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Grow your business with a reliable 100M+ B2B contact database

Get lifetime access to LeadRocks today and grow your business with a reliable 100M+ B2B contact database. With this, you can get accurate data to help you reach your target market. It’s the simplest way to get in touch with potential customers without any hassle.

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You don’t build a business, “You build networks, and networks build the entire world of business.” The power this quote holds on the horizon of connections, business, and the digital world is of great importance.

And for that business-to-business communication approach, the need for a tool that can optimize and offer a reliable database for connecting with an audience of a similar mindset is increasing. Here is the entry of our new and advanced tool, “LeadRocks.”

Social Media, Chatbox, Collection of data? Questions for its use are still on top! So what precisely is LeadRocks?

A trusted and reliable database with more than 100 million records of emails, phone numbers, and LinkedIn Profiles. With lead rocks, you can easily find and filter out your targeted outreach within some clicks. Since it is a B2B contact database, you expand the horizon of your market.

LeadRocks lifetime deal is not limited up to here. There is a series of exciting tools that lead rocks ade the audience is surprised with. They are;

  • Pull up the accurate contact data as per the prospecting needs
  • Search the information as per the given location, company name, and team size.
  • Can see all the enrichment results and use in the future forte CRM and automation tools
  • Optimize your CRM and automation tools effectively.

Now, connecting with the people is eerie faster with the LeadRocks. With just one click and enrichment al, necessary emails from the targeted people are in front of you even though you are not personally connected to LinkedIn. Better than any social media platform, right? A complete package for you and your business expansion!


  • A trusted B2B contact database with more than 100 M of emails and phone numbers.
  • Extracted data is from a legal and official source.
  • Can upload your CS in your CRM or the automation tool to boost up the prospecting.
  • Search based on location, company, and team size.

About the LeadRocks

How can a simple website help me search for specific details in a database of millions? How can I find the required leads that might be our future customers with one platform? Yes, these are the questions that make everyone dilemmatic about LeadRocks.

Let me assure you that all the concerns will vanish once you start exploring and using it for your business. To be more precise, LeadRocks is a B2B database that is trusted all around the world for the store and automation of contacts with 100M + records of emails.

It is highly popular for populating your CRM of yours or automation tools with enricher data, and the process is getting faster with the introduction of this platform. Leadrocks made it easier for users to find their customers precisely and accurately within a few clicks.

What makes LeadRocks a must-have for today?

Leadrocks not only offers countless benefits and features to its users, but it also is a product of our growing times. Listing, prospecting, and outreach, everything offered is an adding shine to the whole marketing experience.

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Why Leadrocks

And what more? what features are there that are making these lead rocks a need for the time? let’s find out.

What makes it special?

Leadrocks is one genuine answer to the questions of leads, market expansion, and outreach. The process with which it follows the works is exceptionally incredible. What else can it do? Encapsulated below:

  • Drill down the leads by name, company location, size, and industry.
  • Extract all the required information just with the Linkedin links.
  • See all the search and enrichments results and use them in the CRM as per your need.
  • Can add the website on the extension on chrome.
  • Witness real-time analytics and check the email that was sent and opened, and responded to. And the list goes on!

Features of LeadRocks

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Feature of LeadRocks

LeadRocks is not just another website; it is a complete package of what you need and what your business needs. It comes with an exhaustive list of features that make it a friend of every marketer out there.

Now that we know a little bit about Leadrocks, let’s take an in-depth look at its features.


There are many cases when we find the best shots in the linked profile but to connect and find out the information about the special people might be a tedious task. So, Leadrocks offers a special feature called “Enrichments.” With this, you can find email and phone numbers just by the link of LinkedIn profiles.

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Data Enrichment Features

Are you curious as to how it works? Leadrocks is a simple and user-friendly platform. For this feature, you will need to copy and upload the list of LinkedIn profile URLs from the official website to LeadRocks. After that, you can extract the emails and phone numbers from the database and determine which one is appropriate for your needs. You can finally see the results of your hard work in Leadrocks, or you have the option to export an enriched list to CSV.


Prospects are the most likely consumers, and prospecting is the process of locating them for your organization, whether virtual or not. So here, Leadworks works as the finest and most efficient tool for prospecting. Primarily, Leadrocks search the land not randomly but based on the title of the job, name of the company, URL, location, team size, and industry.

To carry out this, you should open the website, make your account, and should rush toward the prospecting section. You can either search by the suggestion given either in the platform, or you can enter a custom value for the more desired results.

Within a click, you’ll be able to view information such as emails and phone numbers. The cherry on top, you may utilize both a single filter or many.

Lists of the Platforms

Another advantageous feature of the Leadrocks is its lists. What can’t you do with these Leadrocks? With this amazing platform, you will be able to easily save your search results to new lists without making them disappear. Similarly, you can see the enrichments results as well.

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Highly Reliable B2B Contact Database

Not limited to up to three, lead rocks also assured you of the store of the data in lead books or exporting them to the CSV. You can then submit your CSV to your CRM and any other automation software that may make prospecting easier.

LeadRocks Lifetime Deal – Plan & Pricing

Even though LeadRocks comes with a lot of features and benefits, it is still pocket-friendly. It’s time to explore the plans and pricing of the LeadRocks lifetime deal.

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LeadRocks Lifetime Deal Plan And Pricing

Single & Simple Leadrocks LTD Offer

Leadroocks appsumo lifetime deal comes with one and only single plan ltd. You can purchase this plan at just $69 for a lifetime. You will get access to all the features and tools of Leadrocks with this single plan.

What makes this lifetime deal more alluring is that in the limited and pocket-friendly money and one-time payment, you can have access to almost 100M+ databases for the B22B contacts details with the additional 5000 credits added to your account every month.

Plus, you can search, and selecting the required data is like a doodle. LeadRocks makes it easy by the enrichment of Linkedin URLs with emails, phone numbers, and additional information. Furthermore, You can also store the lead rocks list and en surf through the online chat support.

Leadrocks is now available as a lifetime deal for only $69! That’s right, no more monthly recurring fees. Hurry and take advantage of this amazing offer while it lasts.

Terms & Condition of this LeadRocks Appsumo Deal

  • You’ll get lifetime access to leadrocks growth plan.
  • In order to redeem the code, you must do so within 60 days of the purchase date.
  • It is a stackable deal.
  • After this purchase, you will be able to access all the future LeadRocks updates.

✍Our suggestion!

LeadRocks and its top-tier plan is an extremely advanced and innovative plan for any marketer to enhance their credits and connect around the globe. Selecting this tier 1 plan for your market allows you to use all the features offered by Leadrocks. With access to millions of profiles and 5000 credits, this platform becomes a must for you to expand your horizon.

So having this trusted site at this affordable rate can act as a boon for you and your market. The export of data, online chat support, and enrichments of URLs make this whole platform the best package. So, we strongly suggest you go grab this opportunity without any delay.

Wrapping Up!

Connections, Contacts, and Advertisements of the platform on a worldwide basis are three things most important for expanding your horizon in the world of the digital market. And guess what! With LeadRocks, you can have it all.

It ensures a well-stable and added way to form 100M+ records, emails, phone numbers, and Linkedin profiles. Overall, high-quality leads do need high-quality targets, right It is a database full of records that you can filter as per your business, ideas, and your sales.

So, congratulations to you all sales managers, recruiters, and marketing agencies, half of your business expansion issue is solved right here with the innovation in the market “LeadRocks.”

Cheery on the top LeadRocks is now available as a lifetime deal for you all. Purchase it once and forget monthly recurring fees. Grab this opportunity while it lasts!

I am grateful you have chosen to spend your time reading this article. If you have questions or suggestions, please leave a comment below. Our goal is to provide the best possible information and deals to our readers, and we thank you for helping us achieve that!

Thank you! Sumo-Lingers.