GoZen Forms Lifetime Deal

Get the power to create online forms, surveys, and quizzes without any coding

Get Gozen Forms’ lifetime deal today and create online forms, surveys, and quizzes without any coding. You can use it to collect leads, feedback, or data for any use case, which will help you save time and money.

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Tony Hsieh once said,” Customer service shouldn’t be a department; it should be the entire company. “Idolizing this fact, there is a platform that prioritizes customers” insights and leads as the prime department. Meet GoZen Forms!

Since one of the most interactive ways to grow the business and your handles is to collect the ideas, info, and responses you can from the customers, but the issue of coding and other sub-works is making this interaction difficult, GoZen forms act as a boon in this sector.

This unlimited deal from the appsumo is a multi-SaaS company that is used to develop a suite of products that lets the user grow their revenue by leveraging the organic marketing channels. It can create any kind of leads you are wondering about. Opting for the power of simplicity, GoZen forms primarily focuses on the positive revenue and the impact that it can create through the customers and their views.

There might be a nill chance that gozen forms cannot support their customers. Whether it is about no code survey, forms and quizzes builder, or a customized theme for your content, GoZen forms become the best solution.

Still dilemmatic! Don’t worry! Furthermore, digging into the features and pricing of this fantastic Gozen forms Lifetime deal will make you rush directly to the subscription.


  • Create any kind of form from scratch as per your demand.
  • Let you customize dynamic online forms without any kind of code using industry-specific templates.
  • Use conditional logic to keep the questions relevant.
  • Monitor the actual results with the assistance of real-time analytics.
  • Regarded as the best alternative to Typeform and survey sparrow.

About the GoZen Forms

One name, the Gozen Lifetime deal, is enough to impress millions of entrepreneurs and their growing businesses. Let’s find out how and what it does to list out its fantastic reviews in the market!

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About GoZen

GoZen Forms is an advanced AI-based code-free Platform that is used to create interactive online forms for fitting in any use case. You can either start creating from scratch or use a pre-designed template based on your industry type.

There are more than 180 templates, from registration forms to pre-designed templates, that you can fill in. One click, and you can direct your whole platform in an interactive way like a plug-and-play game. One can also share and integrate their forms in their multiple social media handles or send them directly with the medium of links.

Another alluring thing in the list is available to build unlimited numbers of forms that though with a no-code builder. Now say bye-bye to the lines of coding!

Saving time had been this much more accessible. The hundreds of templates premade by the platform work to boost your brand engagement. Customization of the content that fits your targetted audience and branding is now a quick task.

One click, and now anyone using the GoZen Forms can create themes, custom fonts, files, brand colors, and background images. After completion of the design, now Gozen forms to let the user use the theme and reuse them.

Is GoZen Forms worth it?

Just having surveys will not be that much worth it if you need to perform all the work, from choosing the questions and assisting follow-ups by yourself. Days of worry ended with the introduction of GoZen Forms. It allows you to use the conditional logic that creates dynamic surveys, which will ask the right questions.

Not only is the interaction boosted, but the new relevant follow-ups generated by the GoZen forms make the most interaction possible.

About the field types, cheer up by the more than 20 field types offered by the GoZen forms.

Due to some additional features, such as asking users automatically to submit images, blog posts, and files, as well as other types of content, make the whole management of the page even more interactive.

What else do you need? Open the platform and get the required subscription and enjoy the best experience of all.

What makes GoZen Forms ideal?

An advanced and useful tool full of built-in analytics and custom shared workspaces, GoZen forms is one of the most used and unique platforms for anyone hunting for mentioned features. What additional things are there in the tool that makes this GoZen Lifetime deal the ideal choice for us? Let’s find out

  • Easy integration with tonnes of apps such as Stripe, Google sheets, and Mailchimp
  • Streamline of workflow is automatic
  • Helps to create custom shared workspaces
  • You can view the responses as soon as they are submitted.
  • Can check and share form results across any device in real time.

With many more!

Capturing the leads and interaction had always been a hectic task, but no more with the GoZen forms Appsumo deal. Finest automation and optimization make this deal a not to miss one. In a word, “perfection” might be the best word to describe the Gozen Forms Appsumo deal.

Features of GoZen Forms

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Features of GoZen Forms

How great it is that you can now build up personalized and interactive online forms and surveys in a few clicks with GoZen Forms. But imagine how much more you can do with this platform, whether it is smooth integrations or active analytics.

Let’s find out more about the features offered by this fantastic GoZen Forms Lifetime deal;

Forms Builder

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Forms Builder

The most demanded and useful feature of this whole platform is letting the users create amazing and interactive forms for any kind of website and situation. There are more than 140 industry-specific forms that though ranging from registration forms to business-to-business surfers.

Basically, from all the sectors. Select one template and begin the tweaking and match the content as per your requirements. You can publish those in no time and get instant feedback.

Add Domain

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Add Domain

Adding a domain in the Gozen Forms marks great usefulness for your overall work. The whole thing is easy and smooth as well. After login into your website, open the settings options and navigate toward the click domain option.

Now, you need to add the domain of the website where you want your form to appear. In this way, now, your domain is already added, and after navigating the share, a panel will make your domain appear in the place you want it to be. Click on the get code and paste it into the required place.

Share Your GoZen Form

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Share your GoZen Form

Summing up the list, another useful feature from the manufacturer is the easy sharing of these GoZen forms through the medium of links in any desired platform. It is a subtle process and necessary as well. With this link, you will be able to share your content and forms anywhere you want.

There are two ways with which you can share the link. One through the link that you can share directly and another by embedding it on your webpage. For the overall process, first, switch to the share option and choose to embed our Gozen forms.

At the bottom of the page, you will see three options for embedding your GoZen forms: Inline Embed, Full page, and popup. Simply choose the size you want, copy the code, and paste it in the required place.

Easy Integration

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Easy Integration

One of the most incredible and valuable features of GoZen forms is its easy integration with more than 25 applications. No matter if it is Mailchimp or Pabby, the fastest and most secure integration is only a few steps away.

The whole process is very easy. If we take the example of Mail chimp, then you will be allowed to email signup for announcements and newsletters. You can also use this integration for adding new email subscribers to your lists and updating the existing ones.

To carry out, first, you need to go to the integrations tab. You will be displayed with the ESPs you can connect to. Among this list, click on Mailchimp and add your API.

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Enter Mailchimp API Key

After the API, now choose the preferred list and click the Save option, then map your questions with the Mailchimp fields, and now your Mailchimp is integrated with your GoZen forms account within some minutes.

In the same way, with the same options, you can also connect your GoZen forms account with many other apps such as Zapier and Hotspot.

Additional Features

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Additional Features

In addition, there are some fantastic features from GoZen Forms that work for smoother performance and outcomes for you. For example, the whole platform and its usage are code free. Modification of the template questions or starting from scratch teething is carried out in no time without needing any coding skills. Similarly, you can change the themes and background for your brand to match in the same way.

In the same way, the forms insights let the users examine the insights which are available in one place based on the number of complicated questions. One can also use the completed questions, skipped questions, and replies to each question.

The series of amazing features doesn’t end here. 175 plus Form templates are pre-built in the platform from where you can choose one and make the content user-friendly as per the need.

In addition, embedding the code with any kind of social media platform is very easy, and you can copy and paste the link into the social media you want to grow your business. Similarly, GDPR’s commitment to protecting the consumer’s data under the principles makes this platform a trusted and secure one.

GoZen Forms Lifetime Deal – Plan & Pricing

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Plan and Pricing GoZen Forms Lifetime Deal

Money and budget always make up a huge factor in such a lifetime deal, but with the new appsumo deal, it has become much easier. First, understand your requirements and choose from the 3 different plans offered by the GoZen Forms appsumo deal.

Tier 1 License

Among three different plans offered by the Gozen Forms Appsumo deal, the basic one is a tier 1 license. In terms of money, For $69, you will the access to all the features mentioned in the general list.

Whether it is about the branding removal or export of the responses, you will have access to everything in this plan. Additionally, you can put up an unlimited number of questions and edit the template using 100 plus prebuilt premium templates.

To be more specific about the deals from this plan, after subscription, 5 domains can be built and set up with 5Gb of storage. Don’t forget that this is a one-user plan. Now being the basic plan, almost 5000 responses can be managed per month.

If you are a beginner in this field and don’t indeed have enough workspace, then this license offers you 5 workspaces ideal for your choice. Tier 1 is a basic plan and is well-compatible for you to work with the starting tools.

Tier 2 License

The second and another affordable plan of this deal is a tier 2 license. Not only will you have access to all the features for only $ 139, but the website also offers you easy and smooth integration with all the possible applications such as Stripe, google sheets, and Pabbly. It is a one-time investment, and anyone can enjoy the features of custom themes and webbooks with 100+ pre-built templates and question branching.

Being a second plan, 15 domains can be built up using this deal. If you are kind of settled in the business and an to expand it more, then this plan is an ideal choice for you. 10 GB of file storage and unlimited forms make you handle your business more in a well-settled manner. Since 3 users can use this website now, 10 thousand responses are stored and optimized well. Tier p2 suits well for you if you need it in the market, as mentioned above.

Terms & Condition of this Appsumo Deal

  • GDPR compliance is well ensured in the deal.
  • You can easily upgrade or downgrade between 5 license tiers.
  • You will have lifetime access to Gozen forms after purchasing.
  • You can easily upgrade and downgrade among these 3 licenses.
  • If you are not satisfied with the results, you can have your money back in 60 days.
  • You don’t need any kind of stocking and coding.

Tier 3 License

Last but not least, this plan is one for those who need to handle huge businesses and many domains at the same time. The price of $299 might be huge for those who are a beginner and needs to handle a small business. But big enterprise owners and multiple businesses are handled well by this plan. After purchasing, you will have access to all the general features with unlimited forms and workspace.

Since the plan is quite more expensive than others on the list, the insurance of unlimited domains and usage by at least 5 users make money worth it. Additionally, you will have 25 GB of file storage and the creation of unlimited forms. Since it’s a refundable plan, you will have both benefits from one website.

✍Our suggestion!

If we have to give our suggestion for choosing one plan among the three, we would recommend you go for the second plan, which is a tier 2 license. Not only will you have all kinds of general and common features as mentioned in the plan itself, but whether you are a beginner or a pro in the market, this plan will fit ideal for you and your budget as well.

This is a one-time investment, and you will have access to 15 domains at the same time. Additionally, the availability of 10 GB of storage and 10000 responses make this deal more attractive.

Don’t worry about the deal; all the features are well ensured, and if you have any confusion and doubts about the deal, you can always have your money back within 60 days of purchasing. So if you are anyone who wants to use their money wisely and adapt well in the business, this deal might be the right swipe for you.

Wrapping Up!

Who doesn’t want to save up their time consumed by tons of online forms that are also of different types for different situations? With Gozen forms, you can either create responsive online forms for any use case. Don’t worry; you can start making up from scratch with your own design as well.

Still wanting to save time or being in a hurry, there are more than 180 pre-built industry-specific form templates such as registration forms and customer service forms from which one can select as per their need of business.

The only remaining work is to monitor the tasks. Gozen forms had been successful in making this hectic task a plug-and-play game.

Days have been much easier with GoZen Forms. Open the website!

Modify the forms and start collecting the responses! Don’t forget! You can also share these forms on multiple platforms as well. Only a few clicks away! Gozen Forms make sure that you are satisfied with the results and offer a 60-day money-back guarantee too. So there is nothing to worry about!