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Get Pixelied lifetime deal and design stunning visuals for any project in minutes. Create beautiful designs, logos, and illustrations with this easy-to-use online graphic design software. Get Pixelied lifetime deal and get lifetime access today.

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Let us play a game! What makes anything about the website, blogs, advertisements, etc. Attractive and appealing the most?

Fonts? videos? Pictures? Animations? Hmm, technically, Graphics? Yes, exactly? No matter whether you are talking about developing a good poster or developing a good web page, graphics play a huge role. It has the power to make anything more alluring to the viewers instantly.

And hiring a graphics designer at the present time costs a lot which is why we need a platform that is primarily focused on working with photos, icons, and designs, basically graphics. This is why Pixelied enters the race!

Alternative to your photoshop issues, pixelied is a web platform that works for the creation of scroll-stopping graphics virtually, including all the full features with an easy user interface. Affordable price, all the required features, easy to use, what else do we need for the best outcomes?

Give Pixelied one chance and witness your work. Business touching the sky.


  • Helps the users to create designs with the help of more than 25 ready-made formats.
  • Gives access to millions of stocks, including illustrations, icons, and photos.
  • Regarded as the best alternative to canvas, Picmonkey, and Venngage.
  • Assists the users in inviting, sharing, and collaborating on the designs with the team members in multiple workspaces.
  • People like social media marketers, digital agencies, and content creators are highly benefited from this platform.

About the Pixelied

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About Pixelied

Being brief about the platform, pixelied is the website of variability and reliability moreover the perfection. Precisely, pixelied can be called a new, advanced, and feature-rich design tool which is used for its rich library containing templates, icons, photos, illustrations, and many more features working in the field for making the graphics-related work better for us.

Pixelied had made sure that we don’t need to suffer any kind of lag in these kinda works. Pixelied is itself an inspiration for the graphics. That means once you have subscribed to the Pixelied lifetimes deal, you will instantly get the tailored and expensive ready-made professional template in more than 25 formats.

Moreover, the outcomes will be more desirable as the platform offers click-and-point functionalities making editing easy for the users.

There is the availability of many tools such as color palettes, color pickers, shadows, borders,s and layers which makes you stand out in the world of designs and make the work even more unique. how to do it! Simple as ABC, you will only need to select the template and add some customizations, and boom, a new design is in front of you.

Many additional features make this lifetime deal even more worth it for the users. It will help you to spice up your works with the use of the giant library, including millions of stocks of icons that can be used for both personal and professional use.

Now add the text styles, elements, and icons as per your need and generate the best graphics without any technical issues and add the spark to your brand with Pixelied ltd.

What Makes Pixelied the Best Choice?

As we are already studied earlier about some of the alternatives of the pixelied lifetime deal. So there might be something special about this platform that makes it stand out among the first and makes it the best choice for graphics-related work.

There are many special tools and functionalities within the pixelied for your work and the best outcomes. These are features which play a major role in making it the best choice of all.

  • Pixelied lets you edit the images with the help of professional filters and effects, including brightness, blur and contrast, and sepia.
  • The workspaces allow the users to organize and manage the projects all in one place.
  • Each of the workspaces includes in own designs, colors of the brand, and the folders of the team.
  • Can invite the members of the team to your made workspace and work together with collaboration making the work interactive.
  • Using advanced machine learning, it lets you remove the background for any kind of image in a single click.
  • Within the background, you can use a variety of editing tools to add new colors and elements.
  • Had established this tool as the standalone feature with no trips.
  • Helps you add your own vectors with the programs such as photoshops.

The new problem, pixelied had all features to solve it. This platform had made sure to remove all the existing problems which can arise due to graphics-related works. So this is why pixelied had established itself as the best choice among the people who want to have the nonaffected and the fastest methods for solving the issues and getting the best outcomes.

Templates Offered by Pixelied

Pixelied has tons of features to offer to users. Among the ready-made and professional templates offered by the platform, the best designs of the content can be called one of the most crucial ones. With the help of these templates, users can solve a ton of time that could be taken from creating one. The templates offered are as below;

  • Facebook
  • Facebook post
  • Facebook post cover
  • Facebook profile cover
  • Facebook story
  • Facebook ad
  • Instagram
  • Instagram story
  • Instagram ad
  • Instagram post
  • Ecommerce hero image
  • Book covers
  • Banner ads
  • Quotes
  • Twitch
  • Categories
  • Art and craft
  • Attorney and law
  • Agriculture
  • Business and consulting
  • Fashion and beauty
  • Finance and insurance etc
  • Pinterest
  • Linkedin

These are just the basics for the templates of the Pixelied. There are lists of those, and once you have created the account, you will able to access each of those and create the design you want.

Features of Pixelied

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Features of Pixelied

Different features are available in the platform, which helps in major formats for generating the best quality graphics for you all. Some of those features are mentioned below:

Photo Enhancer

Out of many amazing tools from pixelied ltd, one of the most useful features is the new and free photo enhancer tool. This tool is responsible for helping you to scale the images by using this tool which works by increasing the dimensions of the images without hampering or lowering the quality in a few steps.

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Photo Enhancer

No more complications and no more technical issues, the easy user interface if the pixelied the users to enlarge the images in 4 simple steps. At first, you should either upload the image or drag and drop the image to the photo enhancer tool in the pixelied in png or jpg format.

Then, you can customize the images as you want. Now for the enlargement, click on the download option and select one of the options from 2x,3x, or 4x as per your want size. Now, after downloading, you get the desired image in the enlarged condition.

Adding Background

Another important and useful feature of the platform is the customization of the images. There is a feature saying background adder, which lets the user add the background to the images as per your need and lets you customize within some clicks.

Adding the background is very easy here, and you can make it attractive by editing with the options such as filters, effects, crop, and rotate.

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Adding Background

4 simple steps, and now you edited images with the new background in front of you. As usual, first, upload your background images or drag and drop the image you want to edit to the editor in the jpg format or the png format. After the upload, you can position the background by managing the images.

Now use the various customization tools available in the format, saying filters, blur, crop, shadow, and rotate. There are many other tools as well with which you can make the image attractive. Now hit the download button and extract the image in the desired format.

Merge Images

In addition to the list of features, the merging tool from pixelied plays a huge role in the editing of the images and the graphics design world. This tool will help the user to merge the different images in less than a minute with the assistance of the pixelied image combiner tool.

It is responsible for the blending of two or more ideas which results in improving the design’s composition and generates a new perspective.

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Merge Images

The same 4 steps from the pixelied and you will get the dynamic and the unique design from the combination of these images. Starting the basics with the upload of the images or dragging and dropping the images to the editor in the format of png and jpg.

Now the option saying layers button should be clicked, and this will let you edit the images by bringing one image to the forward and another to the background. Now that this work is done, you can customize the images using tools such as adding text, borders, icons, and some special effects. Now that the editing is done download the edited and merge it in the format you want.

Blend Two Images

The benefits from the pixelied are limitless. There are several features from the platform which in making the images and the quality even better. Among those fantastic features, the blending of the images is one. Use the handy blending tool from the website and blend two images so that you can create a required overlay.

Creation of this surreal imagery can be done within minutes in just some steps. At first, there is no doubt that you should upload the two stock images you want to merge in the editor. Now that they are uploaded, click on the filters option of the top bar on the editor and scroll down to the advanced mode.

Now select the different blend modes available to you and apply them to your images. Now your images are blended, creating an attractive look. Finally, download your image in the required format.

Pixelied Lifetime Deal – Plan & Pricing

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Plan and Pricing of Pixelied

There are 3 different types of plans and pricing available for the pixelied lifetime deal. With a brief study of these, you will be able to distinguish among them and select the ones that your need. Let’s study them below:

Tier 1 License

Tier 1 is the most and most license of this pixelied Lifetime deal. Being the most basic one, the price of this deal is very cheap at $49 and affordable in comparison to any other deals here.

Users get confused sometimes because of the limitation of the features because of the price but dont worry, all the features from all plans are ensured here. Where it is about access to all the templates, premium icons, and illustrations, you won’t miss anything.

Similarly, after the purchase of this deal, users will have access to unlimited numbers of downloads and storage. Access to unlimited features is ensured too. More than 3 million stock photos and 5 workspaces make the deal even more attractive in its price range. But remember, only 1 team member can use the deal, including 20 background remote credits. Because of all these features, this plan works best for the price and range.

Tier 2 License

Similarly, diving next to another incredible deal from the pixelied. The affordable price of $98, and an unlimited supply of the features such as illustrations, mockups, resize, and icons make this deal one of the most alluring and best choices for anyone who dreams of expanding to a great level.

There are things to be remembered for this plan as only 2 members ensure within this license. So if you work with the partnership business, then this deal is top-notch for you. In the same way, unlimited downloads, storages, and folders already make this deal better, but what makes it best is the availability of more than 3 million stock photos and 10 workspaces.

Terms & Conditions of the Pixelied Appsumo Deal

  • Users will have lifetime access to Pixelied ltd
  • With this platform, up to 5 codes can be stacked easily.
  • You should redeem your code within 60 days of purchase.
  • If you face any kind of issues and dissatisfaction, you can always have your money back within 60 days of purchase.
  • All plans and updates are properly insured.

Tier 3 License

It might be the last one, but ti deal is the most advanced, a little pocket unfriendly because of $147 but one with the best schemes along with it. Tier 3 license comes with no doubt all the general plan features which include access to all templates, mockups, and illustrations. Users will ha eth cess to all the features you will witness on the official website.

What impresses most of the users is the presence of 25 workspaces along with 35 background removal credits for each month. 2 team members can this platform in the same way for any kind of collaboration and will have access to use more than 3 million stock photos for designing any kind of content swiftly. Want to take your work to a great level, this deal is the one.

✍Our suggestion!

Pixelied Ltd is full of opportunities and perfection. So, in general, any deal that meets your requirement will be the ideal choice. If we have to suggest one for the quick rush, we recommend you go for the second tier 2 license. As the pricing is comparatively less and the number of team members is which is same for the third one, you will be o save some cash.

And, availability of 10 workshops along with more than 3 million stock photos makes this deal kind of a perfectionist. So if your work is in kind of an intermediate form, then make this deal yours as soon as possible.

Wrapping Up!

Planning to be a pro in graphics design? Want to shock your professor in college by making the best presentation? Then, Pixelied should be with you ASAP.

A platform that will assist you in generating the usually impressive graphics content in seconds with access to a huge library full of interaction and premade templates.

Open the website, make your account and choose the one you like. Here, your results are in front of you within seconds.

Pixelied will make sure to satisfy the customers with its easy user interface and appealing content such as banner social media posts, ads, thumbnails, or everything. Now invite your team members and enjoy this new design work with your mates. Only with Pixelied!