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Ocoya is the best social media management tool that assists you in getting more engagement, generating more traffic & followers, or growing your following by publishing content automatically or on schedule.

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Are you thinking of purchasing Ocoya Lifetime Deal on AppSumo but confused about it? If yes, then this article is for you. Below in this article, we have shared everything you need to know about Ocoya LTD.

In today’s world, social media presence for any business has become very important. It is an outstanding way to advertise your product or services and increase sales. With social media, you can provide your business a better exposure. Because of various benefits, all businesses are shifting towards online marketing.

There are not one or two social media platforms, but quite a few like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. And all of them are equally important. You can find all the big and small businesses having accounts on almost all the mentioned platforms.

Of course, managing and keeping track of all the social media accounts becomes quite tricky. Many tools are available to help you schedule posts and manage your social media handles entirely, but they do not ease your work. They take a lot of time, are quite challenging to master, and are expensive also.

So, what if we tell you that you can effortlessly manage all of your content marketing in one place using the affordable tool called Ocoya. Yes, with Ocoya, things have become more accessible than ever. Currently, AppSumo is offering a lifetime deal on Ocoya. Read this article carefully to know more about Ocoya LTD.

About Ocoya

Ocoya is the best tool for you working as a social media manager or managing your own multiple social media accounts. This tool helps you create and manage high-converting marketing campaigns. Talking more about it, Ocoya is an all-in-one AI-powered platform that lets you schedule marketing campaigns and receive analytics.

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Ocoya Lifetime Deal

It is not just about managing social media accounts. And this tool also helps you create amazing social media posts. With this marketing solution, you don’t have to worry about managing more than one or two social media accounts; Ocoya helps you do it all without putting in much effort.

You can also create amazing graphics with the help of Ocoya’s inbuilt graphics designing tool, which entirely works like Canva. You can create attractive graphics on your own, or you can also choose and customize from hundreds of predesigned templates.
With Ocoya’s pre-built image and video templates, you can create professional graphics in just a few minutes. It has various intriguing features that help you make out the best of your content. Instead of getting different tools for different purposes, you can get Ocoya and get all the work done in one place.

So, Isn’t Ocoya the best tool for your business? Some of the notable features of Ocoya that makes it one of the outstanding marketing solutions are:

  • It supports all the channels, even future ones too.
  • Have more than 10,000+ ready-made templates.
  • You can use Travis-AI to generate engaging captions.
  • Jubbly.AI for shortening URLs.
  • Have unlimited storage, so there is no worry of getting short of space.

and many more…

What is Travis AI?

Writing content, social media posts, blogs, or marketing captions for your social media account or website is a lot of work. It requires time and brainstorming to generate a perfect and engaging copy. Travis-AI is a tool that makes your work simpler by generating high converting copy for all your marketing needs and that too in 26 languages.

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Ocoya Travis.ai

All you have to do is provide a simple description, or you can go as detailed as you want, and Travis-AI will do all the work for you in only a few minutes. It is as simple as that. You don’t have to be a professional writer to make your post more eye-catchy to read.

Using this tool, you can generate posts specifically for different social media platforms. Not just the social media posts, you can generate everything from Blogs, posts, Quora answers, product descriptions to YouTube ads, customer response, and many more. Such copies can be easily generated with Travis-AI.

Some of the cool features of Travis-AI are as follows:

  • Generate high converting and engaging copies in 26 languages
  • Generate social media-specific ads
  • A long list of different copies can be created by GodMode
  • AIDA, BAB, PAS copywriting

and many more…

What is Jubbly.AI?

We know that long URLs can generate usability issues and lower click-through rates. And that is why the short URLs are generally posted. A shortened link tends to gain users’ trust and thus increases the chances of clicks. Jubbly.AI is a tool that is explicitly used for shortening URLs.

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Ocoya Jubb.ly

Platforms like Twitter allow only a limited number of words in a tweet. This could be problematic if you post long URLs covering the complete word count. With Jubbly.AI, you can shorten the link and post it on your social media accounts.

Jubbly.AI is the inbuilt tool of Ocoya, it hardly takes a few seconds to do the shortening. There are many other link shorteners available, but you are sure to gain your audience’s trust when it is done from a credible source like Jubbly.AI.

Jubbly.AI tool has some fascinating features that are proven beneficial for its users:

  • Shorten multiple links at once
  • Jubbly.AI QR code generator produces QR code for the link
  • Free and unlimited
  • Easy to use with quick result

and many more…

Some Cool Features Of Ocoya

If you are a beginner or growing business owner, you know the struggle of hustling between the various social media platforms. But with Ocoya’s cool and outstanding features, everything becomes much more accessible and manageable.

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Features of Ocoya

The pre-built templates, scheduling posting, and integration with some top applications make Ocoya an excellent marketing solution. Above all, it has a straightforward user interface making it extremely easy to use.

So let us know about all these features in detail one by one.

1. In House Graphics Editor With 10,000+ Templates

As discussed in the article earlier, apart from managing and analyzing your social media posts, Ocoya also lets you generate engaging content and graphics. It has a collection of more than 10,000 image and video templates from which you can choose.

Hardly takes a few minutes with Ocoya to create posts that can help you convert your social media followers into potential customers. It has a Travis.AI tool that will let you generate blogs, captions, and hashtags for your posts in no time.

Ocoya has a stock of millions of images, various objects, and backgrounds. You can also use your own Brand Kit. Within the editor, you can easily change the background of any of the images as per your choice with just a click. Ocoya also has a Product Announcements Feature.

2. Posting To The Big 4: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, And LinkedIn

The four platforms, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, are essential for any business. With Ocoya, you can post simultaneously to all four accounts. Above all, you can even schedule the posting as per your needs. You can find all the schedules in one place with the calendar.

The calendar helps you repost, reschedule or even cancel any posting schedule. So, you don’t have to switch tabs to post on direct channels. This is not all that Ocoya has to offer. You can create a workspace and collaborate with teammates and clients.

3. Integrations With Canva, Shopify, WooCommerce, Unsplash, Pixabay, Pexels, Giphy, Hootsuite, and Buffer

What is best about Ocoya is that you can easily integrate social media accounts, eCommerce shops, and schedulers. With this feature, you can create posts and directly post them on all required platforms from one place, and this saves time and makes it much easier to manage all your accounts.

Above all this, Ocoya’s partnership with prominent image and gif providers like Unsplash pixels, Pixabay, and Giphy is the plus point for you. You get to know about the performance of your posts and analytics from Ocoya that lets you make improvements and get better results with your future posts. So, Ocoya is a complete marketing solution that offers all the basic and important features to benefit your business.

4. Details Report & Easy To Use UI

The best thing about Ocoya is that though it offers so many great features, its user interface is pretty straightforward. You don’t have to be an expert writer or graphic designer; Ocoya lets you create engaging posts and blogs within a few seconds with just a few clicks.

There are various models available to check the analytics. The CPM model lets you check how many impressions are there on your post, and CTR tells about the number of clicks on the ads or posts. You can find many more such analytic data for all your posts on all social media platforms at Ocoya.

Plan and Pricing

The lifetime deal of Ocoya lets you enjoy all the features and future updates of this outstanding solution with one single purchase. There are three plans available for you; Single, Double, and Multiple.

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Ocoya LTD Plans

As per your budget and needs, you can choose the one that suits you the best. Let’s know about all the plans one by one to help you make the right decision.

1. Single

The lifetime deal of the Single Plan of Ocoya is available at just $59. At this rate, you can enjoy all the features mentioned in this article, including 10,000+ templates, integration with eCommerce shops and social media, managing and scheduling posts.

With Single Plan, you can manage 25 social profiles and create 500 copy translations. You also can have 16 team members and four workspaces. And you will get Travis.AI and Jubbly.AI for free.

2. Double

You can purchase a lifetime deal of Double Plan at just $118. You can manage around 50 social profiles and create eight workspaces with 32 members at this plan. This plan also comes with all the features.

Apart from all these, you get to enjoy unlimited Travis.AI and Jubbly.AI use. Moreover, you also get unlimited storage, so you can create as many engaging posts and content as you want.

3. Multiple

The Multiple Plan of Ocoya is an outstanding one, and it is available at the price of $177. You get to enjoy all the features of Ocoya, including unlimited background remover, Jubbly.AI links, and Travis.AI.

If you purchase this plan, you can manage 75 social profiles and create 12 workspaces with 48 team members. This plan is excellent for big social media management agencies.

Note: If you manage more than 75 social profiles, you can purchase more codes of Ocoya and get additional numbers of profiles, team members, and workspaces.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We hope that you have got all the necessary information about Ocoya. We have covered everything, from features to plan and pricing. If you still have some doubts and inquiries, you can read the questions below and get your answer.

1. Who Can Use Ocoya?

Ocoya is an excellent tool that small business owners or emerging ones can use to manage all their social media profiles. It makes work easier and manageable for you, and it saves time.

You do not have to be a professional graphic designer or a writer with Travis.AI; you can create engaging posts and content. Ocoya is an all-in-one marketing solution that is sure to benefit you.

2. How Ocoya Helps You Make Smarter Business Decisions?

With Ocoya, you can have all the different social media accounts analytics in one place. By using Ocoya, you get to know how your posts are doing. From getting to know about engagement, impressions, and click rates, you get an idea of what kind of content your audience is more involved in.

All this information helps you create engaging and high converting posts. So, as a business owner, all this information is beneficial for you.

Final Words

So, that was all about Ocoya. It is an AI-powered all-in-one marketing solution that lets you post, manage, and schedule your posts from one single place. You don’t have to spend your time switching tabs. It is an outstanding app with Travis.AI and Jubbly.AI tools that let you create content and shorten URLs. It is straightforward to use, and all work is done in just a few clicks.

The lifetime deal of Ocoya lets you enjoy its outstanding features for life with just one single purchase. There are three plans available; Single, Double, and Multiple, which we have already mentioned in this article.

So, purchase the plan of your liking and enjoy its excellent features! Comment in the comment box for feedback or inquiries.