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Are you looking for the Pagemaker lifetime deal? If yes, then this article is for you. Below we have shared everything you need to know about Pagemaker, we also explained its all features and editing options.

As we all know, companies have been utilizing lots of SEO techniques to generate potential leads to their digital platforms for more than a decade. While SEO provides a competitive advantage, technological advancements and the advent of fresh concepts have made optimization more challenging. A lot is also spent on tracking the search engine result page or SERP.

Organizations are now employing complex optimization technologies to lock in their intended market to boost conversions. The visitor gets directed towards the target or landing pages. Pagemaker is a landing page designing tool featuring sophisticated features which help you create a landing page in place of InstaPages and LeadPages.

Who Says Creating Landing Pages is Difficult?

Using Pagemaker, you can now create visually appealing landing pages that provide you with a code-free method for creating high-converting landing pages to get better sales.

Create eye-catching, mobile-first landing pages to increase conversions and income. Using the sophisticated capabilities available on e-commerce platforms, you may expand your client base and achieve sales that you have always desired. You will never regret buying this lifetime deal.


About Pagemaker

Pagemaker provides several benefits at every step of your campaign. With the help of Pagemaker, you can use built-in analytics that will generate more traffic to your website. Pagemaker also assists get better results using different features such as Google Fonts, third-party integration, webhook integration, etc.

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Pagemaker, which is also developed for easing out your eCommerce needs. It enables Amazon sellers to easily construct landing pages (also known as sales pages) for lead generation. You may then promote these web pages to potential consumers through different channels such as social media, mail, blogs, or by driving traffic through Facebook and Google Ads, among several others.

Pagemaker is the right choice for you and your business as it will help you to perform better in an online world, as it provides:

  • 50+ market tested
  • Landing page templates
  • Built-in SEO tools
  • Dashboard Modules
  • Many editing features
  • Timer, Pop-Up facilities

…and a few more.


Features of Pagemaker

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Features of Pagemaker

As an effective landing page generation tool, Pagemaker provides you with some of the most amazing capabilities. These features simplify the process of attaining better lead generation for your website by bringing up some nice tricks.

Like, the mobile-first editor in Pagemaker ensures that your designs are responsive on any device by automatically adapting your modifications for desktops, laptops, and tablets.

This drives traffic from all the sources increasing sales and introducing your services or product to potential clientele. You will learn about some of Pagemaker’s outstanding features in this section.

1. Conversion Optimized Premade Sections

Including over 50+ market-tested designs to pick from, you’ll be able to quickly create eye-catching, high-converting landing pages or sales funnel.

After you’ve chosen the best template for your company, you can customize it with unique text, photos, colors, fonts, and formatting. This is going to help you with conversions.

2. High Converting Landing Page Templates

Pagemaker’s capabilities do not end with templates. In addition, you will receive over 300+ modules to pick and mix. Edit anything in your landing page using these design tools to ensure you’re seen on top results of any search engine.

If coding is your cup of tea, you can even personalize your landing page by adding some touches with JC and CSS to your landing page.

3. 100+ Editing Options

The editor in Pagemaker ensures the designs are pretty responsive and looks pretty awesome. You can edit your landing page with these editing options and create a unique-looking page for your website. Pagemaker offers you complete control over your design. You can design your dream page.

What you have to do is to drag the particular element to your page. You can edit the padding, margin, style, alignment, font, font size, color, background color, line spacing, and everything you want to do. You can also make your page look different on different screen sizes.

4. Full Campaign Analytics and Dashboard Module

Pagemaker keeps your business running smoothly by providing analytics dashboards for each landing page that shows how your campaigns are doing in real-time. You can also see how many visitors have visited your page.

It is also easy to keep track of your discount codes and lead data, as well as other page vitals in this section. You can also track how many people are interested in your campaign by seeing the analysis of that particular campaign. With the dashboard, you will completely control your landing page, delivering the best experience to your audience.

5. Email Captures, Pop-Ups, and Countdown Timers

You can convert visitors into buyers by displaying product highlights and testimonials or building buzz around a new launch using a countdown timer. You can also add pop-ups to your page with the help of this.

When a visitor is redirected towards your page, you want them to sign-up for your newsletter, and the best way to do this is by getting their email address, this is called email capture with the help of forms and other exciting methods.

Countdown timers for a special sale or launch add a thrill to your product, so ensure that you use that to your advantage as you can add a countdown timer to your landing pages, improving upon your sales.

6. Lightning-Fast Hosting with CDN Optimization

You can add custom JavaScript and CSS to customize the backend. Also, don’t get concerned about all the incoming traffic crashing your page. The masses will be easily handled using Pagemaker’s lightning-fast hosting.

Moreover, with high-performance DNS and other features, CDN optimization will improve. This will allow you to have a more dynamic content delivery.


Plan and Pricing

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Pagemaker Lifetime Deal Pricing

Pagemaker is a low-cost platform that allows all businesses to achieve quick success. This platform’s plans and price have always been reasonable, with lifetime access to Pagemaker included. Pagemaker licenses are at different levels.

If you’re unsure which plan is best for your company, here’s a thorough comparison of all four planes available through Pagemaker’s lifetime Package.

License Tier 1

Pagemaker lifetime deal license tier 1 is available for a one-time fee of $69.00. The license includes features such as unlimited user access, unlimited traffic for your page, and 15 current campaigns, all of which will be extremely beneficial to you. It also includes 5 subaccounts, 5 team members, and 5 custom domains.

This license is best for you if you are an individual who has just started working. After purchasing, if you are unsatisfied with Pagemaker, you can claim a refund within 60 days from the date of purchasing.

License Tier 2

License Tier 2 will cost you at least around $149.00. All mandatory features, such as unlimited user access, are also included in this licensing category. It also provides you with unlimited traffic and active campaigns. It also grants access to 25 subaccounts, 25 team members, and 25 custom domains.

The only change with this licensing category is that the daily limit gets increased. This is not a beginner’s plan. This license is mainly required for businesses that wish to optimize their operations more quickly.

License Tier 3

License Tier 3 is available for $249.00, which is payable only once. This is more similar to a premium plan for you. This contains all of the features of the pro plan. It gives you an unlimited amount of traffic and active campaigns as the previous tier. Furthermore, it grants access to a total number of sub-accounts and team members.

Users of this plan can obtain up to 125 custom domains as well. This license is best for agency owners and those who run a big business and run hundreds of marketing campaigns every day.

License Tier 4

The License Tier 4 of Pagemaker will cost you around $399 for a lifetime. It comes with all the pro plan features. There is no limit on traffic, no matter how many visitors visit your page. You are free to create unlimited numbers of campaigns and connect up to 225 custom domains.

Another advantage of this plan is that you can also add unlimited team members. We recommend you purchase this plan if you have a large business or digital marketing agency.

License Tier 5

Pagemaker License Tier 5 is quite similar to Tire 4 license. The only difference between those licenses is the number of custom domains. In License Tier 5, you can connect up to 350 custom domains.

The other features include all Pro plan features, unlimited traffic, unlimited active campaigns, unlimited sub-accounts, and unlimited team members. This license will cost you around $599 for a lifetime.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Still, have doubts in your mind? Here’s a selection of frequently asked questions and answers that could help clear things up.

1. What is Pagemaker?

Pagemaker is optimized and designed to increase sales of your items. If you’re using any of the selling pages for your goods on Amazon, you’ll need a landing page that communicates the product’s merits. Pagemaker allows you to accomplish this in the most appealing way imaginable.

This will boost traffic to your online goods, resulting in greater sales, higher rankings, more reviews, and an increase in your customer email list. Pagemaker can work with product-based landing sites.

Final Words

Pagemaker lifetime deal and its perks are the best for your business. We strongly advise you to get a license for this fantastic tool from APPSUMO for your business. Use all the fantastic features available in those plans to design awesome landing pages and grow your business.

It also assists you in working with the mobile-first website designing, lightning-fast load speeds, CDN network, SSL security, Campaign Analytics, Workspaces or sub-accounts, Export pages, Native forms/lead storage, Custom domains, and webhook Integrations. The best aspect about this is that you are getting a lifetime deal at a reasonable price.

So don’t wait for anything and go check it out now.