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Have you ever heard of a grocery shop selling all the items such as clothes, electronics, and medical services? Definitely a big no! The all-in-one concept might not be applicable at all times and is almost impossible to find.

Well, it is less than impossible on the horizon of the virtual world and platforms. It might sound confusing, right? Get ready to be surprised that there is a platform for businesses that will do all the work for handling to management.

“So, you are saying that there might be a system which will not only let me collaborate with the clients but will also manage the projects, handle the clients, and most of all tracking of the time that though in the same place?” Yes, you heard it right.


A platform of variation, a system for versatility, and an integration tool with applications such as google docs, Figma, and frame, is a system for the overall automation of the business and its management. Whether you are a business person, content creator, or owner of an online platform, this system is just for you.

So, have a detailed look at this platform and study for yourself its importance in the growth of the business.


  • Helps the users manage project tasks from discussions, files, payments, and time tracking.
  • Woks best fr the conneccion of google docs, inision and Airtable.
  • Regarded as the best platform for marketing agencies, project managers, and small businesses.
  • This can be called the best alternative to asana and Trello.
  • Shows a fast and immediate integration to the stripe and zapier.

About the appsumo deal, appsumo lifetime deal, lifetime deal, ltd

A platform for everything and the platform for growth, is a tanned web application or a virtual p platform which is basically used as the most convenient method for projection management in terms of the office and business run online.

Among all the useful features, the most useful one is letting the users collaborate with the clients and manage the projects. Requesting payments has become the most convenient with this tool.

Diving deep into these features, is the platform offering everything which is required for managing the client work with the help of one place and method. So don’t worry about the loss of track doing any kind of important task again and keep updated with this incredible ltd.

Whether it is about discussions, tasks, files, or about notes for any kind of project and initing of the team and clients, this platform will let you collaborate with the help of one dashboard.

Additionally, there are many things about the platform that allure many users like us. From tracking the hours for each kind of project to requesting payments from the required clients, has made it very easy for the client.

Now within the tip of the finger, the creation of the project, along with the management and assignment, is getting much more reliable. Specify the task and rang the data, and see the magic of

As teamwork is an essential part of any business and ensures it in an efficient way. You can now assign the tasks to your team and can upload the files for the whole tea to see. One is also allowed to add comments to the tasks for the individual.

It will make sure that everyone in the tea is doing the task properly in a manner without missing any part at the correct time. All these features make this deal more attractive. LTD, a Deal Not to Miss?

Finding a platform that will do all the crucial tasks for you as an assistant. Tons of features and variable functionalities are in one place, making the deal the need of the time and successful in attracting one of the members. Among tons of functionalities and assistance by the platform, it makes this deal a must for the time. Some precise reasons are as follows:

  • Let the users assign the task accordingly to the whole group and add comments.
  • Tracking of the progress among the teams, including the multiple views and calendars, are very smooth here in the
  • No need to use a separate chat tool as one can use the built-in discussion tool for collaborating with the whole team.
  • Adding the files, using emoji reactions, replying to the comments, and tagging the people using the same thread are done swiftly.
  • The reply to the comments you give directly or through email, they will be posted automatically on the discussion feed.
  • Now the users will be allowed to be connected with their favorite tools and can streamline their workflows swiftly.
  • Embedding tools such s google docs, incision boards, and Figma files ensure access to them in one location.
  • The modular design of this tool makes sure that the users will e able to build their project design in any way without the need for any complex layout and hidden settings.

As mentioned above, the is the epitome of perfection in terms of the virtual world ad the management of the business control over it. The best project management tool will do everything for you ranging from teamwork to time tracking. Re-studying all these features once again, so think for yourself if you want to miss this golden opportunity or not.

Features of appsumo deal, appsumo lifetime deal, lifetime deal, ltd
Features of

The most important aspect of this deal is its incredible features and user functionalities. Whether it is about notes, discussion page privacy, or embedding, each feature plays a significant role in the project handling ad better experience. Some of those features are as mentioned:


For any platform to grow and any business to prosper, discussions and public opinions matter the most. But the project management platform which will offer you these functions is a rare case but with an amazing everything is ensured to the best.

That means one of the most prominent features of the is the access to chat with your project team and can check out the history of what is happening. appsumo deal, appsumo lifetime deal, lifetime deal, ltd

From real-time conversations to the upload of the files and the links, the ensures it all and make to enhance the better group interface. After you enter the discussions page, you will find the people inquiring about their queries and comments ad with this amazing tool from the users will be able to reply to it with everyone seeing.

Also additionally, if you reply to any email through this tool, it will automatically be displayed in the comment section with the profile information for the references.

Task Management

Another crucial feature of the lifetime deal which makes it famous all around the web, is the management of the task and the overall project. This feature is responsible for the management of the task across all the projects handled by the and will let you understand what should be done and when. appsumo deal, appsumo lifetime deal, lifetime deal, ltd
Task Management

From the handling of recurring tasks and multiple views, this tool will handle everything. For example, lets us assume that you are designing a storyboard as a task; then, the front screen will show you this dialog box with which you will be able to create the illustrations, set up the board, and share the items with the client in a faster way.

From the second task, users will be allowed to navigate t the specific task and easy tasks that are done as well. If you go to the right section of the page, you will find out the details of the tasks and will be able to add new ones in case you need them.


Doing any project in the team and not being able to connect with the required platform or embedding is quite scary. But you won’t have to worry about it with the help of the

With the help of these amazing features from this platform, users will be able to embed any other tools which we use so that they will be able to access everything they need from the project you are working on. appsumo deal, appsumo lifetime deal, lifetime deal, ltd
Embeds Your Video

There are many tools within this system that you can work on. For example, using other tools for the same, embed almost everything to many more. Whether it is about google docs, youtube videos, or sheets, one click and you will have access to anything.

The whole process is quite simple and easy. Just click on the embed tool and type a name for it and add the URL of that website. Now use that tool with this embedding and collaborate in a much easier way than before.


Notes, markings, and the command menu are a crucial part of the project and are becoming the need of time. With the help of our advanced user interface, the, now adding the notes for the most important information is getting easy with time.

And handling projects is done quite efficiently. The tools such as slick notes editor, powerful integrated tools, and command menu allies many.

To be precise about this deal, there is a different section here in the platform called notes. This is where you will be able to save and collect all the necessary information about the project, along with the embedding tools.

You can add your contact info, project details, and additional design information, which plays a huge role in the better experience of the project. Lifetime Deal – Plan & Pricing appsumo deal, appsumo lifetime deal, lifetime deal, ltd
Plan and Pricing of ltd

Before going into any plans and deals, knowing about the terms and conditions is a crucial factor for which the data for the appsumo deals are listed below:

Terms & Conditions of All plans

  • Users will have a lifetime cess to
  • All the future plans and agencies are ensured well.
  • Redeeming the code should be done within 60 days of purchase.
  • Users will have unlimited access to stacks.
  • All the precious appsumo users will be granted new features and limits.
  • After the new code is stacked, the deal will grant 10 team members and 100 GB of total storage.

After these terms and conditions, the detailed study of the plan and pricing is mentioned below. You can study all of them and choose one as per your need.

Tier 1 License

The most basic plan of all is a tier 1 license from the is the plan which will offer the users the most basic form of features for anyone entering into the business.

No doubt that the plan will offer all the general and common features of the deal, which might be different as per the need, such as unlimited collaborators, and unlimited projects, including chats, payments, and notes.

What impresses the most of the users is its affordable rate of only $59, and this deal will make sure that the project can hold up to 5 team members who can work together. Similarly, the 50 GB of total team storage and custom branding alludes to the whole market as well.

Because of all these incredible features, such as custom domain, email, and white labeling, this deal is top-notch.

Tier 2 License

Room for lots of features, tier 2 license of this is the intermediate of these three licenses and is a pocket-friendly deal with amazing characteristics. The fact that 10 team members will be allowed in this deal for only $ 118 proves the fact that this deal acts as a bridge between you and customer satisfaction.

The common features such as kanban view, files, and unlimited tasks make the deal a quest-like thing. And because of these functionalities of custom branding, custom domain, email, and white labeling, a tier 2 license will be a must for anyone who wants the best in a limited price range.

Common Features Included in All Plans

  • Unlimited collaborators
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited tasks
  • All project and tasks views
  • Chats
  • Payments
  • Notes
  • Time tracking
  • Kanban view

Tier 3 License

The most expensive one of all, this deal is an owner in terms of finance. At $177, the platform will offer you all the common features such as unlimited projects, unlimited tasks, and all project and task views, including the kanban view and time tracking. These are just for a starter, as this deal is full of opportunities.

That means after the purchase of this deal. The users will be able to handle up to 15 team members in total with the Availability of 150 Gb o the total team storage. No doubts that the system will handle the custom branding, domain, email, and white labeling.

And because of these limitless opportunities, the platform will be the best choice for you if you want to expand the business to a higher level.

✍Our suggestion!

It is a fact that one should always choose the license based on their needs and demands. But there are cases when the users are confused and are in a rush to choose one for their business or businesses. In that scenario, we suggest you go for the second deal which is a tier 2 license that is full of features in the medium price range.

Not only will the users have access to all the common features and additional ones for just $118, but they will also be able to enjoy all the unlimited features of unlimited projects and tasks. With 10 team members and 100 Gb of data storage, the platform adds shine to the whole project. This is why if you want any kind of suggestion for choosing one, go for the tier 2 license.

Wrapping Up!

Now for the synonym for the word diversity and versatility, could be the best answer! Wonder why? I guess why not.

The best online project management tool which will work for the best users so that they don’t have to suffer any kind of issues can be regarded as the management of the projects, collaboration with the clients, and, moreover, requesting payments.

Finding a tool that will handle everything for you, from scheduling the projects, assigning the tasks, and receiving the payments, is quite a difficult task. But the is the one for you and made for you. Creators have tried their best so that you will be offered the best services for the business.

Basically, is another name for perfection and assurance to the whole business mind so that they can take their business to the next level.