3 Best AI Novel Writing Software for Novel & Story Writing

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Are you thinking of writing a novel and searching for the best AI novel writing software for assistance? If yes, then this article is for you. Here in this article, we have shared the 3 best AI novel writing software.

Writing novels or stories is not as simple and easy as it sounds. One needs to brainstorm a lot to even come up with a great idea. And if you are ready with the basic outline, the next problem is how to start writing the novel. So, in short, the writer has to struggle a lot to write the novel.

The advancement in technology has made everything easier and quicker. Nothing is too complicated in this technological era. So, if you are one of those who write or are willing to write a novel, then AI novel writing software is the best option for you.

It helps you to organize your novel better by providing structure and outline of it. In this article, we will tell you all about AI Novel Writing Software. Further, we will also tell you about some of the best writing tools to make your novel stand out. To start with, let’s know what AI Novel Writing software is.

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What is AI Novel Writing Tools?

Novel writing software is an online tool that assists writers with novel writing. It helps in organizing the novel to make the whole process simpler and straightforward. With these tools, you can outline your novel and generate a structure to quickly proceed with writing inflow. Besides all these, novel writing software also helps you create an index to make research more accessible.

AI novel generator is online software that creates stories, novels, and other automatic writings using artificial intelligence (AI). You can assume them as artificial machines that will write novels based on data you will provide to them. They are dependent on the algorithms and help eliminate the major problem writers face: writer block.

These tools are perfect for writers. Gone are the days one people used to sit with a pen and pencil to write novels. Now everything from adding subtitles and chapters is done online systematically with AI novel writing software.

In today’s age, this software has become an integral part of the novel-writing process. A decent writing tool helps you a lot in the long run. It ensures smooth and systematic writing. Taking notes, collaboration, management, backup, and formatting are outstanding features that you enjoy with this software.

The rise in competition has made writers switch to this software as it has great benefits. So, AI novel writing software has become an essential tool for writers.

If you are searching for writing software, then this article is just for you. We have a list of some of the best AI novel writing software that will provide you with outstanding features. Let us know all about these tools one by one.

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Best AI Novel Writing Softwares

As talked about earlier, novel writing is not a piece of cake. It needs lots of concentration and brainstorming to write a masterpiece. Fortunately, now we have lots of tools and software that have made the whole process relatively easy and manageable.

Since there is so much software available these days, choosing the right one can become confusing. And to make things easier for you, we have listed the three best novel writing software.

These are some of the most outstanding and affordable ones. The software will help you stay inspired and organized to write an excellent piece.

So we have three software here: Jarvis.ai, ShortlyAI, and Rytr.me. These are the top three software that is sure to make things simpler and manageable for you. Let’s start with Jarvis.ai, which we recommend for its brilliant features.

Jarvis.ai (Recommended)

Jarvis.ai is an online tool that makes use of artificial intelligence to generate automatic content. You need to provide them with data, and they can create an entire book, posts, blog, or more completely automated. The writings are easily passed off as human writings and are plagiarism-free; the content is always completely original.

It is one of the best AI novel writing software, and that is why we also recommend it personally to our readers. Jarvis.ai uses OpenAI’s advanced GPT-3 algorithms to generate a unique and intriguing storyline based on the provided input text.

As said earlier, the content is always plagiarism-free. It provides original content every time. So if you are looking for a writing tool, then you should go with Jarvis.ai. Apart from novels and stories, you can use this outstanding software for various other content too. Artificial intelligence analyzes the input that you provide and then works on it.

The excellent output quality is one reason for choosing Jarvis.ai, but there are others too. The pricing is its next highlight. You can either buy a ‘Starter‘ or ‘Boss Mode‘ plan. They both have different pricing and features.

Pricing of Jarvis.ai

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Jarvis.ai – #1 Best AI Novel Writing Software
  • Starter Plan: The starter plan is available at 29 dollars per month. It has a limit of 20,000 words for each month. Further, the 600-character limit is too low for content. So if you want to generate short posts, then you can go with a starter plan; otherwise, for long stories and novels, it is no good.
  • Boss Mode: The boss mode is available at 119 dollars per month, and with it, there is no limit on the words. So if you are into writing long novels and stories, then this plan is perfect for you. But if you want to generate small posts and marketing campaigns, there is no need to invest so much money. For that, you can go with a starter plan.

You can purchase any plan depending on your uses. The features which Jarvis includes are,

  • You can generate content 5X faster in Jarvis.
  • It helps you create original content which ranks on Google.
  • You can command the AI to write what you want.
  • Higher-quality outputs with better context
  • All the content generated with Jarvis is checked with Grammarly.

Jarvis.ai has an easy-to-use interface that generates compelling stories and further improves your writing skills. You will find various exciting features and shortcuts.


ShortlyAI is also a brilliant AI story writing tool that many uses for writing purposes. It also uses GPT-3, which is one of the most advanced AI algorithms by OpenAI. With this AI tool, it can generate original human-like content. The best thing about ShortlyAI’s interface is that it is very easy to operate and manage. Writing long novels, stories, and blog posts take not much time with this tool.

You can even combine the articles from this tool and generate a completely original and unique one. Novels and stories are just a few options that you can use this tool for. Apart from these, ads copy, plotlines, and website content, emails can also be created by ShortlyAI.

Pricing of ShortlyAI

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ShortlyAI – #2 Best AI Novel Writing Software

The pricing of the ShortlyAI starts with the plan of 65 dollars per month. It has outstanding features, tools, and updates to keep things simpler and more accessible. You can either select a monthly plan or an annual plan. Both have almost all the same features; only the difference is in the pricing.

  • Monthly Plan: The monthly plan starts at 79 dollars per month that makes up 948 dollars per year. It provides unlimited output with a fair usage policy. For those who want to make monthly payments, this plan is best.
  • Annual Plan: The annual plan of ShortlyAI starts at 780 dollars per year which makes up 65 dollars per month. The annual plan also provides unlimited output. Only when you are sure to use the software daily for a year should you invest in an annual plan.

So, ShortlyAI is also an incredible writing tool, and that is why it is on the second position in our list after Jarvis.ai. The features which ShortlyAI includes are,

  • Allows you to generate content in freestyle.
  • You can generate unlimited words.
  • Powerful comments which help you write better.
  • This is consistently updating AI writing tools.

In case of confusion with the pricing, then it is recommended to first start with a monthly plan. If you are ready to commit to this tool for a year, you can go with an annual plan.


Lastly, on our list is Rytr.me; it is one of the latest AI novel writing/ generator tools. With this incredible software, you can write more than stories and novels. It helps you create testimonials, questions and answers, bios, lyrics, and many more such write-ups.

Just like the above two mentioned software, Rytr.me also uses the GPT-3 model. It is a powerful tool that helps you in creating short writings and posts with robust keywords. And thus, the writings created by this tool helps in gaining SEO readers.

It offers its users three different varieties of write up for quality assurance. But the major drawback of this software is the 150-250 characters limit. Even for small content, this limit is very low.

Suppose you want to create concise social media ads and captions, then Rytr.me comes in handy to you. The pre-built templates help a lot and are one of the highlights of this software.

Pricing of Rytr.me

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Rytr.me – #3 Best AI Novel Writing Software

The pricing is quite affordable; you will get the monthly plan only at 29 dollars per month and if you purchase the annual plan at $290 per year, then you will receive two months free. The features which Ryte premium includes are,

  • Generate unlimited characters
  • Access 30+ use-cases
  • You can create your custom use-case
  • Allow you to write in 30+ languages
  • Provide you access to 20+ tones
  • For 24/7 support, a dedicated account manager

The fair usage policy of Rytr.me is that you can generate unlimited characters per month with the premium plan, but their partner OpenAI enforces the limit on characters. To keep the service safe, there are several generations per minute or hour to deter robotic behavior.

Apart from all these points Rytr.me comes with around 30+ cases and supports 30+ languages. If the character limit is removed, then it is an excellent AI novel and story generator.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

So, in this article, we have covered all about the AI novel writing generator and the best ones to choose from. In case you have any more queries or doubts, then you can read the FAQs mentioned below. These are some of the most asked questions about AI writing software.

1. What is AI Writing Software?

AI writing software is an artificial intelligence tool that generates short and long stories, novels, blog posts, and other write-ups. You need to provide the data to the software, and then after analyzing the data, it creates the content.

AI novel writing software makes writing novels or stories much easier with the incredible feature. Bookmarking, providing subtitles, chapters, and the complete outline of the novel can easily be done with this tool.

They depend on the algorithm to generate content that is completely original and plagiarism-free. There are many benefits of working with these tools, and that is why you can find most writers using AI writing software nowadays.

2. What are the Benefits of Using AI Writing Software?

AI novel writing software has emerged to be one of the most useful tools for writers. The very basic benefit is increased production. We know it takes a lot of time to do justice with your ideas with words. But with AI writing software, there is nothing to worry about.

The tool interprets the data, and based on that, it provides faster and better content. You can always get unique, fresh, and intriguing ideas. The best thing about the software is that it eliminates the issue of writer block, which is the main concern of the authors and writers.

And lastly, the great advantage of using this AI writing software is that it improves your writing skills. It inspires you to write something extraordinary and boost the quality of writing.

3. Which One is the Best AI Writing Software?

In the article above, we have mentioned three outstanding AI novel writing software: Jarvis.ai, ShortlyAI, and Rytr.me. All three have their own merits and exciting features. But if we have to recommend the best one out of these three, it will be Jarvis.ai.

Jarvis.ai is one of the decent and most affordable writing software. You can either purchase the starter plan or the boss mode plan. Both are good for specific purposes. For short content, the starter plan is ideal and if you want to write long novels or books, go for boss mode.

Apart from novels and stories, you can generate blog posts, testimonials, marketing campaigns, and many more. So if you are thinking of switching to AI writing software, then choose Jarvis.ai.

4. Can AI Write Poetry, Dialogues, and Songs?

Of course, yes, AI writing Software will help you write poetry, dialogues, scripts, and even songs. But yes, to generate the masterpiece, you will have to make some changes in them by yourself.

So to write songs or poetry, you can use any of the writing tools mentioned in this article. They can help you generate compelling and mesmerizing song lyrics.

Wrapping Up!

AI novel writing is an artificial intelligence tool for writers and poets. It helps them in writing stories, novels, and poems in just a few seconds. You can get interesting and original stories with a few clicks of buttons.

They come with an easy user interface so that you do not face any problems while writing. Whether it’s lyrics, screenplay, book, or short story, AI is emerging as very helpful in generating all.

So what are you thinking now? Go purchase the best AI novel writing software plan today and get started. You can share your opinion with us through the comment box presented below.

We hope this article about the best AI novel writing software is helpful to you. Do share this content on social media, if you found it helpful for you in any manner.