information that spares you with time for an effective SEO strategy.

3. SERP Checker

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SERP Analyzer by Ranktracker

SERP checker is a feature in Ranktracker that enables you to search on competition using any search term. Competitor research is an inevitable part of search engine optimization. Based on the keywords that you choose, you can research the competition.

When you enter any search term, this feature will showcase you detailed search engine results. Based on the results, you can find suitable opportunities for ranking your website. In SEO, you also need to target several segments of the audience based on locations. SERP checker delivers localized keywords opportunities to target such an audience.

4. Web Audit Tool

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Ranktracker Website Audit Tool

Errors in your optimization strategy can slow down your progress. When running campaigns for achieving ranks, you need to keep track of SEO metrics and index statuses to make sure you are heading in the right way. Ranktracker’s web audit tool is a powerful feature that offers you visual metrics to determine the errors.

You can perform regular health checks on your SEO progress using authorities and link profile scores. Users can also evaluate their domain with extensive page crawling and find fixes in terms of importance. Web audit tool from Ranktracker impacts your progress by letting you rectify all your errors.


How Ranktracker Helps You In Ranking Your Website?

Quicker access to the best opportunities along with competitor analysis provides you an extra edge to rank higher at SERPs. Opportunities are easier to determine with keywords and metrics. Ranktracker is a platform delivering you all such features.

There are even some prodigious features in Ranktracker that make your SEO campaign a success. There are three approaches in which Ranktracker helps you rank your website. Let’s find out what exactly are those three approaches.

1. Help You With SEO Metrics

SEO metrics is a visual feature that allows you to track your progress with the keywords you are using. Ranktracker is proficient in terms of SEO metrics. It provides you statistics on the feature characteristics of your domain; You can track down keywords for their performance at SERPs.

Rank trackers analyze keywords to let you know which of them are high-traffic or low traffic. The platform refines the data and metrics with an extensive range of filters. With the help of filters, you can examine how keywords are helping you obtain ranks in several locations or across devices.

2. Assist You In Keeping An Eye On Your Competitors

In the battle of optimizing your website, you need to analyze your competitors first. A piece of knowledge about the strength and weaknesses of competitors always helps you strike with better strategies. Ranktracker is an efficient tool to take down your competitors using metrics. With the help of Ranktracker, you can determine keywords that are helping your top competitors rank higher.

The focus on competitors always enables users to explore the best opportunities to beat the competition. Competitors’ data on Ranktracker not only help you beat them. Instead, you can also keep an eye on them to maintain your ranking against them. You can filter and find out metrics to create strategies that help you drive more traffic.

3. Help You Find Keywords You Are Ranking For

SEO is unpredictable and full of astonishments. Sometimes success comes hidden in the existing strategies that you are unaware of. Apart from finding your keywords from global databases, Ranktracker also helps you reveal unplanned keywords yet offering your rank at SERPs. Ranktracker finds out phrases in your content that are helping you to rank.

You can use them in other links to generate more traffic.


Ranktracker – Plans and Pricing

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Ranktracker Lifetime Deal Pricing (AppSumo Deal)

Ranktracker is an affordable platform for all businesses to witness success overnight. The plans and pricing of this platform have always been fair, offering lifetime access to Ranktracker. The licenses in Ranktracker come segmented into four tiers.

They are selling their lifetime deal on AppSumo, All users must activate these licenses within 60 days of purchase to enjoy the features. If you are confused about a plan suitable for your business, here is a detailed comparison of all four planes that Ranktracker offers in its lifetime deal.

License Tier 1

The license tier 1 from Ranktracker is accessible for a lifetime deal. Users can get this plan with a one-time payment of $49.00. The license offers you features like unlimited users access, unlimited domain access, daily position update frequency, infinite scheduled reports, and actionable SEO tasks.

Users in this license can access 100 daily tracked keywords. Every domain will achieve 20 competitor research and 1000 monthly keyword lookups. In every search, this license will offer you 500 keyword suggestions, 500 SERP checks, and an evaluation of 10,000 pages every month. This plan is great for beginners who have less budget.

License Tier 2

The License Tier 2 will cost you around $99.00. This license tier also includes all compulsory features such as unlimited user access, multiple domain access, a daily update of position, performable SEO tasks, infinite schedules reports, keyword difficulty, keyword discovery, and many more. However, the plan offers you tracking of 200 keywords daily, 100 more than the previous plan. The competitor’s research remains the same, as you get 20 competition per domain in this plan.

Keywords lookup for a month is 1000 and is the same in contrast to the previous plan. The remaining benefits also remain the same which includes 500 keyword suggestions per search, 500 SERP checks, and 10,000-page audits every month. Increasing the limit for a daily tracked keyword is the only difference you achieve in this license tier. This plan is not for beginners. Businesses that want more keyword tracking daily for quicker optimization will need this license.

License Tier 3

Tier 3 is available at $ 199.00 that you need to pay once. Unlimited users, keyword difficulty, PPC savings, keyword finding, multiple domains are regular features accessible in this plan. Apart from that, users can witness a surge in daily keyword tracking. The plans offer you 500 daily tracking of keywords in contrast to other plans. Large businesses along with eCommerce sites can benefit from this plan.

Users can also achieve 20 competitor analyses per domain. Monthly keyword look-ups remain unchanged in this plan; Users can achieve 1000 monthly keyword lookups. Per search keyword suggestion is 500, SERP checks remain 500, and users can achieve 10,000-page evaluations. Businesses who desire more tracking of keywords regularly can find this plan useful.

License Tier 4

Tier 4 is a more premium plan available at $ 299.00 in a lifetime deal. The plan is suitable for all large businesses as it offers you 1000 daily keyword tracking. Users can access 20 competitors per domain. There are 1000 monthly keyword lookups; in this plan, users can achieve 500 keyword suggestions in every search, 5000 SERP checks, and 10000-page audits.

Daily keyword tracking is necessary for all businesses coming up with regular guest posts and other forms of content to gain backlinks from CDNs. In such cases, tier 4 is suitable that offers you extensive access to daily keyword tracking. You can track keyword performance for all your pages, posts, and sites.


Is Ranktracker The Perfect Alternative For SEMrush, Moz, And Mangools?

Ranktracker is an emerging platform with a wide range of features. Features and usability make it an excellent replacement for other platforms such as SEMrush, Moz, and Mangools. Web audit makes problem-solving easier. Users using Ranktracker can achieve audit tools with regular health checkups. This helps you find out hidden SEO mistakes and rectify them to boost progress.

It also offers SERP results from around the globe to help you conduct in-depth research about competitions. Ranktracker also has billions of databases that find out an extensive range of keywords perfect for your optimization. Along with the list of keywords, users can also access search volume and competition for keywords that make it better than other SEO platforms.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Still, have doubts? Here is a list of frequently asked questions and answers that might clear your confusion.

Q. What Is Ranktracker?

Ranktracker is a keyword tracking and rank tracking tool that gives you access to large databases that provide you keywords for your content and posts.

The tool is very useful for bloggers, entrepreneurs, and marketers as they can use it to produce quality content with optimized keywords.

Q. What Languages and Locations are Supported on Ranktracker?

Ranktracker supports all global languages and 69 locations. You can select your search location and language for the desired domain keywords in the keyword finder option.

The platform shows you 500 location-based keywords based on the language that you choose.

Q. What is Ranktracker Lifetime Deal?

Ranktracker offers a Lifetime deal that comes with four tiers of licenses with one-time payments of $49, $99, $199, and $299 respectively.

I recommend choosing license tier 4 as it has 1000 daily keyword tracking and 1000 monthly keyword lookups, 500 SERP checks, and 10,000-page audits.

Q. Which Devices are Compatible with Ranktracker?

Ranktracker is compatible with both mobile phones and computers. You will require an internet connection to use the platform.

You can use your smartphone to access web-based Ranktracker with an internet connection.

Wrapping Up!

In this article, I’ve talked about the lifetime deal of the ranktracker tool and its benefits. I highly recommend you to grab a license of this awesome tool from appsumo for your business position tracking on SERP.

There are a few other SERP tracker tools that are available on AppSumo at a similar price but ranktracker is a superior one with tons of useful features and benefits. It also helps you discover high-value keywords. The best part of this platform is it comes in a lifetime deal at an affordable rate.

So, don’t hesitate to check it out now by clicking on the button shown below.