Luna Lifetime Deal

Use AI-based outreach emails to generate high-quality leads

Luna is an AI-driven lead generation tool that uses machine learning to help you generate high-quality leads and increase your sales. Get lifetime access to Luna today and start generating more leads with the power of AI.

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Getting no replies to your emails from potential leads sounds exactly like that. Owning a business but not getting customers. In the time of digitalization, where everyone is working and finding opportunities through one email, knowing the fact that our email can be in spam is depressing.

You will need to personalize the cold emails instantly within some clicks and need to win more deals. But hasn’t found the best of one platform that can do it, all right?

Introducing the world’s first software application which uses the power of AI for searching the leads, Luna! Luna! Luna!

The new virtual platform works on the basis of AI for the generation of B2B lead suggestions and personalizes the lead outreach automatically within some steps. With this new platform, your dead messages will be automated and will serve their actual meaning.

Now find high-quality leads and send them personal messages in the work of swift with this amazing Luna lifetime Deal.


  • Helps to generate high-quality lead suggestions that match your target profile and fill the sales pipeline.
  • Access for getting personalized cold emails or follow-ups using the methods of AI.
  • Allows the users to track the outreach efforts and the results
  • It can be regarded as the best platform for freelancers and small businesses.
  • Alternatie to the website named lemlist.

About the Luna

Sailor for your emails, Luna is the new and advanced Ai based platform used for suggesting the new B2B leads of high quality and works the most for sending personalized cold emails, which will prevent them from going to the spam folder at the time. Similarly, the most crucial part of this deal is that it protects the users from cold emailing games.

Finding new leads daily used to sound tough, but not with this new lifetime deal of Luna. Introduction of Luna in the digital world has been working on the search for potential leads just with some simple questions and answering them.

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About Luna

It’s done, and now Luna will be there to do your most crucial work. Now the eery market will be your target market. Additional to these amazing features, Luna makes sure for your convenience that one can filter and look for outcomes based on job titles, industries, and the name of the countries. And you will witness a different unique profile for that.

Everything about this amazing Luna ltd is alluring. Users are benefited from tons of features. To be precise, if you are willing to send a single cold email, remember Lunas it will help you to scrape the websites and the social media profiles properly so that you can learn more about the prospects.

The new and smart AI used also makes sure to analyze the follow-ups properly with some steps of approval, rejection, and modifications.

With the best outputs of the time, luna will allow the users to train the contempt and the leads with the AI, and because of this, you will be able to train the AI and make the edit you want. This will help you in the generation of the best outcomes. With every tool used within this lifetime deal ranging from the integration and the powering of your workflow, Luna ensures perfection, making it one of the best.

Luna LTD, Is It Top-Notch or Not?

Getting personal emails, generating B2B leads, and getting reports on the overall conversion through one website sounds unreal and magical at the same time. And this one platform had made sure to ensure it all.

And with this advanced AI along with the filters, Luna is working for the best. But these are just the starting features beneath a whole digital world of Leads, making this deal a notch. These features are as mentioned:

  • Works for the integration with the help of the tools powering your workflow.
  • Offer the users to connect with more than 5000 applications using the zapier.
  • With this tool, you will be able to hook up with the CRM you are using now.
  • Through Luna, users can take advantage of native integrations ranging from Hubspot and Pipedrive.
  • Tracking the email conversation from one place and converting them is easy now.
  • Now tracking of the data and work will be available in the iOS and the android application wherever you are.
  • Users will have access to daily, monthly, and weekly reports through the methods of open rates, reply rates, and other stats.
  • Similarly, one can monitor their overall conversions as well.

One deal, but the diversity in it allures everyone within the dimension. Whether it is about getting personal emails or high-security details, luna ensures perfection for everyone. No second thoughts that this deal can be regarded as one of the best lifetime deals for anyone who is into the discovery of highly personalized leads and emails.

Features of Luna Lifetime Deal

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Features of Luna

Whether it is about b2b mails or the leads, the features of the Luna are beyond the limitation of the words. It uses a wide variety of tools for the proper delivery of the features which are mentioned below:

Send Personal Cold Emails

Luna’s lifetime deal is famous for its features. Among the most prominent and amazing features is the accessibility to sending personal cold emails to the leads that your business is demanding. That means the deserving emails can be snedded in an automated manner with some clicks with the help of Luna.

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Send Personal Cold Emails

The whole working process of Luna is easy. The copywriting luna does have a huge role in it. It will look at and analyze the website of the prospect in the sense that the customers and the users will be approached your website in a personal way and will make the overall service look attractive. Luna will make sure to start the conversations that will get the replies one wants.

Luna has this prospecting tool that will work best for alluring and attracting prospects in a well-personalized way. It is based on the language model that wor within 175 billion parameters and the first task the user should do is: approve the work, deny, or can modify it. And the rest of the work will be done by Luna.

Fast Integration

Another important feature of the Luna lifetime deal, which is helping the most in terms of connection to the wide variety of platforms, is the fast integration. This luna is responsible for the seamless integration with the various tools which are used daily, and that you love.

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Fast Integration

Talking about it makes the users realize that the native and most crucial integration through this deal is with Hubspot and Pipedrive. That means using these tools will give you access to hook up your platform with the most favorite CRM tool of the time. Additionally, the users will be able to sync the entire sales and the teams in some clicks.

Other mini deals are available with this one will the reports of the tracks. That means the users will be able to keep track of the email conversations in the CRM system along with the integration with Hubspot and Pipedrive. What allures most of the users is that the luna lifetime deal can be connected with more than 5000 applications using the most famous integration of zapier.

Get New Leads

What makes the Luna lifetime deal famous is the generation of leads for a better business. This is the most famous aspect of this deal. So with this deal. Every day you will be offered high-quality deals. Using the neural network effect, the platform will generate the better and the best leads as per your demands and the works.

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Get New Leads

The algorithm of luna is very efficient in this manner. That means it will search the leads which will match your profile and the proposition perfectly. Also, it will ensure that the profile we are getting is verified and say no to the emails that bounce. There is also the possibility that the platform will add your leads to your Luna account.


One important factor for working on any platform is the page for the statistics, where all the work and the data w have done will be shown in a manner. And luna offers us that. This means in the statistics page of luna, users will be the data regarding key emails and the leads they have worried about within the past 7 days, the past month, or the past 365 days.

So here on this page, starting with the timing, one can choose up to which time they want to look at the data. Then the information starts with the new leads the platform had searched for you, followed by the total emails sent.

On the same page, we will have the information on how many emails are opened and how many are replied to. There is much other information, such as the open rate, reply rate, and the meeting score, here on the page, which gives us the data for our progress.

Luna Lifetime Deal – Plan & Pricing

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Luna Lifetime Deal’s Plan & Pricing

The luna is available with 3 different types of deals and pricing per the need of the customers, with a slight difference in the features. But there are some comen features that three f the deals work on. They are as follows:

Features included in all plans

  • Effective copywriting
  • New leads of high-quality everyday
  • Personalized outreach
  • Get suggestions on when to follow up with the prospects
  • Can integrate Luna with your favorite CRM system
  • Extensive reports, so you are always aware of your targets
  • Mobile app
  • Add your leads

Now a guide through all these deals is encapsulated below:

Tier 1 License

The most basic and the cheapest plan of Luna ltd is available for only in $69 and serves any customer with its amazing features. The common features mentioned above are all present here in this deal. That means whether you want to work with adding your leads or using the features with the mobile application, this luna ltd works with you.

Talking about the more advanced features included personalized outreach and extensive reports for focusing on your targets. Being precise about this deal means that users will be able to work or send 100 total emails to their customers every month. No doubts about the CRM and Zapier integration. So if you want to work with the basic plan for the basic works on a limited budget, then this deal is just for you.

Tier 2 License

Same platform but a slightly different plan. This tier 2 second license is not that expensive deal but is comparatively more costly than the first one. That means for only $139, users will have access to all the common deals and features. Basically, if you want to work with copywriting or outreach, new leads, or CRN system, this deal works with everything.

What makes this license unique from other twos is the availability of the 300 emails per month that you can send to the customers as a business owner in Luna. Don’t worry about the CRM and zapier. Luna ensures it all. So if you are thinking about expanding the business, then this will be top-notch for you.

Terms & Conditions of this Luna Appsumo Deal

  • Users will have lifetime access to all the features of luna Ltd.
  • All plans and updates are well ensured here in the deal.
  • Activation of the license should be done within 60 days of purchase.
  • The deal helps the user to upgrade and downgrade between 3 tiers
  • This deal is only for thesaurus who don’t have a luna account already.
  • Users can have their money back within 60 days in case of any issues.

Tier 3 License

The biggest and the most expensive one of all. This third license of the luna lifetime deal works best if you are into multiple businesses and need to manage them all. With the price of $239, this deal becomes a bit unfriendly for the wallet but has more updated features than the previous one. No doubts that the common features mentioned above are all present here.

Similarly, being precise about the deal itself, users will have access to a total of 900 emails every month which will work best for anyone who wants to work in a dirge manner.CRM works and other integrations are mentioned well here in the deal and will be the best choice for anyone who wants to grow to the next level.

✍Our suggestion!

All the deals have their specializations. Ut in the sense that we have to choose one among these three, we would suggest you go for the second one as this deal is the intermediate among these three and has all the kind of features and functionalities that one might need.

To be precise, this deal has all the common kinds of features that are mentioned above, which makes it amazing already, and the pricing is fair in comparison to the third. Whether the feature is about copying, finding leads, or generating emails, the deal is beyond perfection and works great.

At such as affordable rate, users will have access to 300 total emails per month. So anyone thinking about expanding their horizon then, this deal is a must for them.

Wrapping Up!

This platform is just for you if you are a business person into B2B sales and need email generation instantly.

Finding the right email address is faster and will ensure that your personalized cold emails will not be stored in the spam folder. One account and the amazing AI that Luna uses will reach to huge companies worldwide.

And these features, such as finding the right deals and searching the ideas for the brilliant mind and the competitors themselves, are the strategies that Luna follows, and because of all these, Luna is successful in helping the users reach the next level.

One lifetime deal, Luna, is enough to take you and your work to a new world for expanding and encouraging the business with incredible minds, people, and responses from them.

So stop worrying, purchase this deal, and making this mind-blowing opportunity yours!