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Host and stream online video classes with unlimited views

Get Mastera lifetime access and easily host, stream and share your HD video classes with unlimited views. Create engaging video courses for students or use it for internal training. Easily monetize your videos with no hidden fees and get reliable customer support 24/7. Get your Mastera lifetime deal today.

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Mastera lifetime deal? A teaching platform? It might sound normal to you when you have been using zoom and teams for the whole lockdown and pandemic time. But mastera goes beyond that with tons of incredible features and better interaction.

Dr. Jeniffer Fleming once said, “Teaching in the internet age means we must teach tomorrow skills today”. This saying integrates the value that teaching should not be limited to videos and audio classes and should be expanded to use many other features to spread the information more properly.

And this demands a teaching platform for hosting and managing the classes. Here comes the entry of Mastera!

An online platform, or AI-based, is called the all-in-one teaching platform, which includes all the features and tools used for better hosting and managing the classes with the students. In short, master the best one for the live classes with all the required integrations.

Because of all these amazing functionalities, mastera is growing to be the most trending platform among coaches. Let’s find out more about this incredible, mastera lifetime deal.


  • Called as all is one teaching platform that demonstrates and offers all the tools for hosting and managing.
  • Assists in teaching the lie classes to the customers online.
  • Integration with zoom is so swift.
  • Lets you design and create your own branded and white-labeled website.
  • It can be regarded as the best platform for online coaches and educators.
  • Alternative to teachable and kajabi.

About the Mastera

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About Mastera

Being precise about the platform in detail, mastera called to be called the all-in-one teaching platform in general. It is quite famous for its amazing performance because it offers all those features and tools which are kind of a must in the hosting and the management of the lie classes, videos, and programs along with the subscription, customers, and new website.

Teaching students through online basis in a lie class is a start and just the basis of what you can do. Mastera also works in the management of the entire process of the bookings and works in the delivery of the content.

The ability of this platform to accept bookings and manage the rosters of the classes and waitlists, including many others, impresses a huge amount of people. Auto-syncing of the links adds beauty to the performance.

The series of workloads keep on increasing, and the solving by the mastera as well. Another work from the platform which has been fascinating to many users is an offer of embeddable widgets which directly help in your own class calendar along with the effective on-demand video library and the bookings o the appointments.

Similarly, mastera users will be able to use its automated, robust payment module, which directly helps in the creation of flexible plans and assists in bundling by the content type.

Whether we talk about the easy and flexible user interface, easy payment methods and booking, or a better way to connect with students and customers, mastera works as an exemplary platform.

What Makes the Mastera Stand Out?

A teaching platform? But there are many, so what makes this material unique? A teaching platform is more than just some calls and audio, so masters should be something that ensures perfection from beginning to end. And with its platform, you get it all. Let’s find out how:

  • Helps the users to build recurring plans and charge one-time payments.
  • It Lets the customers customize the user access for classes, videos, appointments, and programs based on the user’s plan.
  • The new feature called extras checkout allows the users to make purchases without the need to enter the information of the payment.
  • Assures seamless integration with zoom for online classes
  • Works to turn the online class recordings to demand video content for generating additional premium content.
  • Helps the users to create their calendar and lets them users book the date easily.
  • Gives assistance to customers in building their own fully branded and white-labeled websites in minutes.
  • It can be called a great source of communication as the interface let you connect with your customers through the unified inbox.

These are the highlights of the works that mastera can offer. Use the platform once, and you will realize the fact that this deal goes beyond just the limit.

Not only being called the student teacher call’s medium, but mastera also made sure to solve every issue that arose with the work by itself and offered the best quality to the customers. All these features mentioned have played a great role that makes the mastera stand out.

Features of Mastera

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Features of Mastera

There are many features from this amazing mastera ltd that plays a role in the best experience for the users. Among them, some are mentioned below;

Buy and Sell the Content

One important feature of the mastera lifetime deal is the spreading of the content you generated for the revenue. This precisely means that with the help of this platform, the users will b able to sell their demands, content, and merchandise to the customers and many more for various kinds of benefits.

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Create and Sell Your Videos

The whole process is quite simple and easy. That means the users should record their lies recordings and the classes properly, and the platform will change those recordings to on-demand videos along with the additional premium content. This will be given to the subscribers in the form of rich content.

In this way, the users are allowed to sell their content thoroughly. For growing more, you can also sell merchandise and training sessions and can create paid video courses and all. Her masters are the source of the best revenue for the trainers.

Design Your Website

Another crucial feature of the mastera that might lure many is allowing the users to design their websites. Being precise about the manner, with the help of mastera build and host your profile page and can build, design, and create a website for you and your business.

Not a simple one either. Branded as well as white-labeled website creation is allowed here in the platform, which will offer a seamless experience for the customers online. Many pre-designed components play a huge role in building this dream into a reality.

Use these readymade modules and edit with these embeddable widgets, masters will generate a beautiful and user-friendly website for you which will also be mobile responsive in minutes. Similarly, these embedded elements, calendar bookings, programs, and a library make the whole website even more interactive.

Flexible Payments

From the list of amazing features of the platform of masters, flexible payment is one of them. The platform makes use of the fact that the learners and the students will pay their coaches securely using the methods of one-time payments, subscriptions, various installments, and some pay-as-you-go plans.

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Flexible Payment

Now, create some flexible plans for the collection and the bundling of the different plans and services together with the help of the robust payment module for mastera. Now the users should build the recurring plans, or you can call charges for the one-time payments.

This should be done while you are customizing the access to the classes, videos, appointments, and programs, and now you will be able to give the payment without the need to enter the information again and again.


Explaining each eerie feature from this amazing platform will be a bit extra. But there are such mn other features that work better for user satisfaction and the quality of the content. Among them, communication is an important one.

The advanced user interface from the mastera works to turn the subscribers into fans with some appealing conversation.

That means mastera works to engage with the clients with some crucial text messages and offers them an open and free medium to communicate. Many mini tasks are working within them, such as creating some surveys and polls, answering the questions as soon as possible, and giving them advice at the correct time.

Mastera Lifetime Deal – Plan & Pricing

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Mastera Lifetime Deal Plan and Pricing

Mastera lifetime Deal, the most simple yet versatile deal of the time, is one of the easiest to use and simple deals of the time, which is also very affordable. Since there is one license available for the appsumo, there are not many options available but always make sure to read the info mentioned below for the proper judgments.

Mastera LTD

Mastera, one of the most influential and needed tools of the time, had many benefits. But if we talk about the pricing and the features, it adds shine to the gold as well. With the most pocket-friendly budget of $69, mastera has been successful in the allurement of many customers worldwide.

All these amazing features, such as the unlimited supply of classes and content and the availability of the full website, make the deal even more impressive. The series of features keep on continuing with the white label, premium plan, and selling of the courses and the programs.

Similarly, making the deal even more attractive, the platform offers monthly recurring subscriptions of almost 300 in number with the management of more than 1000 emails. Unlimited teachers will be able to be subscribed once you have activated the account and vice versa.

That’s it? well no. Unlimited contacts make the deal the most incredible of the time, and if you are thinking about the enhancement of the business, this will be top-notch.

License Tier 2

When it comes to the license tier 2, it means that you can use the platform with extra features and benefits. In this, you will get 500 active subscriptions, 2,000 emails, Unlimited classes and content, Unlimited customers, and Marketing campaigns. All of these features come at the price of $139.

License Tier 3

That’s not all; there are a lot more. License tier 3 is the ultimate deal with the premium plan of $199. With this, you will get 1,000 active subscriptions and 5,000 emails, unlimited classes and content, teachers, customers, and courses. In addition to that, unlimited marketing campaigns and the ability to sell products come along with it.

Mastera lifetime deal lets you enjoy the maximum with the minimum of effort. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this ultimate deal and give your projects a spark.

Terms & Conditions of this Mastera Appsumo Deal

  • After subscription, users will have access to 1 year of account.
  • Redeeming the code should be done within 60 days of purchase.
  • 1 year of all the subscriptions and updates will be ensured.
  • Note that the deal is not stackable.
  • This deal is not for the existing users, so only the new users are offered by the users.
  • In case you have got no satisfaction from the deal, you can always have your money back within 60 days of the update.

Please Note

Currently, Mastera lifetime deal has expired, but you can still make your way through the other options available. So don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity and get started with Mastera lifetime deal now!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here we have some of the frequently asked questions about this amazing Mastera lifetime deal:

1. Do the users need to sign any kind of contract for the subscription?

No, the users don’t need to sign any kind of contract for a subscription. It is a monthly subscription which is why you can cancel the subscription anytime you want.

2. How long does he mastera take to get started?

After signing up for the account, the platform will start as quickly as 30 minutes if everything is done properly. Configuration is quite easy with the steps b step instructions and to follow the guidelines. Or else, if you find any kind of issues, then you can always join the webinar.

3. How can the users measure the performance of the certain classes they are running?

For the records of the mastera, there is a section called “Grow” which will be responsible for showing any kind of reports from the platform. Reviewing the data, booking, and collecting the data, all kinds of data can be analyzed from here. Custom reports are also available here.

4. Is the platform integrated with the convert kit?

Yes, the user can integrate by taking the help of the APIs or can use pabbly and zapier.

5. What are the benefits of Mastera lifetime plan?

The biggest benefit of Mastera lifetime deal is that you will get access to unlimited classes, content, and teachers. You will also be able to manage more than 1000 emails and up to 500 active subscriptions.

Wrapping Up!

More than just a teaching platform, mastera lifetime deal. Keeping your customer engaged, offering the customers to the coaches and coaches to the learners.

Masters made sure to establish itself as the most prominent platform for the teaching and learning process and soothe the tasks, including hosting the video content and live classes, processing the payments with ease, managing the whole marketing process, and everything included within it.

One platform with multiple uses, Want to teach the courses with one-to-one sessions? Mastera lifetime deal. Want robust payment models? Yes, Mastera.

So basically, it is the platform for perfection and will make your whole work easier within some swifts. So, grab the deal once.