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Still, sharing the wacky links?

It’s time to stop using them and get more into the pocket.

Introducing Pxl.to Lifetime Deal: Creating Dynamic Marketing Tools from Your Links

Pxl.to stands out as a revolutionary tool in the constantly changing world of digital marketing that goes beyond standard link-sharing.

Pxl.to helps organizations to make every connection matter by automatically converting standard links into dynamic, compelling marketing assets. This article explores how Pxl revolutionizes link sharing by providing branded, customizable experiences that grab readers’ attention and encourage interaction.

Learn how this cutting-edge technology makes your links more potent, amplifies your marketing efforts, and leaves a lasting impact on your audience—all while streamlining the process to a single, effective click.


  • Establish safe, branded linkages across your websites to gain the audience’s confidence.
  • Learn which material is popular based on indicators like licks, location information, and top traffic sources.
  •  Users can use this platform as the best alternative to Bitly and Rebrandly, 
  • GDPR compliant and the White label are well ensured here in the deal. 
  • Transforms the links into the powerful marketing tools

About Pxl.to 

Pxl.to stands out as a cutting-edge QR code maker and URL shortener created to take your marketing efforts to the next level. Pxl.t o was designed using serverless technology to guarantee continuous growth without concern for downtime or click limits. In addition to shortening your links, our dynamic platform gives you the tools to efficiently manage and monitor their performance.

You can track clicks and scans using Pxl.to, which gives you useful data about audience involvement. You may improve your plans by raising conversion rates and fine-tuning your marketing strategy thanks to the platform’s tracking tools.


Even after the content has been printed or delivered, Pxl.to still allows for customization. As opposed to conventional techniques, where printed links are fixed, Pxl.to gives you the ability to change the destination of your link after printing, guaranteeing that your marketing efforts are adaptable and responsive to changing demands.

 Pxl.to provides you the control you require, whether it’s modifying campaign destinations or fine-tuning your user journey.

Additionally, Pxl.to effortlessly incorporates the creation of QR codes, improving the usability of your marketing content. The quick scanning capabilities of the created QR codes provide opportunities for offline interaction and connection with your digital assets. Link sharing is reimagined by Pxl.to as a tactical tool to increase interaction, conversion, and engagement.

What makes the Pxl.to stand out among the rest? 

With its comprehensive suite of features and the promise of uninterrupted performance, Pxl.to emerges as an indispensable asset for marketers looking to optimize their efforts in the digital realm. Some of those tools make the px. stand out among its alternate: 

  • The use of server-less technology by Pxl.to assures continuous operation, removing worries about outages or click limits that might impede growth and marketing initiatives.
  • Pxl.to, in contrast to conventional link shorteners, lets you reroute URLs even after they have been shared. Your campaigns will be able to adjust in real-time to meet shifting aims and objectives thanks to this flexibility.
  • Pxl. to produce QR codes and condensed URLs invisibly. By improving accessibility and offline interaction, this connection makes it simpler for people to interact with your digital content.
  • Pxl.to offers comprehensive click and scan monitoring, providing information on user interaction. You may use this information to optimize your strategy for higher conversion rates and greater audience participation.
  • With Pxl.to, you can add branding components to your shortened links to improve brand recognition and trust while keeping a constant user experience.
  • Both tech-savvy marketers and people unfamiliar with link shortening and tracking may utilize Pxl.to’s platform since it is clear and simple to use.
  • Pxl.to was created exclusively with marketers in mind. With tracking, customization, and flexible link redirection, marketers can effectively design and manage campaigns.
  • Your offline materials will stay current and flexible with the flexibility to change link destinations after printing, providing your campaigns durability and reactivity.
  • Pxl.to places a high priority on protecting the privacy of user data, conducting all tracking and redirection within the platform to protect confidential data.
  • Pxl.to provides a cost-effective solution for companies of all sizes, from startups to corporations, with low pricing.

Features of Pxl. to 

Some of the amazing features of this Pxl.to LTD are as mentioned below : 

Lift engagement 

The “Lift engagement on every platform” function of Pxl.to is made to enable companies and people to improve their online engagement by building unique, memorable links that encourage viewers to click. With the help of this function, you can condense lengthy, convoluted URLs into brief, branded links that not only appear polished but also appeal to the interests of your target audience. You can encourage people to connect with your content and increase click-through rates by making your links simple to recall.

Your audience will have a smooth and engrossing experience when you distribute these links through a variety of channels, including social media, emails, and other online platforms. The possibility of consumers clicking on the reduced links rises thanks to their aesthetically appealing appearance and sense of trust.

Furthermore, Pxl.to enables you to monitor the effectiveness of these links over time. This monitoring function offers insightful data on click rates, user habits, and interaction patterns. With the use of this information, you may adjust your marketing tactics and improve your campaigns’ performance.

Pxl.to Lifetime deal

Furthermore, Pxl.to lets you change the destination of these connections as necessary. This flexibility guarantees that even after sharing a link, you may change its destination to stay pertinent to shifting objectives or situations. By keeping your shared material fresh and in line with business goals, this flexibility further improves user engagement.

To put it simply, Pxl.to’s “Lift engagement on every platform” function harnesses the potential of customization, tracking, and adaptation to develop a comprehensive approach to link sharing. You may successfully increase interaction across a variety of online channels by creating appealing connections that connect with your audience, tracking their effectiveness, and making necessary adjustments.

All your links in one location 

With Pxl.to’s “All your links in one location” function, you can manage all of your links from a single, intuitive dashboard. This tool centralizes your link management procedure. This function makes it easier and more efficient to handle all of your varied abbreviated and personalized URLs.

You may categorize your connections inside the dashboard to ensure simple navigation and rapid access to particular campaigns, projects, or goals. This categorization makes it simpler to manage a large number of connections, making it simpler to monitor your marketing efforts.

pxl.to links
pxl.to links

The dashboard also enables you to keep track of each link’s performance over time. You may learn more about indicators like conversion rates, audience engagement, and click-through rates. With the use of this information, you may evaluate the success of various connections and campaigns and improve your strategy through data-driven decision-making.

The dashboard on Pxl.to also makes it simple to set up UTM settings for your connections. These settings enable thorough monitoring and attribution information, giving you a better knowledge of the traffic sources for your links. This function is crucial for optimizing your marketing strategies and discovering the optimal distribution channels.

The “All your links in one location” feature of Pxl.to streamline the link management procedure by providing a consolidated dashboard for generating, classifying, tracking, and optimizing your connections. This all-inclusive solution improves your marketing efforts’ efficiency, coordination, and data-driven decision-making.

Understand the Engagement

pxl.to engagement
pxl.to engagement

Pxl.to gives you the tools you need to “Understand engagement” by revealing details on audience involvement. Every time a user clicks on one of your personalized links or scans a QR code, data is collected. You may learn a lot about what kind of material connects with your audience by evaluating this data. By having this knowledge, you can optimize campaigns and plans and decide where to focus your marketing efforts.

With Pxl.to’s data-driven methodology, you can customize your messaging, improve the quality of your material, and give priority to the platforms that generate the most interaction. By efficiently converting audience behavior into usable insights, this tool enables you to improve your marketing activities.

Build a microsite

The “Build a Microsite” function on Pxl.to enables users to build microsites, which are digital experiences designed just for mobile devices. These microsites offer a lively and interesting means of communicating with your audience. Consider them a more advanced iteration of the link-in-bio idea with endless creative and practical possibilities. With the help of this function, you may create and alter microsites that are suited to the persona, marketing initiatives, or particular goals of your company.

pxl.to microsite
pxl.to microsite

Rich information, eye-catching graphics, and engaging interactive components may all be found on each microsite, which acts as a specialized landing page for your audience. Microsites provide a flexible canvas to efficiently communicate information while giving an immersive experience reachable by a single link, whether it be presenting products, promoting events, sharing tales, or highlighting portfolio pieces.

Pxl. to Lifetime Deal – Plans and Pricing 

The terms and conditions of the pxl.to Lifetime deal are as mentioned below:

Terms and Conditions of the Pxl.to Lifetime Deal 

  •  Users will have access to all the features for their lifetime when they subscribe to the less exclusive 
  • All plans and updates are well ensured The details will be mapped to the new Plan name along with any related revisions if the Plan name changes.
  • Redeeming the code should be done within 60 days f the purchase of the deal 
  • Stacking of the 3 codes can be available
  • If you are a user who use appsumo previously and purchased the pxl .to, you can buy more codes such that you can increase the feature limits 
  • You can try this deal for 2 months and in case of any inconvenience you can get your money back within 60 days. 

Tier 1 License 

The most economical and appropriate option is Pxl.to’s Plan 1, which is designed for small enterprises and fundamental projects looking for a reliable yet affordable platform. This tier provides access to a full range of tools because it includes all the features mentioned above. You may create an infinite number of shortened links with Plan 1 and receive an unlimited number of monitored hits each month.

Additionally, this package supports up to 20 team members, fostering cooperation. You have access to 20 custom domains, so you can keep your internet presence recognizable and consistent.

Additionally, Plan 1 gives you the ability to track up to 2,000 bespoke events per month, providing you with the knowledge required to efficiently enhance your marketing campaigns. In a nutshell, Pxl.to’s Plan 1 is the ideal starting point for small enterprises since it offers all the necessities for effective link management and tracking.

Tier 2 License

Pxl.to’s Plan 2 gives an improved choice with improved features and cutting-edge functions that support expanding projects and enterprises. Plan 2 has all of the aforementioned elements and builds on what the first tier had to offer. This plan gives you the ability to create an infinite number of shortened links, along with an unlimited number of monitored clicks per month. The presence of 50 team members encourages fluid communication and facilitates bigger teams.

Additionally, 50 custom domains may be used to define your brand identity, guaranteeing uniform branding across all links. Plan 2 expands the ability to track up to 5,000 custom events every month, giving you more information about how engaged your audience is.

This tier is the best option for growing works and enterprises looking to make use of cutting-edge solutions for efficient link management and tracking thanks to the addition of team sharing and permissions as well as API access.

Features included in all plans 

  • Customizable QR codes 
  • Retargeting pixels 
  • Bulk import for easy migration 
  • Invite team members 
  • Team sharing and permissions 
  • API Access 

Tier 3 License 

The best option is Pxl.to’s Plan 3, which is designed for large businesses looking for unmatched features and capabilities. Plan 3 goes above and above, incorporating all the characteristics that were previously described. This level gives users the freedom to create an infinite number of shortened links along with an unlimited number of monitored clicks per month. It promotes seamless team cooperation throughout big businesses by supporting an infinite number of team members.

Additionally, you may create a unique brand identity across an infinite number of custom domains. Plan 3 gives you the freedom to examine audience behavior in great detail thanks to its limitless custom events tracking each month. Notably, this grade offers editable QR codes that improve interaction with unique images. 

Target audiences may be reached with more accuracy thanks to the integration of retargeting pixels in marketing campaigns. Pxl.to’s Plan 3 is the pinnacle of advanced link management, making it the best option for large companies looking to take advantage of a wide range of capabilities.

Our suggestion 

Plan 2 stands out as the best option among the three Pxl.to packages for several convincing reasons. Plan 2 achieves the perfect blend between price, improved tools, and convenience. It is cost-effectiveness and extensive functionality makes it a desirable choice for companies looking to upgrade their link management and tracking methods without going over their budgets.

Plan 2 encourages growth and cooperation with greater team member permissions, custom domains, and custom event tracking. A level of ease that is essential for smooth operations is added by the addition of team sharing, permissions, and API access. Additionally, it can scale up to meet the demands of growing enterprises.

In conclusion, Plan 2 offers a complete package that appeals to expanding companies and organizations looking for an all-encompassing but affordable solution.

Wrapping Up 

Pxl.to emerges as a game-changing solution that converts link sharing into a smart marketing asset in the digital world where every connection counts. Pxl.to offers a dynamic approach that helps businesses to attract their audience and increase interaction thanks to its creative features, from adjustable link redirection to seamless QR code integration.

Pxl.to’s tiered plans accommodate a range of demands, whether you’re a tiny business, expanding company, or sizable corporation. They provide a complete range of tools that boost your marketing efforts. 

Sharing links becomes a precise art because of its user-friendly interface, scalability, and devotion to data protection, which improves brand awareness, increases conversion rates, and redefines how you interact with your audience.

Pxl.to acts as a catalyst for efficient link management, ensuring that each click counts in your quest for online success.