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With Longtail Pro, you can quickly find easy-to-rank keywords that will help your business succeed

Use Longtail Pro to quickly find profitable, easy-to-rank keywords that will help your business grow. Nothing is more important than keyword research if you want to succeed online. This Longtail keyword-finder tool will save you time and help you find the right keywords to target. Get lifetime access to Longtail Pro today.


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Running an e-business for a long time but still not getting abundant reach. Leading a blog website but not being able to rank well in google searches. I bet all these things have been depressing you for a long time.

But what is the Band-aid to all these? Long tail keywords and finding the backlinks! But to ensure these two with proper optimization and automation is not a cup of tea. Here comes the entry of our hero!

HAHAHA, Meet LongTailPro Lifetime Deal!

To answer your doubts, LongTailPro is a keyword suggestion tool that will help consumers t get high-connecting online traffic with the help of long tail keywords. One keyword, and that’s it! Automatic generation of long tail keywords.

To get better, you will need to tackle the bad as well. In that sense, longtail works to find the backlinks opportunities and diagnose the technical issues swiftly. Basically, multiple issues, one platform!

So much more yet to discover. Let’s find out in brief.


  • Lets you generate up to 400 long-tail keywords instantly.
  • Track the metrics such as average CPC bid, search volume, and rank values.
  • Helps you conduct site audits to fix technical SEO issues.
  • Provides assistance to optimize your backlink strategy with built-in backlink analysis.
  • It can be called the best alternative SEMrush.
  • Works as the best choice for content creators and small businesses.

About the LongTailPro

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About LongTailPro

LongTailPro is already a brand in itself. Being a pro in its field already, LongTailPro is an advanced platform that lets consumers generate long tail keywords, find the opportunities of the backlinks, and lets you diagnose the technical issues in the snap. Within flare, you will be able to find, track, and solve each of the topics mentioned.

Talking about the backlinks, as they are the most prominent villain at the moment, Longtailpro has your back. With its assistance, you will be able to track the backlink easily. One will only need to enter your domain or the URL of the specific page and let the platform do the rest of the job.

Similarly, discovering the backlinks opportunities and monitoring the inbound links to find out your best content or best performer for this LongTailPro is as easy and fast.

The work of LongTailPro is not only limited to monitoring. It can easily fix broken links. From maintaining link equity to analyzing the anchor of the text distribution, the platform can do everything from the base to the top.

Through the assistance, search engines can know which pages can pass the value of authority onto others. Plus, the trust flow and citation flow, along with the actionable SEO data, are properly ensured. All these extraordinary features from the LongTailPro makes the platform the need of the time.

What Makes LongTailPro Unique?

It is a fact that not bidding for the correct keywords for your present work is not going to make you stand out among the rest. You will need assistance that only makes your work proficient and quality but also unique among the rest.

Since there are many platforms available in the market, LongTailPro should be something that will make you unique and offer stability. What are the pros of the platform?

Here’s what makes the LongTailPro unique in digital work:

  • With longtailpro, users can leverage three tried and true methods for keyword search, which are Keyword grouping, Competitor analysis, and Keyword metrics.
  • Generation of up to 400 long tail keywords from a single keyword through google planner within some minutes
  • Lets you dissect the keyword’s strategy from the page URL and compare the keyword suggestions.
  • Many keyword metrics like Average CPC Bid, Search volume, and rank value helps to pinpoint the most profitable keywords.
  • Lets you monitor your keyword ranking every day by optimizing the strategy.
  • Tracking keyword competitiveness, bid estimates, rank value, and search volumes are getting super easy with Longtailpro.

These are only half of the total what Longtailpro can offer to consumers. Many more are there. Make this amazing LongTailpro lifetime deal yours and make your website unique in the digital world.

Features of LongTailPro

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Features of LongTailPro

What makes this LongTailPro ltd the hero of the market is the different features and services it. They make the user experience not only better but make them trust you. So some of those features elaborated in brief are mentioned below:

Profound Keyword Research

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Profound Keyword Research

Making the platform LongTailpro more stabilized in the market, the most prominent feature is to discover comprehensive and accurate keyword suggestions as per the content. Over 70 thousand users have been using this feature with the help of 3 tested and tried methods.

Even within the tool, the platform needs to work on several algorithms, which can eventually lead to the function of the main feature properly. The case is the same for keyword research. Keyword research primarily works to get the long tail keywords ideas through the help of head terms.

That is, it analyzes every single seed keyword and extracts up to 400 long tail keywords from the google planner within seconds.

Similarly, the tools work for discovering the keywords which are working best for your baits in the market. That is, basically, longtail pro is your spy. It dissects the keywords strategy of your competitor and compares the keyword suggestions. What input do you need to add? Well, page your competitor and let the platform do the magic.

There are many other ways to grow yourself which start with knowing your own keyword better. You won’t need to worry about anything, as Longtailpro enhances this as well. Use the platform for once, and it will let you pull up your keyword metrics for your websites and make you understand how well it will work for your campaign so that you could be able to decide for yourself.

Rank Tracker

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Rank Tracker

Another famous feature of the LongTail Pro lifetime deal is enabling the rank tracking of the websites of the customers and helping them to build up a deep analysis to ensure a strong strategy.

Many ways and methodology is followed here for specifying any kind of work. In the same way, the platform at first lets the user track the progress of the websites. That means it will measure the success rate primarily followed by keeping tabs on how your website is doing with the rank tracker feature.

Then the feature is followed by sending weekly updates via email. The mail will be about the keyword rankings and will keep track of the data across all the projects. Summing up, the consumers will also get deeper insights with the last of up-to-date key metrics for each and eerie track record.

Backlink Analysis

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Backlink Analysis

Jam to you bread, the most crucial part of this longtailpro is helping the users to find out and solve the issues related to backlinks, from finding them to auditing those backlinks, the advanced tool attached to the platform work well.

The work will start with keeping track of the domain and the page-level metrics of the target. That means the power system will track each and every backlink to your root domain or any kind of specific page hassle-free. It is not as tough as its wounds since the users will need to enter the URL and let the platform do the rest.

The pros are growing exponentially, which means now longtailpro has the privilege to unearth and monitor the backlinks opportunities. Being precise now allows the user to monitor the inbound links and identify which content is outperforming the others.

Similarly, by running and analyzing the citation flow, trust flow, and text distribution, the platform is solving many ongoing issues as a customer.

LongTailPro Lifetime Deal – Plan & Pricing

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Plan & Pricing of LongTailPro Lifetime Deal

The platform is the owner of 3 different licenses, which means there will be some common features that will be available in all of them. Stating those below;

Common features in all three licenses

  • Unlimited domains
  • Unlimited keywords
  • Keywords results include search volumes
  • Keyword competitiveness score calculated by Longtailpro for each keyword search
  • Access to rank tracker email reports
  • Search for all backlinks, new backlinks only, or lost backlinks only
  • 10 crawl projects per month
  • 5000 backlinks rows per 24 hours
  • Plug-and-play template system: a complete suite of templates to scale your SEO

Now that you know what the common features are, they should be some details from which you will be able to distinguish between the three. Study them well, analyze your needs, and get the best notch for yourself.

Tier 1 License

Among the three different plans and deals offered by the LongTailPro Appsumo deal, the tier 1 license is the very first and basic one. Before, this deal was available at a huge price rate of $1097, but appsumo made it possible for its customers to get this deal only for $69.

The alluring fact is that even if it is a basic plan, all the general features are included with it. Whether it is about unlimited domains or unlimited keywords, longtail pro ensures it all. With the incoming of common features, this plan will promise the user the features of Daily rank updates and backlinks analysis.

Being precise about this tier1 only makes the user realize that only 5000 keywords lookup can be done every month. Since it is the cheapest and most basic one, this number is huge in comparison to other platforms. Similarly, 5 project handling can be easily done in the plan. So if you are just entering the market and are confused about what to do, don’t think much as this plan will be the best option for you.

Tier 2 License

Welcoming the second plan of the list, the tier 2 license is the aggregate of both. Spending $ 129 will make you get all the features included in this deal.

The amount is very affordable as the users are promised all those common features mentioned above. What about 5000 backlinks rows per day, 1000 pages per crawl, or 10 crawls per day? Easy use of these tools is affirmed by Longtailpro.

Similarly, making the deal more unique, 10000 keyword lookup per month makes your Search engines ranks higher than ever. What is delaying you? You won’t get the amazing offer of 10 projects handling simply only $129. What you should care about is if you have spent some time in the market and want to expand it, you should definitely go for this deal without any second thoughts.

Tier 3 License

Last but not least, the tier 3 license is the most expensive but the most versatile and expanded deal from this whole LongTailPro appsumo deal. If you invest one time for $199, then boom! All the golden features waiting for you. The list of these features is huge as you will have access to everything that is unlimited domains and unlimited keywords, along with the others mentioned above.

Making this deal unique from the rest two licenses, users will be able to look up to 25000 keywords per month which is a huge number for making your place stand in the digital world. Similarly, handling 25 projects will grow you exponentially as the business will take up a high level. With this deal, you will not only grow, but it will offer you an opportunity to invest in the correct place.

Terms & Conditions of this LongTailPro Appsumo Deal

  • After purchase, you will have lifetime access to LongTailPro.
  • Users are ensured with all the future plans and updates
  • You don’t need any coding or stacking, so choose the plan right for you.
  • GDPR compliance is available.
  • Activation of the license should be done within 60 days of purchase.
  • You will be able to upgrade or downgrade easily among 5 license tiers.
  • 60 days money-back guarantee

✍Our suggestion!

LongTailPro comes with the 3 different plans and pricing. There is no doubt that one should always choose the one which is best as per needs and understand the deal well for buying it. But if you are here for our suggestion among these three, we would recommend you to go for the second one, which is tier 2 licenses.

No doubt it is the top-notch and the most convenient one because it meets the requirements of all the categories of business. Including all the common features of the platform, the deal provides insurance of 10000 thousand keywords lookup per month with the handling of 10 projects efficiently. What else do we need? It doesn’t mate if you are a newcomer or an established this deal will fit the best for you in a pocket-friendly budget.

Wrapping Up!

LongTailPro is on a mission to improve the SEO strategy among people in the digital world.

I bet it is successful as well! Thousands o amazing reviews, tons of features, unlimited tools, and perfect analysis of the issues. The programmers have done a good job here. Finding one platform that can do everything on its own is quite a rate.

The article might be limited, but the incredible features such as the audit, checking crawl ability, and core web metals. Longtailpro, along with its advanced database, has made life easier and more desirable by discovering trending topics in search engines.

Wow! you won’t even need to worry about what to write.

Longtail pro is a virtual partner of your company and business. Impressed with the platform. We believe that you are. So don’t think much and go grab this amazing deal and make it yours.